“Wild at Heart While Recreating Paradise on Earth” by Luna – 5.20.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 3:29 PM EDT on May 20, 2021

Can you imagine? Do you even realize that is what our mission is about, but with unity. In other words as a humanitarian while enjoying your life and embracing those that are truly the focal point of your life not dollars or things. Back then was the simple life. What if we don’t have to die anymore?

There are celestial chambers waiting to be produced. We have all the blueprints gifts from our Galactic Sisters & Brothers. How special are we. You only need lay down for less than 3 minutes unless you have a limb missing that will take four hours to recreate an arm or leg for you. Yes, you heard me right. Have you heard of phantom limb syndrome… well it’s when you have to have an arm amputee and your arm doesn’t accept it.

In other words, you will still feel your arm there when you wake up in the morning. I can’t remember if it ever goes away. These celestial chambers will grow back our missing parts that were never meant to be taken out like a gall bladder, kidneys, eyes. If it sounds so science fiction just wait, it’s going to be too amazing for words. Also, I heard they released GESARA so our jubilee blessing is not far off now. But what about the release of the 6000 patents that were meant for us over 60 years ago. Can you believe that the 1% in our society had a different idea in mind for mankind? You know…..that 1% of the population.  The ruling class as they are commonly referred to.

You know those born with a silver spoon in their mouth who have no shame. Those same people who set up organizations that made you think, “Oh, what a wonderful organization helping starving children” when in fact, they were the ones orchestrating it all to take all your hard earned money. They knew how to get to you because you have a heart and we care so we give.  They let people starve and die all over the world all innocent casualties of a war you didn’t even know about. There is enough food to feed all of us worldwide. They had an agenda but many of you have not heard of it. It’s called Agenda 21.

There have been replicators kept from us like the Star Trek kind, teleporters, healing wands/medical devices, and free energy devices. All these were suppressed because the medical profession because Pharma had to make their cut and if some of us died, oh well, that’s less to feed.

I promise you, I’m not exaggerating this. We were nothing but deplorables and we think to ourselves are they human? Who can say that about another fellow human? No compassion and definitely not empathic because they are reptilian so they don’t have a soul/consciousness. They are like a programmable machine and we are their slaves but they control us through fear, pain and starvation.

Enough of that 3D world it’s rapidly becoming our past like a bad dream. Yes there’s more to life than this including this Plandemic we are in now. It was planned more than twenty years ago and BG was only one player of many of the elite. We were not supposed to unite say thank you to the internet it has its good points though even that tool has be distorted in its use.

You see, we are so very powerful and connected. We are like a collective of minds and right now, we are directing the movie soon coming to a climax. We will have much to celebrate. A new life, a new earth and the best part is we get to recreate the Garden of Eden here together. We will have all that we need and even all that we desire and our only job is just to live in  harmony and in peace, with our neighbours for we are all One.

Keep your thoughts happy and light and do what you must to maintain that. Don’t let the people who don’t dream take yours away. GESARA is real and it has been enacted. I heard is rolling out in the background and that means mortgages and all bank debts, student loans will be paid off. Just this morning they said in Canada people are reporting their mortgages are being paid off.  Let’s just be patient, it will all soon happen everywhere. We really are living in amazing times! Believe it for we all deserve it.

You see, for generations they have been taxing us illegally. Actually, you are their commodity and they have been trading us on the stock market (you can look it up with your birth certificate number) and they have been making money on us and they make sure we don’t get any because they apparently are more important than us. Well that gig is up now and GESARA/NESARA will compensate us. We are the blessed generation that benefits for all the wrongs that were endured by our ancestors for centuries and throughout time.


I guess some would say,  I’m a dreamer and I would agree wholeheartedly and without a doubt I have always been. I dream because it is the only way to manifest and I have known that forever and a day. If I don’t’ believe it won’t its actually quite simple. This world made sure that we forgot how to dream by keeping us working three jobs just to keep the basic things like food on our table. It’s shameful but the powers that be don’t care about the quality of our life or our life at all. Their end game is to rule the world with a bunch of sleeping robotic type people. I have never been that nor do I ever plan on giving my sovereignty to anyone. I was born free and Natural law trumps every other law! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They have been making up their own rules or bylaws/statutes or whatever other names they can come up with it doesn’t change the fact that they are all illegal through natural law commonly known as Common Law!

I, for one, will NEVER let them take my sovereignty away from me. So I say to you all, keep dream your dream wilder and bigger than you ever thought you could have because you have never been closer. My visit with CROW was a good omen and for all of us! Here at WBG we as a group all work together in unity to dream our dream. I wish nothing but all this earth and our Creator can give to you! Just be the authentic you and know that all is in God’s hands.  I know he’s got this! Many Blessings to you Children of the Light.

Peace, Love, Light

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