“Why Should Iraq Revalue their Currency?” by Thomas Anderson – 5.19.21


Entry Submitted by Thomas Anderson at 1:19 PM EDT on May 19, 2021

Dear Readers,

We read a lot about Iraq being part of the RV and now I read this here:

Tony has told us numerous times that Iraq’s involvement with revaluing their currency was a way to help the USA pay for the Gulf War. End of story. It is a relationship between the US, Iraq and China. Years have flown by and in my opinion, the world is not going to put up with waiting on Iraq much longer.

“It is Expected this Week” – Wed. AM TNT Thoughts/News 5-19-21


what is the result within and for the country of Iraq in doing so?

first of all let us take a look at the past.

After the installation of Reza Pachlevi in Persia, and after him not anymore acting as wished, the country was professionally destroyed and devided.


“Devide and rule!”

The installation of both Saddam and Ayatollah Khomeni as to obviously opposing systems worked very well.

Until also they did not act anymore as it was wished and the deal came to an abrupt end.

If Saddam was really killed or is still alive (like many other statesmen who were officially “killed” but lived their live in piece afterwards)(Hitler was one of them, Gaddafi most probably, too) doesn’t matter.

So, the U.S. “invaded” this country many times. Some officially, some innofficially by undermining the government und installing new leaders.

after the last two sessions, Iraq was destroyed as Germany was after World War II.

And it had suffered in a very similar way.


The Invaders (cabal led U.S. Forces) grabbed a lot of the Oil ressources and industries and collected HUGE amounts of Iraqi Dinar. Trillions of it.

Which are partly in the U.S. and partly in Iraq.

After WorldWar II Europe was given the Marshall plan, meaning every country got large amounts of money for a very low interest rate: 2%.

Only Germany had a different interest rate: 18%.

Please do the maths when you take a bout a billion in loan and 18% interest rate…..

The main goal was that Germany was supposed to pay “ALL gold ever mined after Year 0000”.

Which was in fact DONE through different measurements and rules up to today. The amounts paid are astronomical.

Iraq was destroyed. And it was bled out. And the money went to the U.S.

Please tell me a single reason why the Iraqi people should be thankful!

They had to suffer as the playball for foreign interest,


just like the U.S. Forces were misused to conduct and fulfil these foreign (non-U.S.) interests.

Now, think of an average Iraqi citizen who has lets ay 100.000 Dinar under his bed.

Let us say this would be enough to buy a brand new TV.

If you tell him, the Dinar would revalue and would be worth 1000times more from next week on,

what do you think this private person would do?

Of course he would cry from joy, he could buy a house, a car, 100 TVs and start a shop.

Now think further. Also the Dinar in the U.S. will be worth 1000 more now.

also this money can be used. Where? in Iraq.

So the same people that manipulated the government MANY times, destroyed the country MULTIPLE times, now have a tool for being actually rewarded and not only not PAY SINGLE CENT for these wars but on top would be able to buy even more of the countries ressources.

Which in fact will lead to inflation and more bleeding out of the country.


these are the same instruments the world has already seen many times.

And this makes me really think what this is really about.

If I were president of Iraq I would discuss until the very last moment the rules of this engagement and try to save my people from being tricked.

Think of Vietnam…

Similar situation.

Do I see this wrong?
then please correct me.


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