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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 5:18 AM EDT on May 23, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

I don’t know if it’s because of the inner focus that I’ve been seeing a pair of crows on our property since Luna’s article. You guys know about inner focus, right? When I want to buy a blue SEAT, I only see blue SEATs on the streets. But no, it’s not because of that. And it’s not a coincidence either, because coincidences don’t exist! I see it as a sign. When I translated Luna’s article and published it in my channel, I heard a crow already in the night. The next morning I saw it. Also a pair of magpies seems to live on our property or nearby, they have been helping themselves to our bird house for weeks. I can observe this when I look out the window at my “workplace”. Magpies belong to the raven birds, after all. No matter whether ravens, crows or magpies, I consider it a sign when they present themselves so often. Right now, as I write these lines, three crows and two magpies are “squabbling” loudly in the large, tall trees (fir, pine and beech) that we have on our property. 5 ambassadors !!!

This leads me to think why these birds are said to have dark characteristics. Is this again a reflection of the cabal? Have they also turned the good that these birds want to show us into the opposite, like so much else? Thieving magpie, crows or ravens as bringers of disaster, as graveyard animals, as helpers of evil witches and wizards, assistants of Saruman (Lord of the Rings)? Ravens or raven birds in general are still considered a bad omen in many cultural circles. They stand for ominous forebodings, doom and death. Since all corvids are highly intelligent, but also cunning, devious and resourceful.

Hugin and Munin are the two ravens of Odin in Norse mythology, who also bears the epithet Hrafnáss “raven god.” “Two ravens sit on his [Odin’s] shoulders and tell him everything they see and hear in his ear. Their names are Hugin and Munin. At daybreak he sends them to fly over the whole world, and at breakfast time they return. From them he learns many tidings.” Then in “Game of Thrones” we have the ravens, which are used as messengers, that is, as carrier pigeons. The raven as a power animal gives you many spiritual insights. An encounter with him asks you not to worry too much, so that you can come closer to your actual goals. So then dissolve your doubts and leave your inner prison. This fits like a glove into this situation we have right now, doesn’t it?

The crow as a power animal or in an encounter could mean the following: The crow wants to give you the power of creativity and an innovative spirit. Especially when the crow comes to you as a helper animal, this could be a support for a certain situation or to clarify important questions. It wants to help you uncover truths, expose deceptions (especially your own) and explore and embrace your shadow side. The crow expresses that secrets or hidden activities are coming to the surface. The veil is lifting and will reveal things. This also fits the times, doesn’t it?

The magpie could be called a prophet. However, the power animal magpie is also considered a symbol of cleverness and cunning and gives you these abilities when you can’t get on in any other way or simply don’t know how to get on. The magpie asks us to wake up and be aware of every area of our lives. If the magpie comes into our vibrational field, it is hardly possible to fool ourselves anymore. We suddenly see through cunning and trickery quite easily and let those who want to dig a pit for us fall into it themselves. And this is also very appropriate in these days, weeks, months, don’t you think?

Even though it is a bit later than usual this year, nature is literally exploding right now. The last days there was a mix of strong sun and heavy rain in Germany, unfortunately it is still too cold for this time of year. Perhaps there is a good and plausible explanation for this: When are reptiles slower again? When it is warm or when it is cold? I’ m convinced that this is the last conscious weather manipulation, which is used to finally fight or chase away the last dark alien creatures. But let’s stay with nature.




I regularly talk on the phone with a friend (brother) in northern Germany. Both of us have noticed more and more in the last few days that the bird world around us sounds much louder, more intense, but also more cheerful and full of life. The sky seems bluer, the sun stronger, everything seems somehow brighter and clearer. Last year we were also made aware of this, by the shutdown of the world economy because of the flu, then everything also seemed much more intense, clearer and more beautiful. But now it has a different quality, because deep inside you also feel how the vibrations have changed. It has nothing to do with spring, it feels completely different than usual. In oneself, but also on the outside.

And that leads me to the third point of my title, the rainbows. Because of the rain-sun mix described above, there were inevitably a lot of rainbows in the last days. There were over 60 images posted to a Telegram channel from all over Germany, an enormous number in just a few days. This could also quickly be called an inner focus, but that is too simple, too scientific, too worldly for me. Very few people drive past a rainbow, which after all only shows itself for a short time, without paying attention to it. It is a natural spectacle that fascinates most people, even if they have seen it many times before. The scientific explanation I leave here deliberately omitted, I have somehow enough of science.

In the ancient Orient, the rainbow was considered a symbol of victory after a dispute between gods. The Incas considered the rainbow as a deity in which the sublimity of the deity sun was expressed. According to Chinese wisdom, the rainbow is a bridge represented by a double-headed dragon. But also a symbol of Yin and Yang in Chinese legend. Meaningfully, the Chinese recognize the colors in the rainbow as harmonious, thus representing a perfect balance. The rainbow as a sky bridge is also found in ancient Nordic traditions. This bridge was called a bifrost. This “rainbow bridge” spanned the world of the gods – it was called the “Fearful Way” to Asgard. So here also a bridge, another connection of the worldly (earthly) element leading through the rainbow to a realm of heaven or the realm of the gods.

The Native American Navajo describe the rainbow as a colorful snake, and when seen by a young brave, the snake must be ridden. This ride leads to the spiritual world where the “rider” receives guidance. This was considered a very important initiation. Unlike many initiations that are determined by a tribal elder, this one is organized by Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, when the rainbow appeared. Among the Celts, the rainbow was called “the curve of the sky”, their druids were obsessed with curves and arcs. A union between a man and a woman under a rainbow was supposed to ensure a successful pregnancy. Hence the legend of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The pot is synonymous with the female, the woman, the gold is synonymous with the offspring.

I assume that a massive cluster of rainbows may well be seen as a sign of the Creator (or Creatress). Above all, if one takes into account the other signs of which I have written above. We should have learned in the meantime to look at the events with big distance, thus to fly higher or to step further out of the forest. Only in such a way we recognize a correct total picture. Let’s leave aside the carrying of the rainbow flag by the homosexual movement, they will already have their reasons why they have to carry it. What other meanings are there for the rainbows? I just put what I found out into single words: “Life, hope, divinity, promise, creation, initiation, potential, provision, expansion, ascension, spirituality, connection, transformation.”

WOW, right? It’s spot on, every single word fits in these times of global awakening, of change in the making. And, folks, we should not only become aware of this guidance, direction from the higher powers, we should give thanks for it daily. The earthly “leaders” are doing their job, we can and will support them or already do. How it will go on, there are plans for it, I am sure. For no one wages war and has no scenario for afterwards. Even Abraham Lincoln, even in wartime, thought about how to proceed with the defeated South and ordered it. So even an alliance, White Hats, who have been playing such a brilliant chess game for years, will have a plan for afterward, don’t you think?

Let us take the corvids, an awakening, joyful nature and also the beautiful rainbows as a sign from the Creator that we are approaching the end of the old and the new beginning. Stay confident and in trust! NCSWIC! Nothing.




“If you do something for the right reasons, nothing can stop you!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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