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Entry Submitted by SG at 7:56 AM EDT on May 23, 2021

If you’ve been waiting a long time, like 20 plus years for “this event,” you’ve read sooooo many of these reports and predictions, you have to once again,  scratch your head and say “do people think that we are idiots that we just believe everything that somebody writes because it’s in print?”

Like the comment below  – people are being given an option of retiring or facing a MilitaryTribunal for treason. REALLY -Since when do people get an option or ultimatum of retiring to get out of a treason charge? This is the highest charge against a government! Oh, and they were told to leave. Really –  that’s why they had an 8-foot fence with barbed wire around it ….BUT now they’re just told to leave.

●Aren’t these the people we’re trying to get rid of? ●Won’t they just infiltrate government again and start with their same old shenanigans?   Hello!!!!!  The penalty for treason is death!

Just like the statement that they’re storming the White House which, by the way,  is supposed to be boarded up and empty! 
And here’s another really good one – NOT!  Since when does the military just continuously announce what they’re doing? Don’t they take an oath and aren’t they supposed to be under high security? Why would they be broadcasting all their plans?  Just STOP and think about it.  Really think about it!

How much gobbledygoop do the PTB think we stupid sheep just keep sucking up thinking it’s the truth. Or heres’ a thought – maybe they’re testing us to see who is really this stupid. Well not to brag or anything, but thank God, I’ve been awake for at least 30 years. I was laughed at and people rolled their eyes when I talked about the  IRS and the Federal Reserve and the scam that it was – way back in the 90’s.  That’s a subject for another day. 

So, If I were the writer of the article below,  I would vet information and pray over it before I just cut it and paste it into a report. Ultimately we will all be responsible for everything we say and write.  Granted, there maybe panic in DC as congress people could possibly have been undergoing tribunals in the various buildings around DC…..but we have also seen the WH is dark at night, a POW flag flying and JB and “crew” are supposed to be on a TV set somewhere.

~~~~~Excerpt from today’s Restored Republic Report~~~~~

At the Capitol Building and White House Deep State-serving politicians and agency bureaucrats were told by the Military to leave/retire voluntarily, or face military tribunals for treason at GITMO. Many were choosing to retire instead of being arrested, “A bus was escorted from the Capitol Building [in DC] to the White House by police. There are no cars in the parking area around Capitol. . . . We’re looking for a massive exodus of politicians and bureaucrats, just like what happened in Russia.”


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