Nick Fleming: Late Night RV/GCR Intel Update 5-20-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/20/2021 Late Night Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that after the CMKX (and F&Ps, other adjudicated settlements, PPs) payouts & deliveries had started this past weekend, the RV release funds and money are still moving behind the scenes getting the following areas ready for the shotgun start either Sat 22 May or Mon 24 May—money has been moving (1) in CMKX (& settlements PP) payouts, (2) in bond processing & account payouts still happening in Zurich (Reno, Miami, London, etc), (3) the global arrests continue linked to the past 48 hours of global power & internet outages, including (4) panic continuing in DC as the military has been arresting and giving an ultimatum to Deep State politicians:

. ..Mr. Fleming’s sources reported that in DC at the Capitol Building and the White House, Deep State-serving politicians and agency bureaucrats were told by the military to leave/retire voluntarily or face military tribunals for treason at GITMO–many are choosing to leave and retire while they still can instead of being arrested–this source reported, “A bus was escorted from the Capitol Building [in DC] to the White House by police. There are no cars in the parking area around Capitol. . . . We’re looking for a massive exodus of politicians and bureaucrats, just like what happened in Russia.”

[10:10 PM]

. ..Our guy is confirming that as the funds were moved over the last 6 days out of D3 to payout thousands of T3 CMKX accounts and thousands of other adjudicated settlement account payouts, the RV security teams have had to be checking & rechecking carefully to make sure everything was secure on the sending and receiving account ends and free of attempted Deep State interference;

. ..He is confirming that the military, the RV teams, and the UST have been getting everything ready for the initiation of the shotgun start and T4B notifications to go out; they actually got the “GO” at 7:14 am EST this morning Thu 20 May to proceed and work on getting T4B notifications out as early as the next 24 hours for a Sat 22 May start or for a Mon 24 May start;

. ..He confirmed Bruce’s sources and MarkZ’s sources who said independently today Thu 20 May that they may start T4B exchanges on Sat 22 May; this obviously implies that if they cannot start T4B on Sat 22 May they would start T4B on Mon 24 May depending on progress on (A) CMKX payouts continuing behind the scenes, on (B) bond processing (vetting provenance, settlement, closing), and on (C) global Deep State arrests status;(edited)

[10:11 PM]

. ..As Bruce’s HSBC sources reported, the UST today Thu 20 May gave a directive to T1 banks and to redemption centers to implement LONG HOURS for the redemption centers BY NO LATER THAN NEXT MON 24 MAY from 9 am to 11 pm DAILY NEXT WEEK, suggesting T4B exchanges starting by then at the latest.

. ..He confirmed that among other things, as one of Mr. Fleming’s sources reported, they were waiting for something from Europe and they got what they needed today Thu 20 May, so they are moving everything forward as fast as possible given the multiple “GLOBAL PARTS & PIECES” that need to be in place for the shotgun start–(1)-to-(4) above and (A)-(C) above;

. ..He said that they got approval just after 6 pm EST tonight Thu 20 May to enter the security codes just before the lockdown begins any time in the next 24-72 hours and just before the 1.4 million T4B notifications begin to be sent out any time from tomorrow Fri 21 May to next Mon 24 May;

. ..Bond processing has continued behind the scenes to make sure all the bonds are processed for settlement and closing to be ready for liquidity to be posted after the shotgun start in bond seller accounts;

. ..The RV teams have been working on transitioning the stock market, digital crypto-currencies, all global Forex platforms, and other financial services companies, to be compliant with the QFS–this has all been in the process of being finished before they lock down rates and procedures for the T4B start;

[10:11 PM]

. ..The conflict between Israel and Gaza is being shut down behind the scenes right now, and he agreed with Mr. Fleming’s sources that this conflict cannot stop the RV release, because FUNDS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MOVED AND RELEASED GLOBALLY from D1 accounts to T1 govt accounts and many global T2 humanitarian organization accounts, as well as the funds that were already moved out of D3 accounts into the T3 CMKX, F&P’s, and other adjudicated settlement and PP accounts–SO D2 IS ABOUT TO BE PAYING OUT for T4A PAYOUTS and for our T4B EXCHANGES being STARTED SHORTLY (AS SOON AS HOURS AWAY OR JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AWAY);

. ..Our guy’s info is the same as Texas Snake’s info from his exchange banker over redemption centers in 5 southwest states that bankers are being told that THE START COULD BE AS EARLY AS HOURS AWAY RATHER THAN DAYS AWAY:

. .. Texas Snake THU 20 May: “Ok several hours ago [Thu morning 20 May] now many within the loops of sharing information were all told to cease any further distribution of news, and my source was very intent on hearing what we have all been waiting on [hearing the GO] ••••within hours not days•••• so ••••please stay alert from now thru Friday 21 May••••.—With so many new here [in Snake’s room] just so everyone knows I am in a position to know when the 800 number will be released and we will able to exchange most likely before the numbers or emails are presented. My intention is to play a song (up up and away) as an indication the number and email notification is about to occur as an advance notice, it may be minutes or an hour or two ahead of the announcement, just so those new have an understanding of what I am about—Due to certain banking connections I am going to be advised of when I should fly to Dallas for my exchange so that notice will trigger the song to you folks.”(edited)

[10:12 PM]

. ..So our guy agreed with Mr. Fleming’s sources saying MAKE SURE TONIGHT THU 20 MAY THAT EVERYTHING IS READY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT which could be started as early as next 24-36 hours–IT IS THAT CLOSE as Texas Snake’s banking sources, Mr. Fleming’s sources, and MarkZ’s sources have suggested;

. ..As one of Mr. Fleming’s sources said, if anyone needs to buy more Dinar or Rupiah etc (Dong is no longer available to buy from banks), THEY NEED TO DO IT NOW because THE LOCKDOWN MAY BE PUT IN PLACE WITHIN 24 HOURS to lock down final rates and procedures for UST to formally declare value day to start the exchanges and payouts–he confirmed MANY REPORTS TODAY THU 20 MAY of VIETNAMESE DONG NO LONGER BEING SOLD BY THE BANKS from MarkZ’s sources, Holly, Frank26 and others showing that as of today Thu 20 May, THE BANKS HAVE STOPPED SELLING THE DONG (VND) BECAUSE THE RV RELEASE AND SHOTGUN START ARE SO CLOSE;

. ..He said as always prayers are appreciated for all the parts and pieces to come together quickly so DoD & UST can get us started in T4B ASAP.


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