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MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

This is only in the May 20th article …According to a central bank statement, “The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb, held a meeting with the World Gold Council at their request,” indicating that “the meeting dealt with a number of issues, the most prominent of which was technical support and training files, in addition to discussing the increase in the foreign reserves of the Central Bank. It has been achieved after the implementation of recent reforms in the work of the bank and the banking sector.

Looks like things have been achieved… Increase in foreign reserves… After implementing recent reforms… Technical support and training.. That reeks of USA helping out!! Just like they said they would!!… I posted the data about the UST.. There was more from the UST today …. Can a plan have time frames?

Can 200 odd countries interlinking not need coordination to a very fine point?… Which central bank leads the pack?…. Which central bank calls the shots? Which central bank gives the go?…

Who is the largest stake holder in the IMF? BIS? WB?….. Who is talking to the world bankers? Community banks today even? They have all had a hand in the process..

This week suggests that the UST and major players are all on a level playing field.

500 bankers were schooled on compliance etc.. Does that mean the door is open? Have we seen th iSX delay?.. Have the citizens been paid salaries or just given advances?… Taxation Clearing.. Salaries… Documentary credits… Interconnectivity…

We will know when the playing field kicks off… Digital is instantaneous.. all boats rise with the tide.. SDR is over $1.44 today.. MilitiaMan

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

All boats rise with the tide. Now that sounds familiar! LOL.. PETRA……….

Militiaman » May 22nd, 2021

I have always maintained the longer it takes the more money we make.. lol… MilitiaMan……….

Petra » May 22nd, 2021


MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

SDR tide is rising.. just wait until the IQD is placed internationally!!…. MilitiaMan…

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

And the impact it will make with the AAD and the AMF!!!… MM has laid it out pretty well. All the “cash” movement vehicles have been stalled…on purpose. Yes!!!!… PETRA………

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

Petra yes, they have to interlink with perfection. The largest players left with the compliance data.. imo……. It is a level playing field that requires compliance… MilitiaMan……..

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

So MM, can I ask you a question?..….. “Could” the attendance of this last digital convention be one of the final steps required in “the process?”… PETRA…

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

Sure…. It absolutely had to be done.. . 200 and then 300 more banks ? Yep… UST is talking not only globally but they are talking here at home. Leakage is out imo…. MilitiaMan…….

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Yes. And so close to each other. I believe Iraq and US made similar taxation announcements in the same 24 hours. IMO…. Coincidence. LOL.. PETRA……

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

UST talking the same day as the Arab summit to USA National Bankers association and the community bankers as well means to me they are gearing for immediate economic growth… The UST even says so in their address… This is only in the May 20th article …

According to a central bank statement, “The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb, held a meeting with the World Gold Council at their request,” indicating that “the meeting dealt with a number of issues, the most prominent of which was technical support and training files, in addition to discussing the increase in the foreign reserves of the Central Bank. It has been achieved after the implementation of recent reforms in the work of the bank and the banking sector.

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

They have the reserves and gold!! What that means is they announced they have what it takes!! Just as the Dutch disease paper suggests!!… MilitiaMan…

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Clear to me MM. a significant amount of “integrated” happenings between the US and Iraq… PETRA……

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

It is more than that too. 500 bankers is globally.. your boat is about to float!! Managed yes!! But flair it will with help… Float… MilitiaMan……….

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Yes MM….like we said Long ago…it’s not all about Iraq. Maybe folks now have a better understanding… PETRA…………

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Public Affairs Press Release:

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 21, 2021 Contact: Alexandra LaManna; Press@Treasury.gov READOUT: Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo’s Meeting with the Independent Community Bankers of America Board of Directors WASHINGTON –

Yesterday, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo met with members of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Board of Directors to discuss the key role of community banks in providing swift access to essential payments and needed capital for millions of people and businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis and how Treasury and ICBA can work together to achieve a strong, equitable recovery moving forward.

The Deputy Secretary highlighted Treasury and ICBA’s shared priority of financial inclusion and efforts to ensure that communities – especially rural communities and communities of color – across the country have access to capital and credit.

The Deputy Secretary highlighted Treasury and ICBA’s shared priority of financial inclusion and efforts to ensure that communities – especially rural communities and communities of color – across the country have access to capital and credit… Financial inclusion… The UST is talking on the lines of what we have for years… MilitiaMan……

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Same as Iraq and GCC…. PETRA…….

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

They ring the bell!! Eos… MilitiaMan……..

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Agreed. Time to ring the bell and get off the ride!!! IMO.. PETRA….

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

No delay yet on the ISX.. Kurds are to show next week… MilitiaMan…..

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Love the sound of that…ISX + Kurds arrival…key indicators to watch for change… PETRA……

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

Imo the education has been toward less cash.. digital… MilitiaMan……

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

With the average demographic in Iraq, now younger than 40 as the largest demographic, IMO, NSCN’s will be secondary to the digital wallets… PETRA…….

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

The remains of the reforms were imo outlined over the last couple weeks.. The level of central bankers who move the largest amounts of money interconnected is the largest in the world… . They were not there for elbow bumping!! Aside from deals made. They were there to get the facts and just of the do’s and don’t s as there are consequences.. MilitiaMan……..

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

Sure MM. this thing will be global in impact. The world is moving digitally in a mad fast way. Hence the war on “non”… Central bank digital instruments… PETRA…..

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

Digitization- Fintech- blockchain- all have responsibility and Interconnectivity and exposure!.. MilitiaMan……..

Petra » May 22nd, 2021

And traceability, traceability, and no-nonsense….. And those who aren’t playing ball on the blockchain platform will be…left behind. IMO. Countries like Iraq, Vietnam, USA are ready. IMO…. PETRA…

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

The conversation has been a good one. It should be studied. There has been so much evidence to support our views… That means all of our views are important…. MilitiaMan…….

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » May 22nd, 2021

A Kurdish bloc reveals a preliminary agreement that expedites the settlement of the Iraqi oil and gas law

22nd May, 2021

The Kurdistan Democratic Party Parliamentary Bloc revealed, on Saturday, a preliminary agreement by the political forces to settle the oil and gas law in Parliament, before the end of its session.

The representative of the bloc, Diyar Barwari, told Shafaq News, that “the oil and gas law is one of the important laws in the House of Representatives, and there was a serious intention to head the parliament to vote on the law in previous sessions, but the postponement came as a result of Parliament’s preoccupation with the general budget law.”

Berwari added, “The political blocs, including the Kurdish one, submitted their observations on some articles of the law to the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee,” noting that “there is confirmation of the remarks that they do not violate the constitution.”

Berwari noted, “There is an initial agreement by the political forces to resolve the oil and gas law before the end of the parliamentary session, with a real desire to vote on the law during the upcoming sessions of the House of Representatives.”

The ministries of oil and energy in the governments of Erbil and Baghdad are keen on the need to expedite the passage of the oil and gas law because of its importance in organizing the management of oil and gas wealth in Iraq.    LINK

MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

If word on the street is out (I understand that it is.) that today they hammered out the HCL, then they may have the mechanism that we all await, as do those on the street.

Lets not forget that the digital transformation is a priority. They told us that the electronic taxation is to be in the coming days and that was a couple of days ago already. 

The UST had their meetings on the Taxation Globally themselves days ago, too. We were told that the Kurds would be in Baghdad last Wednesday only to be postponed until next week.. Well that starts tomorrow or in a couple hours real close. If the street is excited then I am too.

We have not seen or heard of a Delay in the ISX opening to date. So if the Kurds got their mechanism to sort the HCL then we can surely hope the ISX will have a similar mechanism, as will the borders and outlets by land, sea and air will have, too.

They didn’t tell the world that story about the Dutch “Disease” in support of changing the IQD exchange rate to stay at a program rate for the next 4 years! That is a load of manure! The citizens would not be happy in and the streets knowing that to be a fact! They would be burning the place down about now instead!! imo

The CBI did not tell us they have $5,828,905,192.00 in gold valued reserves and that it equates to 96.4 tonnes of gold as of Friday’s close at $1,880.70 oz, which is only 8.1% of Iraqs hard currency assets, in which is estimated to be $77,790,697,685.82 real close. That is hard currency reserves, not even to mention oil reserves, LNG reserves, sulfur, phosphorus, etc..

At a program rate that damages the citizens? Utter nonsense for those that suggest they will stabilize the exchange rate at 1450IQD for years to come and lets make it be clear it wasn’t the CBI suggesting they would either. It was the parliament that said it. It may have been those that are looking at losing their immunity? I don’t know, but, we all know that the CBI is the one that changes the exchange rate. It is their job only.

The CBI devalued and the UST told us / them they could not only devalue but the can revalue too.. The CBI devalued on 12/20/2020 and nothing was said about it in the Gazette that I am aware of.  Thus, they can do it again with out the gazette being notified imo.

The 2021 budget has not been opened yet, so until they open that we will need to be patient to see what comes of it. Imo, that won’t be long now. As from the above they have the HCL apparently done and dusted.

An open market is an international one. One where countries have rules and need to follow compliance procedures. Just as they need to be Article 8 Compliant with the IMF. That is where all the meetings with the hundreds of bankers and central bankers were done the last couple weeks. The meetings was about digitally clearing foreign exchange and the compliance issues that go along with the new systems at play.~ MM

At a time when the Central Bank of Iraq seeks to enhance its global share of gold, Iraq has maintained its fifth position in the Arab world and 38 in the world in yellow metal reserves, according to the latest statistics of the World Gold Council, with a reserve of 96.4 tons (8.1 percent of other hard currency reserves). In this regard, banking expert Abdul-Hussein Al-Mandhari told Al-Sabah: “After the hypothetical meeting recently held between the governor of the Central Bank and the management of the World Gold Council, the need to enhance Iraq’s possession of its gold reserves,” indicating that the aim of this step is “to ensure stability The exchange rates of the Iraqi dinar after its depreciation against the US dollar as a result of changing the exchange rate

One doesn’t enhance a global position in Gold when devaluation is on their agenda. It is also silly to think a Government would allow no adjustments to an exchange rate in light of potential unknown shocks that may or may not arise both good or bad!

The CBI would need the ability to act and not be restrained in times of need. Now is another time of being in need! Read the Why embark on Treason and think about the pressure.. Then look what Tamimi is talking about transformation.

That was what the Arab Digital Summit was about and it mirrors the UST!! The digital transformation that links taxation is also being mirrored by the UST, Iraq and the ME Regions.. lol  imo

Lets see if the ISX opens in an international sense in the coming hours. I was reminded by Pompey Pete today that the ISX CEO was asked in late 2018 why they have not opened the new ISX exchange, he said something along the lines of, “the CBI has not given us the rate yet.” The ISX has been down for some time and has had plenty of time to clear all trades by now. Plenty of time!!  imo ~ MM


Why embark on treason?  LINK


Al-Tamimi: Iraq has party visions that are narrow based on interests. We call for diversification

Al-Tamimi stressed “the necessity of transforming the Iraqi economy to the open market, diversifying the state’s financial resources and not relying on a single financial resource, which is crude oil, in order to avoid falling into crises that may occur due to global political, economic and health fluctuations.”LINK



MilitiaMan » May 22nd, 2021

Fintech is Block Chain oriented. It is digital. Fast, transparent and sophisticated that is being embraced around the world.!! Get ready.. Nothing is going to stop it.. imo.. ~ MM

Parliamentary Committee: The dollar will not return to its previous price until after 4 years LINK

Samson » May 22nd, 2021

Iraq joins two international agreements

22nd May, 2021

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Saturday, that Iraq has joined two international agreements, while it disclosed the type of the two agreements.

In a statement received by Mawazine News, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said, “Iraq has joined the two agreements on safety and health in the world of agriculture No. 184 of 2001, and the identity of sailors No. 185 of 2003 with the International Labor Organization.”   LIN

Iraq joins two new conventions in the International Labor Organization

22ND May, 2021

Iraq joined the agreements on safety and health in the agricultural world and the identity of seafarers at the International Labor Organization.

This came during the participation of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashem Mustafa, in the virtual ceremony that was held on Friday.

According to a statement issued today by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, received by Shafaq News, during the ceremony, “the documents of the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Labor Organization Agreements on Safety and Health in the World of Agriculture No. 184 of 2001, and the identity of sailors No. 185 of 2003 and its amendments, took place after Ratification of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on these two agreements.

According to the statement, the permanent representative referred to the great importance that the Iraqi government attaches to the work and the role of the International Labor Organization, noting that “accession to these two agreements will have a positive impact on the situation of workers in the agricultural and marine sectors.”

The permanent representative explained, “The Iraqi government is continuing its steps to do all that is required to preserve the rights of workers, improve their conditions and advance the Iraqi labor market in a manner that reaffirms Iraq’s obligations to decent work in accordance with the rules and standards of the International Labor Organization.”

He pointed out that “Iraq actively participates in the preparation and amendment of laws, conventions and recommendations in the International Labor Organization Board of Directors in its capacity as an alternate member for the period 2017-2021 and that he has re-nominated for the same position within (the Asia-Pacific Group) during the upcoming elections of the organization.”

Hashim added, “The permanent mission of the Republic of Iraq in Geneva will continue to actively participate in the activities and activities of the organization and implement its tasks as a coordinator between the International Labor Organization and employers’ and workers’ organizations involved in its work and between the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Republic of Iraq and other relevant parties.”

For his part, the Director-General of the International Labor Organization, Guy Ryder, welcomed Iraq’s accession to these two conventions, and affirmed that the two agreements “will have a positive impact in promoting workers’ rights and the local labor market.”

Ryder praised, “the important role that Iraq plays in the work of the organization and its being one of the most Arab countries that accede to its conventions, which indicates Iraq’s interest in the status of work and workers and the great efforts it is playing in this field, bringing the total of the agreements that Iraq joined in 70 agreements after depositing documents.” Accession to these two agreements.”

At the end of the ceremony, Ryder officially signed the “receipt of the documents of Iraq’s accession to the two agreements above, provided that Iraq is provided with the acknowledgment of receipt at the earliest opportunity,” according to the statement.  LINK

Why embark on treason?

17:56 – 20/05/2021 – Books / Dr. Najem Al-Dulaimi

First..Anyone who offers, in a planned and deliberate manner, the assassination of the national currency, the Iraqi dinar towards the US dollar, and implements the directives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to crush the poor, the needy, the persecuted, the employees, the retired, the merchants and the earners …, he is assassinating Iraq and the Iraqi people, and as he sabotages And the destruction of the national economy …, and this constitutes the summit of high treason and organized corruption.

 What the executive and legislative authority in general and the failed minister Abdul Amir Allawi, the brutal and extremist liberal, did, as well as the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the silence of the Economic and Legal Committee … … in the Iraqi parliament, all this and others are illegal and unfamiliar and sabotage acts … .., that all this and others have not been undertaken by the executive and legislative authority … Without the approval of the leaders of the political parties, blocs, and influential political currents today, in power.

Second..The Iraqi people, their national, progressive, and leftist political forces, mass and professional organizations, and national, progressive and left-wing personalities must realize that the executive and legislative authority is an executive and obedient tool in the hands of the leaders of the parties, blocs and political currents in power today

And therefore all disasters and the spread of financial and administrative corruption and organized sabotage The national economy and Iraqi society, the growing rates of unemployment, poverty, misery, famine, organized crime, drugs, suicide and deliberate killing, especially among the youth, and organized sabotage of the industrial and agricultural sector, education and health, and the deepening of the social and economic gap in favor of the ruling mafia, criminal and parasitic elite, and the growing rates of internal and external indebtedness and the tightening of dependency and backwardness of regional and international powers and institutions International organizations, including the Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, are borne by the leaders of influential parties, blocs and political currentstoday in Occupied Iraq.

Third … the parasitic, thief and backward quotas system is an illegal and illegal system according to the data of the last parliamentary elections in 2018, and that all decisions and laws … that were taken by the ruling authority during the period 2018-2021 are illegal and illegal.

Fourth … The national, principled and frank stance of the vast majority of the Iraqi people requires a boycott of the upcoming parliamentary elections. It is a lean, failed and corrupt play par excellence, because this meager play will not present anything new to the Iraqi people, as it will perpetuate the abhorrent approach of quotas and the three sectarian components. The Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds are all in agreement on the survival of the worst system in modern Iraq’s history, which is the abhorrent political, sectarian and national quota system that has failed par excellence and is supported regionally and internationally. Abhorrent.

Fifthly, that any political forces that participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections claim patriotism, progressive, and leftist … Participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections is considered a betrayal of the Iraqi people, and the political forces must not hold the stick in the middle because this position is an opportunistic, unprincipled and unpatriotic position

And the Iraqi people must realize that suspending any political party from not participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections is a centrist position and irresponsible, and for any political party to declare its explicit and principled position on the upcoming parliamentary elections, boycotted or participating in the meager play of the Iraqi people, issuing an official statement and withdrawing from the election organizing committee, any of the commission, and this is announced to the people, and without that, which party does not It does so. It laughs at the Iraqi people in general and its members in particular.   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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