“Newly RV Created Divide Reason” by Bob – 5.24.21


Entry Submitted by Bob at 6:07 PM EDT on May 24, 2021

To everyone, notice the “Divide” inside our community the last 2-4 Weeks or so?

To me, it is a Purposeful Disinformation Campaign to protect a believed patriot “Whte Hat”, but IN MY OPINION, is really a [DS] agent.  DS talking heads tells 98% Truth, but purposely “twist” the most sacred 2%, they need to purposely misdirect.  They get followers to believe them 100% on everything they say is real, which (98% are), and those same followers 100% “think” every single word they say are “REAL”.  What they don’t realize is that the 2% they are saying is untrue, their followers let their criticial thinking guard down, and not see the Lies they state.  This is how it works guys.  They hook you in and you 100% believe every word they way, and never stop and think.  100% in full view, if you look at the 2% misinformation someone stated, but his fans can’t see it, and refuse to look at it.

Remember guys:

1 – We were told never give your note “Serial #’s” to anyone asking for them in the form of a Database?  Stated this would “speed up” your processing of your RV notes.

2 – Never pay monies to someone who says they will offer you “inside information” about whats going on, but first, you have to pay them for this “secret” information

3 – Say you will be part of a “Special” group of Humanitarians.  (If you don’t pay them, you will not get this “Humanitarian” inside information”?)  Shouldn’t all Humanitarian info be given to everyone free, or just those that “pay” someone to get this “special” inside info?

Well, someone that has a known Insider Webcast Streaming show, and “featured” in many others like Mel K, Andrew, etc., did all this; yet, their fans didn’t notice this “Misinformation” everyone needed to look out for, as they are not trustworthy.  And their words bleed into this Dinar RV.

Now, Ron Giles, never ever once, asked for 1 penny for the DECADES he has been involved in our Humanitarian work, or his guidance.  Ron was the ORIGINAL #1 “foundation” of this Humanitarian movement, and weathered the years of dedication in his steps that got us to this point.  Everyone else claiming they are “The” one, is wrong.  Ron did this years before everyone else, and has earned 100% reliability on what’s going on.

Ron is the one who advised everyone to look out for those wanting to get your notes, or divide us.

Their is a YouTube streaming person, who “Claims” he is involved in DJT inner circle, and moved 100s of tons of gold around the world.  This person also had a admitted in felony crimes over his decades, drug abuse, and even has his children doing streaming interviews, admitting their father is nothing be a straight out liar.  Listen to what his very own children had to say about him, and not having enough money to buy a home.  Yet many reading these RV’s, believe this person 100% authentic, without actually investigating, or keeping their the most basic warnings in their heads.

So once their “misinformation” ploy was exposed, of asking Humanitarians to pay him (sign up) for a monthly service to get this information; and send him your database of all your RV notes you were going to exchange.  If you look, he says his “website” doesn’t profit a penny, but he tells everyone to “sign up” on this “other supporting” website, but is actually also 100% owned by him.  Decepetive, so you fans don’t understand?    They sell “snake oil” products in every video and their websites, and is featured in other webcasts, as being a “expert”. 

This person also claimed to have “already RV’d”.  So if this person already RV’d millions of dollars, shouldn’t he be rich, and want to share his knowledge free?  So why does he require everyone to pay him a monthly webcast “Insiders registered” fee, in order to get “Secret” Humanitarian details? Would this person be “Good” or “Bad”?

If they were a White Hat good Humanitarian, why does he need those extra pennies?  Wouldn’t they want to help fellow humans, as surely, he is already rich after his already claimed RV’d?  Also, after signing up, why do they ask you for your Database of RV notes you are going to turn in?  See how this makes no sense?   

This is our “DIVIDE” we have right now on Dinar. 

His fans are voicing and protecting him, yet they failed to see this person asked everyone for all our most secret information on what we possess, and they do not comprehend he is asking for everything we were told to keep and never give anyone.  Ron Giles is the “Founding Father” of our RV and told us the warning signs, and never asked for 1 penny, and started everyone off on our journey. The DS learn the plan, and interject their “tricks” to try and slip one by you, so they can profit of you when you are all off guard.


I am talking about “Charlie Ward”.  CW may be a Patriot, and I listened to him many times, but about 3 weeks ago, Judy B promoted CW and promoted to everyone to sign up for his “Insiders Club” and get secret inside information by joining (Paying for) his club, and submit your RV note database to him, so you get ahead of everyone else.  I am not disparaging CW nor Judy B, and all the good they have done, but crossing the only rules not to give your info to anyone, was apparent to everyone; except those that look at everything with open ears and common sense.

So this is where our “Divide” happened and going on.

Ron Giles is the Grandfather of all our programs, explaining everything, and also warning us who to look out for.  Their are snakes in our harvest, that claim to be good, and strike when they need food.  The striking is trying to get your money, knowingly or unknowingly.      

Those who have been following Ron, do not agree with CW and Judy B, promoting to buying into CW Insiders club (aksing for your money), and then requesting for a copy of your database of all your RV Notes you are going to turn in, and those who believe CW over Ron. That’s the divide.

All give great information, but everyone needs to listen and think about what is being said.  I know if I RV’d, I would not ask someone to pay for Insider information, and divide our community, nor ask for all your serial #’s of the notes you will be turning in at RV. 


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