“At What Point, Exactly?” by NESARA Seeker – 5.21.21


Entry Submitted by NESARA Seeker at 4:45 PM EDT on May 21, 2021

“Do not get involved nor ask questions unless you can enhance the system in some way.  You were not there when you were needed to speak up and a mighty good reminder today is that: silence equals endorsement.”

Given the state of our “news” the last 50+ years (Operation Mockingbird), this is a rather interesting quote in relation to the ushering in of the GCR/RV and NESARA from a recent post by an “Intel Provider” shared on Dinar Chronicles – wouldn’t you agree?

The ARROGANCE of at least SOME of the people involved in this is OFF THE CHARTS!  As if we have NO RIGHT to WONDER what’s REALLY going on, when even what we’re seeing in the Alternative Media doesn’t look so great.  Meanwhile, it’s OUR LIVES, OUR NATION & WORLD and OUR TAX DOLLARS at stake!

I would offer in rebuttal: WHERE has the U.S. Military been since the Mid-1800s when our “leaders” sold us out to the British Crown after the Civil War, rewrote the Constitution to make it official AND to allow lawyers to be agents of the British Crown?  WHERE were they when the Federal Reserve and Income Taxes were instituted in 1913 – BOTH OF WHICH is SUPPOSED TO BE EXPLICITLY ILLEGAL?  They DO swear an OATH to DEFEND the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, Foreign AND DOMESTIC, and get PAID, TRAINED AND SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST FANCY TOYS TO DO SO, along with some pretty nice benefits – all on the American Taxpayer’s dime!  WHERE has The Military been the last 150 years?  Asleep at the wheel, or have they been complicit in some way – or both, depending on which branch and soldier you’re talking about?  You decide…

Makes you wonder if Corey Goode, a whistleblower and E.T. AND Alliance contactee, was right – they’re doing things this way so as to get the Bad Guys to expose themselves without “our side” revealing what they’ve been up to all these years ALONGSIDE THE “BAD GUYS”.  Specifically, what they’ve been involved in as it relates to the Secret Space Programs that we all KNOW they’ve been running for AT LEAST 50 years.  I guess they FINALLY had a Come to Jesus Moment and Got Right with GOD – or saw which way the wind was blowing, and now they don’t want us finding out what they’ve been involved with – either willingly or unwillingly.  So WE ALL get to go through the Game of Thrones: Real World Edition, hoping the sleepers will wake up, even as they’re CONSTANTLY LIED TO by “the media” – with death, and physical and social destruction regarded as simply factors in the game where we are supposed to “Enjoy the Show”.  Somehow, I seriously doubt Obama and Hillary’s unsavory predilections being exposed to the world is going to heal the racial and gender division and hatred they CONTINUE to sow!  I guess it’s easy to sit back and watch the “festivities” when you’re In the Know, Pulling the Strings and FULLY FUNDED by the U.S. Taxpayer (who get the Mushroom Treatment:  Kept in the dark and fed BS.).

Corey Goode has also claimed in a recent update that The Alliance IS NOT in as much control as they would have us believe, and that this REALLY IS a fight to the death with EITHER side STILL very much capable of winning.  Not exactly as encouraging as all the potentially false bravado and rumors dressed up to look like “Intel” we’re accustomed to reading, I’ll admit, but if WE THE PEOPLE want to make it to the other side of this WITHOUT having to fight our way out of it as the average citizen, we MUST be EYES WIDE OPEN and get our information from EVERY ANGLE – not JUST the ones TPTB from EITHER SIDE want us to see!

“You were not there when you were needed to speak up and a mighty good reminder today is that: silence equals endorsement.”

Indeed…  Seems we weren’t the ONLY ones, when MORE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE are considered…


So, with MORE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE considered, as an Every Day American who has followed all of this since 2005, I humbly and with all due respect ask:

At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder what is REALLY GOING ON in our country and around the world – when it’s ALL OUR LIVES, OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR TAX DOLLARS at stake?

At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder what is REALLY GOING ON – when we KNOW they wanted to grab Biden and his Komrades at the “Inauguration” – and we’re now 4 MONTHS passed that?

At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder what is REALLY GOING ON – when we hear that “General Milley”, who was CLEARLY an anti-Trumper, was only deposed A MONTH AGO?

At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder if we’re being unintentionally misled by a group mired in over confidence that was, apparently, asleep at the wheel from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s, and has AT LEAST 2, shall we say, “oopsies”, to date – JFK’s assassination and NOT grabbing Biden?

At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder if, despite their best intentions and efforts, they’re in over their heads – which means WE ARE ALL IN DANGER?

After ALL the DECADES of “Intel” and CONCRETE ASSURANCES that this was a “done deal”, complete with dates that were blown through like so much air – and seeing what’s going on around us, at least publicly, at WHAT POINT, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder ANY of these things?


I don’t know about any of you, but, at this point, 5 years and 4 months into this, I REALLY don’t think ANY of those questions are out of line in the slightest!

This is OUR LIVES and OUR NATION & WORLD!  Do those working behind the scenes REALLY expect Every Day Americans (MANY OF WHOM don’t read sites like this) to sit by indefinitely as our country is being spent into oblivion by an illegitimate government that’s now targeting Trump Supporters and other Patriots, especially if they question the 2020 Election results or the Party Line on C-19 and the jabs (Read: The Deep State Globalist Democrat’s political opposition), and ripped apart in every other conceivable way?

Will those same Every Day Americans be labeled as extremists when they’ve FINALLY had enough of this “game” (that they know NOTHING about), and decide to do something about it in a way that wasn’t projected?  What will the Military and Law Enforcement do then, given we know the Democrats WILL label them as extremists, because they already are?  If that Space Force Commander’s recent firing (for exposing the Marxist infiltration of our government – quite the confirmation that he’s right, I would say) is anything to go by, that prospect doesn’t look so good for Every Day Americans…

Call me crazy, but watching Rome burn isn’t as much fun as one might anticipate – and the MAJORITY of loyal, patriotic Americans, who are acknowledged as being the majority of Americans, have NO CLUE what’s REALLY going on!  I can only imagine what must be going through their minds as they watch this madness!

WHY are TREACHEROUS, MURDERING CRIMINALS being given SO MUCH leeway (moves and counter moves) – because of their follower’s special sensitivities?  What about the rest of us, in the majority, who already had it figured out before Trump was elected, or after – which they acknowledge we have ALWAYS been the majority, and growing?  This was proved by Trump winning the first time, despite their cheating, and by Trump getting 80% of the LEGAL votes in 2020, if some reports are to be believed (their media lackeys give the Bad Guys and their followers among the population an outsized voice).  When do WE merit consideration?  When will WE get the relief of cool, refreshing TRUTH about ALL of this, including the GCR/RV and NESARA, and FINALLY be rid of the Bad Guys? 

I’ve been reading about this stuff since 2005!  I don’t know about anyone else, but this business of looking like a crazy conspiracy theorist is getting REALLY OLD!  It’s been nearly 5 YEARS since Trump came down that escalator, and 4 months since the “Inauguration (Installation) of ‘Biden’”!   It is VERY FRUSTRATING to be put through all of this for people who WOULD NOT do the same for us if asked to volunteer.  Have you read any of their comments on Social Media?  They WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with our being silenced by Big Tech and they would HAPPILY line us up for a firing squad to shut us up permanently!  Again, I ask: When do WE, the LOYAL MAJORITY, merit consideration and the relief of cool, refreshing TRUTH?

I am sorry if this offends anyone, especially those who are in The Alliance working behind the scenes, to whom I AM MOST GRATEFUL for their efforts to date, but I am the eyes wide open, trust but verify, type, and I get my info from a WIDE VARIETY of sources and topics.  Track records matter, and so does WHO your opponent is, and what lengths they are willing to go to in order to achieve their goals.  This is especially true and concerning when you hear from certain whistleblowers, like Corey Goode.

My intention with this message is not to talk smack about The Alliance.  On the contrary, if the reports of their activities are true, I am MOST GRATEFUL for what they’re doing!  I realize they’re trying, but when you analyze the situation, as seen from multiple perspectives, Real Talk is required!

White Hats/Alliance Members Worldwide: Please know that I have followed your efforts enthusiastically since 2005, rooted for you and prayed for your safety and success for 15 years – ever since I found out about what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, NESARA and the GCR/RV in 2005, AND your fight against a VERY EVIL Dark Cabal to bring it all about!  I IMMEDIATELY recognized that Trump was working with you just from his platform!  The Q Operation, which I followed almost from Day 1 because I realized it was legit, provided a nice confirmation about my conclusion that Trump working with you!

Let’s just say, I had no idea it would go quite THIS way as it got towards the end…


It was all fun and intriguing, Mueller Nothing Burger, Bogus Impeachments and all the rest of it – until this viral scamdemic…

It’s been said, the ending won’t be for everyone, but I must ask, will it be for ANYONE with the way this virus scam is spiraling out of control?  This is VERY SCARY with these Spike Proteins that “v@ccinated” people are shedding – putting those who have not gotten these POISON jabs at the same risks as those who have gotten them!  Now, we are ALL at risk of blood clots, strokes and dying at ANY AGE just from being around “v@ccinated” people – and they’re EVERYWHERE!  Seems the Dark Cabal understands Moves and Counter Moves as well – and found a sneaky way to move their depopulation agenda along! 

May 20, 2021 was the last day of the Military Interim Government, if the “Intel Reports” are to be believed, and it’s now May 21 as I’m sending this message.  Still no Email Notifications to visit the Safelink Websites…  Still no 800#s…

And, of course, the “reasons and rationales” have already been flowing the last few days as to why the dates of the rollout of the GCR/RV and NESARA are being blown through, again…

Are we REALLY EXPECTED TO BELIEVE that the Military Interim Government can get the GCR/RV and NESARA rolled out, AND remove the “Biden Administration”, AFTER they’re in power?  According to the most recent updates, we’re expected to believe they’re JUST NOW, AFTER the Military Interim Government is in power, clearing out the Government buildings in D.C. door-to-door?  REALLY?  WHY didn’t they do that when THEY WERE in power?  As fantastical as all this has been, and I’ve been willing to believe A LOT on this journey with minimal proof, even that seems to be a STRETCH of what’s possible.  Who knows?  I’m only on the outside looking in – maybe they have something fun up their sleeves!  I just wish we could see SOMETHING!

As an alternate possibility:  At what point, EXACTLY, are we ALLOWED to wonder if this isn’t ALL an ELABORATE RUSE to pacify the most-likely-to-resist sectors of the population until the REAL PLAN for World Domination is completed?  Essentially, are we being led down a Primrose Path to Destruction?  Since it SEEMS we’re only getting the Mushroom Treatment, we have no way of knowing either way.  So, Trust the Plan it is, while praying fervently that it’s all on the level, and we are not, in fact, being led down a Primrose Path to Destruction.

The next few days, or so, should be VERY INTERESTING to say the least…

To The Alliance I say:  Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!  I’m sure this has been hard on you, too, toiling thanklessly behind the scenes, perhaps watching your co-workers get killed in the line of duty in a secret war.

BUT I MUST ASK:  How much MORE does Rome need to burn?  What MORE do you need to see before you act when you acknowledge you “Have it All”?  How many more BIOWEAPONS will be ALLOWED to be unleashed on the unaware public – along with their “treatments”?

I would also like to ask:  What will be done in the policies and procedures of the Government AND the Military to ensure this NEVER happens again – since The Military will be the ONLY intelligence service going forward?  This can NEVER happen again, and we MUST implement laws, policies and procedures to ensure that it doesn’t – and we CANNOT just rely on a bunch of random states to get the job done properly!  There MUST be a concerted, targeted effort to implement laws, policies and procedures in the government AND the military to prevent this from ever happening again – from the bottom to the top!  Honesty and transparency from the government & military AND corporations and SWIFT JUSTICE & LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY WILL needs to be the order of the day moving forward!


At SOME POINT, for the sake of EVERYONE involved, the Band-Aid MUST BE RIPPED OFF – especially when it’s been acknowledged that WE are in the majority and that riots WILL MOST LIKELY HAPPEN ANYWAY when they “pull the trigger”!

Thank you for your time and attention and, THANK YOU, ALLIANCE!   I continue to pray for your safety and success!



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