“Unsubstantiated Affirmations” by KUU – 5.23.21


Entry Submitted by KUU at 12:48 PM EDT on May 23, 2021

What I am alluding to is the information flow to the Intel providers. Being one removed from these providers it must be considered as unsubstantiated and any affirmation from these sources should be considered as self serving half truths. They always show their worth by never coming to fruition. So when those half truths are parreted by the providers, we accept the information and, with our tin foil hats on, continue towards our goal.  Our analysis always produces the inevitable questions. I could write a book with  questions, so here are a few that stand out in my mind.


All things have value, which floats with circumstance.  In our case, as RV/GFR  participants, the currencies and Zim that we have acquired have a set VALUE. If and when the RV/Redemption occurs  that VALUE should be paid to all of the participants equally.  Are we to believe, and accept, that an all knowledgeable group  of individuals, at the RC, will alter the VALUE of our holdings in a 20 minute evaluation not only of our personal psychy but our humanitarian goals that we have had multiple years to prepare?  If the VALUE of our holdings is altered negatively for a self serving purpose, I can’t think of another purpose, this is the definition of ARBITRAGE and is a DS ploy. NOT ACCEPTABLE. This is ,IMO, the use of coercion to take advantage of a lack of experience, we have not done this before, in a forceful environment. Why is this being pushed so forcefully before the event ?  And ,God forbid, we get upset at their actions to take and utilize our VALUE for their purpose, as they will remove you from the process.  Squash your dream for non compliance.  By the way, RG thinks it is just fine that everyone receives a different VALUE depending upon how they are received by this all knowing crew.  Does anyone actually know who these people are, and whom it was that gave them the power to make all the rules?  I am a Sovereign Patriot with the ability to proceed with humanitarian work.  I do not need to be judged or coerced into the pigeon hole provided by an unknown entity.  If one has Zim, one cannot get FULL VALUE for one’s currencies.  What sense does that make?  With what is being offered to redeem the Zim, I might as well take them home and gift them so as to get FULL VALUE for the currency’s I posess. It has been said that the actual procedures are not known.  If that is true….shut the hell up.  Suffice to say, I do not believe that this whole process is, or has ever been, handled properly. We, as a group, a brotherhood, have always had the KEY to success for this nation and the world.  WHAT’S NOT TO SEE! I am certainly not against this financial uplifting.  What I am looking for, and expecting, is equity in Value.  Like all things, if VALUE is agreed upon, by all participants, then let’s follow it with EQUITY for all.


I have read the ideas from Parisse Deza, Regarding the NDA.  I completely agree. Having worked covert operations my entire career, I fully understand the importance of unshared secretive information, (LLSS). Adding an NDA with a clawback in it  that gives the right to, someone, something, to take everything from you for no fault of your own, {you can’t control what others do}, is Fear Mongering and a DS ploy.  Does it appear to be protecting you? Analyze and question what you are told to believe.  Since the ability to monitor all phases of your life is at hand, the addition of a pre NDA, a requirement before you can even participate, has been added. Then at the RC a “wet ink” legal form will be REQUIRED now that they have you in front of them. Remember, the people you are dealing with,WM’s, Lawyers, bank managers, can void your NDA at will, simply by saying it was compromised. NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Of course if you do not sign the WET NDA, you will be funded only the least amount available. The rich that do not comply are not needed. This Fear Mongering on web sites is always in CAPS.

We, as RV/GFR participants, are striving to move our world, whatever it may be, in the right direction. We do not need an NDA.  There doesn’t even seem to be a concern that this NDA will divide loved one to loved one, friend to friend, person to person. {you can’t control what others do}.  People are going to be themselves. We need to be able to mingle and allow our best interests to be brought to bear, as we go forward, and not be hampered by this questionable NDA.  Let’s bring our energies back to true VALUE and unmitigated direction.



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