Dinarland Highlights for May 26, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.26.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

[Mr Frank Erbil and Baghdad budget agreement will be implemented!]

I know…we saw those three days ago and I’m rather excited because in my opinion I believe this is related to the monetary reform as well because Kurdistan did not want any more delays

[Mr. Frank you were right about the 20th and we are kind of excited here especially with disagreement on the budget because it seems like the Kurds we’re pushing for the HCL]

everything waits for the new exchange rate but I think the waiting is coming to an end

[…this is our oil and gas deal our HCL isn’t it.]

Yes…and the next thing you will receive is purchasing power in your currency oh and by the way stop and think about it…..

Iraq central bank has added a ridiculous amount of gold and other assets to back up their currency and it’s rather insulting to think that this mountain of gold is for a stupid program rate.  The Kurds is what we were looking for but I also want you to take note China is not as stupid as they are cruel to see them pour in billions to get oil from your country because they cannot get it from Iran is only going to make your Country very rich and that’s just one of the endless countries that are coming into your economic reform and all because the monetary reform was done correctly properly and Proficiently with the Fab four and the whole international world knows this and loves it…and yes the governor of the CBI on the 20th completed everything.

There are many telltale signs that Iraq is going through a monetary reform.  We told you on the 20th the governor of the CBI was going to come out and tell you ‘look I competed a lot of things‘…the CBI is trying to say, ‘we’re done’…What’s competed?  Every step required for the monetary reform.  When you look at the fact that they’re connected internationally.  When you look at the amount of gold they have piled up.  When you look at the contracts.  When you look at…they had two meetings.  One with 500 banks and another with 300 banks.  Come on!

… Why is the CBI so important?  Do you know of any other country in the Middle East who’s currency is about to go up in value?



The news I am hearing we are in the window for this by the end of the month and possibly as early as today. There is a rumor going around that the Dubai funds have been released. The D’s I talk…about…are Dubai 1, Dubai 2, and Dubai 3 which funds the rv.  I do not have confirmation they have funded as of yet…All the banks are getting ready for the new banking system, the QFS which will begin on June 1st… 


Mountain Goat


When they come out raising the dinar rate they are going to go big.  Much bigger than the previous program rate.



[via PDK]

I think its going to be an exciting next few days…..many are saying that the 26th-28th– are going to be big days…There is a serious NDA crackdown. I thought they were already pretty tight but they really worked them over. I talked to a few people from 2 different areas where they are handling redemption things …you cant get them to say anything… I respect that and I am ready…looks like there is just a short time left to play this game. 

There is interesting news on Basel 3 implementation on June 28th….I am told there is a new banking system all around the world and banks are scrambling to be ready by JUNE 1st. I think that is a key piece for us too.



Petra (KTFA)

…All activities, all laws, everything have to be resolved by a certain date…there were a couple articles. 1. The citizens are very upset and they’re taking it to the streets.  They even reference the activities of October 2019 right after Allaq made the comment ‘don’t go crazy we’re bringing out the new notes etc etc…we’re bringing up the purchasing power.‘  Of course we know what happened in 2019.  It was terrible.  The citizens are getting to that point of anger again…IOO it’s clear that there are things that need to be done and Saturday seems to be a key meeting that needs to occur. 



[aka Guru Kaperoni]

They will not float until the conditions are appropriate. But floating is what countries do. So Iraq will float…the questions is when are the conditions appropriate? First they need to diversify and launch a private sector, then they need pressure create on the CBI’s capital account from investment. They need laws to encourage this investment. In other words, they are not ready.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

One article says 1 trillion dollars worth of stuff has been stolen since 2003.  I remember specifically that Interpol found 180 billion dollars they may very well have now or will be getting it shortly.  We know that was stated public information…even that much money added to the reserves is incredible.  Let’s not forget 2018/2019 on the Syrian border they picked up 40 tons of gold.  As far as I know they have not allocated to the 94.6 tons.  These guys really have the money.


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