“Re: Charlie on Why do we Need to Sign an NDA?” by Kandi Darlin – 5.25.21


Entry Submitted by Kandi Darlin at 12:24 AM EDT on May 25, 2021

“Re: Why do we Need to Sign an NDA?” by Charlie – 5.24.21

Hello, Charlie. I do not have any answers to your question other than common sense says the “good guys/Patriots/white Hats/PTB/Chinese Elders/etc., anyone in power who has a say in this event and is for the humanitarians having funds to work with for as long as needed and has ANY common sense at all, will not “make” us work with bankers/wealth managers, etc. even for exchange/redemption.

None of us or at least very few of us or should I take it down to “us common sense and outside the box thinkers” will not set ourselves up for failure.

I have managed my own limited funds for a lifetime and been able to help others financially since I started occasionally working for my aunt washing dishes in her cafe at the age of six or seven. I am not a genius but I have always known that I have to save to accomplish my goals and a banker or wealth manager has never been involved with my finances. My husband and I have always helped others and God blesses us and we have all we need on a daily basis. Home loan and medical bills are the only things we owe on at this time.

IF the QFS is working and all we have been told it is, I won’t need any outside help. I know how to save, live within my means and invest in others.

Why would I want to set myself up for failure by allowing someone probably much younger than I am, who is possibly just thinking of what they can get from me and very likely does not have the same goals, desires and dreams that I have, have access to my information or money? I have no plans to do that.

As my dad used to say, “If everyone knows your business, you don’t have any business.” The fewer people in my business, the more secure and safe my family, my money and myself will be. The only person who needs to know what I have and sign any NDA for my benefit will be the person I have to deal with for my redemption/exchange.


If taxes are no longer an issue, again if what we have been told is true being that the IRS is/will be gone, why would I need a CPA or financial lawyer?!?

If we are to receive as much as we have been made to believe we will receive in order to be a humanitarian, then why would I need perks from a wealth manager? I will have enough to not need someone else to get or give me perks. I can pay outright for what I want or need per my common sense thinking.

I think it all boils down to what is the real truth? What is the real and protective process being set up for us? I hope and pray it has nothing to do with banks or bankers.

Currently for most exchanges, you walk into a bank or currency exchange provider or military base and just hand them the currency you want to exchange for spendable currency in the country you are in. Why should this be so totally different?

Now my common sense thinking says the military have been taught how to keep their mouth shut and would be the perfect solution and safe place to exchange/redeem and be trained on the QFS so we could deposit only what we want in our chosen bank at any given time.

They could/should also be trained to give the highest amounts possible to humanitarians and work with structured payout options that would work best for each individual exchanger/redeemer. My understanding is that many military will be exchanging/redeeming and will be doing so on military bases so they should be ready to handle the public in their area as well.

Now, it appears we may need legal help to protect ourselves and our funds from sue happy people who may think we are an easy target to fleece for funds in any way. That is my true concern. That is what I will be searching for answers about. I want full control of my funds at all times unless I invest for a long term payout.

Remember, everything depends on what the truth is regarding all we have been told and assumed to be truth.


I believe someone associated with the powers that be is reading and taking good notes on some of these common sense concepts people are putting out there because as you can tell, some of the most outrageous information we have received in the past has been challenged and is now being changed per the “gurus.”

If it does not make sense, don’t take it as truth.

Take care and always endeavor to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.

Kandi Darlin


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