Parisse Deza: Response to Comments to my “Why NDAs?” Question to Ron Giles


Parisse Deza Responds To Comments To His “Why NDAs?” Question To Ron Giles


When I wrote my question to Ron I wanted to elicit deeper thinking in the field as well as to get an answer from him. What an education this conversation has been for me! What surprised me most is how so many are using this financial venue to push what to me are extreme and destructive religious beliefs in the guise of Christianity, which is supposed to be based on love. It now is apparent to me that a large section of the DC population is quite rooted in self-hatred, and this is the probable cause of why everything is taking so long to manifest, as how could a group of people who say they want prosperity and freedom have it when they are telling themselves they are sinners through-and-through and don’t deserve anything? That is in fact the basic message underneath what so many of you are calling “Christianity”.

Nine persons made thirteen comments in the last three days. At my request to Patrick to email Ron about this, Ron wrote to me re-explaining his points from the post he made several days ago. After reading what he had to say, I still do not agree with him. I asked him to publish his letter so all could read it.

I am going to address a number of specific and general things here. As in most discussions, there are two opposing thought-camps.

I see the two camps like this:

‘Camp A’ says:

“We don’t like NDAs. They don’t feel right and are an unnecessary stricture. They don’t seem to have any real purpose. We trust ourselves. We don’t need external controlling bodies to tell us what to do or to protect us, as if we can’t protect ourselves, unless we ask for that. We trust God to protect us, and we feel everything will be alright.


“Having our behavior monitored doesn’t jibe with the kind of world we are moving into now, which is characterized by peace, love, trust, and a deep knowing from within that we are safe. NDAs represent a vestige of the old paradigm control refusing to die, and we want to weed that kind of thing out of our consciousness and behavior so it is no longer reflected in our reality.”

‘Camp B’ says:

“Who do you Camp A-ers think you are? Do you think you’re special? Don’t you know we’re in a war here battling evil? We need NDAs to protect ourselves! We’re afraid. We don’t trust God and we don’t trust ourselves. We definitely need others to make sure we don’t stray off the path and suddenly want to open crack houses and sell weapons, even though we’ve never done that before. Money makes people CRAZY! We could just lose our minds entirely and turn bad. And since we always picture everything in the negative, we are sure there will be bad people trying to steal from us, even though we have been told the QFS is foolproof and run by God.

“We don’t understand that spiritual energetics and consciousness are raising on the planet now. We are stuck in our old paradigm, third-dimensional programming. We think you guys are irresponsible, self-centered space cadets and hippies who just don’t understand reality!”

What we are saying in questioning NDAs is: The new paradigm (or age) of freedom and prosperity for all and a divinely-run quantum system does not include oppressive control structures telling us what to do.

As Para said in her comment:It is like saying we are ascending and suddenly someone thinks they have greater power then Source and wants to put us in a box and tell us if we are valuable enough after being told we are.

This shouted-at-us opinion from Rene B sums up perfectly an entirely negative, self-abnegating, and destructive viewpoint toward life in general:



Could anything be further from the truth? Are you actually telling us that ‘God’, the benevolent creator of the Universe, all-powerful and brilliant, created, on purpose, essentially flawed, weak, toxic creatures? What for, Rene?

Regarding the NDA, you say this:


That is our responsibility, no one else’s. The use of “FORCE” applied at any time to anyone is wrong, morally and constitutionally, unless they are actually causing harm. It is unlawful to FORCE anyone to do anything. What kind of thinking is this, but self-hatred?

If I want to “RUN THE RISK OF GETTING HURT OR EVEN KILLED FOR NOT AVIDING TO THE NDA GUIDELINES”, that’s my business, my life, and my body, and no one else’s concern. Period. That’s called FREEDOM. I and I alone am responsible for what happens to me, and I do NOT give anyone permission to control me. This is the actual, lawful foundation of the united States of America, and it is based on the divinely-bestowed state of personal sovereignty.

What you are proposing here, Rene, is in fact, the crime the United States itself was set up to prevent happening.

Kandi Darlin makes a centered and relevant point here, which is at the bottom of things:

common sense says … anyone in power who has a say in this event and is for the humanitarians having funds to work with for as long as needed and has ANY common sense at all, will not “make” us work with bankers/wealth managers, etc. even for exchange/redemption.

The whole reason for having a new age in the first place is to leave all that behind. It is the rubbish of the fear-based ego mind and the controllers (cabal, Archons, satanists…) who have wreaked horrors on humanity for several thousand years. If this sounds dramatic and self-indulgent to some people, that means that they haven’t really gotten in touch with where humanity has been and where it is going. We are leaving behind all that control for freedom. You cannot have partial freedom. You are either free or you are not.


This well-thought-out exploration from Shep helps:

I’ve also wondered what the purpose of an NDA could be and the only thing I’ve thought of would be security.  What difference does it make if we disclose today or in 90 days?  I think, personally, either time frame could put recipients of great wealth in danger.  The 90 days could, possibly, be for the purpose of giving recipients enough time to get the wealth put into trust accounts or other safe financial vehicles, where the ability to rob would be greatly reduced.  Why would a bank need an NDA?  How would 90+ days provide protection for it, if the funds are locked up tight in a QFS system, which knows everyone’s intentions?   

Yes. If the QFS is on it, how would anything be stolen to begin with? The fact is, with a QFS, trusts are unnecessary. All “banking” as we know it now, is defunct.

Now I address this question from a very indignant ‘Benjamin Franklin’, who believes we in Camp One are just “projecting disdain, insult, and imagined hurt feelings…”

Why is asking you to sign an NDA, a breach of your ethics? 

This is like asking a colonist in early America why paying a ‘simple’ tax on tea is so infuriating and leads him to act out against authority. Do you think the colonists who started this country were “projecting”? Did they have “imagined hurt feelings”?

An authority is trying to force you you to give him your permission to control your tongue. My question to Ron was meant to elicit a reason as to why signing an NDA is not anything more than a further act of control over our free will. Not just mine, Ben. Yours too. If you can’t see there’s something wrong with that, then you don’t realize how insidious is the intent of the dark side to continue in power, and you don’t value your own freedom.

For B. Patrick Thomas:

Get a grip, brother! I could spend three pages pointing out your judgmentality and self-deprecation. I leave it to these two items:

1. Puzzlingly, there are still way too many people who feel that they can ascend, by their own power, to another metaphysical expanse in the heavens. Only Jesus earned the right to ascend to God. He was the top human being of all time! 


What’s ‘puzzling’ is how you could contort everything in your statement to support your arrogance by inventing that many of us believe we are ascending under our own power, when we are explicit in our statements that it is a natural event, orchestrated by the Source/God, that anyone one of us could do it with proper intention, and that it is humanity’s destiny. It is also puzzling that there are so many so-called Christians who forget that that same Jesus said, “All these things I can do, you can do.”

2. It really sounds great to continuously praise the thoughts of love and peace. Maybe I am too Old-Testament in my spirit, for I cannot love those who hate God; those who dismember little children…

Do you really believe those of us who talk peace and love are that stupid or naive? Love means not allowing our dislike of others behavior to draw us into reactions like hatred and revenge. Being objective, neutral, and in our right mind allows us to forgive while not condoning and to take the proper actions. Love doesn’t mean being nice to criminals. It means correcting wrong-doing without hatred or malice, the way a parent might confront and control a child who commits a transgression. This is how Jesus could say, “Turn the other cheek.” By not taking things personally, we align ourselves with higher consciousness and viable solutions to problems are able to be presented to us by our inner guidance.

Everyone in Camp B:

Please stop promoting fear, judgment, and hatred of what you don’t understand, and limited ways of thinking and being. That is not on the new age menu. It’s time for you to choose which world you want to live in, because you cannot be in two worlds at the same time. You cannot hate yourselves and love the world. You cannot be a humanitarian to others and think you are all sinners.

The reason I wrote that article in the first place is to make clear that the old ways are done. Finished. Over. And Ron’s inclusion of the NDA idea in not in alignment with everything else he promotes.

Humanity is now to think of itself as Good, and not needing any more punishing, as so many people who call themselves Christians espouse. It is time to stop generating self-hatred and judgment, and projecting it loudly to the world as criticism and threats in capital letters. How is it you can’t see the extreme contradiction in your words? You are telling yourselves that to hate and degrade yourselves will somehow prove that you are good, and then God will love you, Jesus will save you and everything will be alright. What a bloody delusion!

Those days are over people. Recognize that kind of thinking as having been a dark spell of negative programming on humanity – one you must relinquish in order to be free and happy.

If you want those days to go on, continue to talk like that and to treat yourself and others that way, condemning yourselves and everyone else who doesn’t display tons of self-recrimination, as if that’s going to make you worthy in the eyes of God. But know that if you do continue going on like that, that you will stay in the world you are now in. There is no new age for you, because you have chosen to stay in the old one. Jesus and God are not thinking in terms of fire and brimstone. How could they be, and simultaneously be all-loving and give us a quantum system that’s divinely guided???

All one can do is ask you to take a closer look at how you feel about yourselves and how you think and how you talk about the world. We invite you to do that and create for yourself a doorway through which to enter a Bigger World – one in which you will feel safe and loved and happy. This is your divine heritage, if you choose to accept it.


As Para says so eloquently in her comment:

…we are now in times of ascending and uniting, and doing so with love, light and transparency, sharing and doing wonder-full things from the heart. This is the new paradigm. It is new it is about the now and it is trully about living in the presence of doing so from the heart and soul.This is the new paradigm.

My final word to you doubting Thomases is please get over your fears, guilt, shame, and self-judgment. God is not thinking of you as sinners, so why should you? How we think determines what energies we emanate to the Field and that creates, literally, what we experience. That’s why prayer works.

And until someone gives me a damn good reason to conclude that NDAs, and anything like them, have a reason to exist in a free world, I will continue to see them as an infringement of personal freedom. Telling me you are controlling me “for my own good” is the ages old line psychopaths have used to oppress others to willing to give up their free will. That kind of thinking and behavior have NO place in the new paradigm and NOTHING to do with a divinely-run quantum system.

I can tell you for sure after several decades of being a counselor and teacher that at the bottom of every human psyche is the primary need to feel safe and loved. It is imperative that we humans stop conjuring negative, disempowering images and speaking self-defeating words to ourselves about how we need to be disciplined to be good or we will be punished. That is quintessentially patriarchal and devilish. What we really need is to calm down, deeply relax, feel our innate connection with Spirit which loves us exactly they way we are, and start picturing life positively so we create our new world of peace, prosperity, freedom, and love. That’s what the divine needs in order to meet us half-way. Otherwise, it can’t reach us.

I invite you to this now.

May all beings wake up and be happy,

Parisse Deza


Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights and needs as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” between passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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