Dinarland Highlights for May 27, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.27.21


[reference Guru NORV post 5-26-2021]

I get the fact that they are not ready. Some say that if they were going to re denominate, why not just do it. Reasoning is they still have to have a monetary and economic policy that supports such a move.

Monetary wise ya have to look at the weakness of the Banking Sector and amount of currency in and out of those Banks. Economy wise look at the dependency on oil revenue and no economic growth. So if they were to place the IQD as a currency reserve why a Peg?  Now could they Float once they see stability within the exchange rateOf course they could, countries do it all the time. Both the CBI and the IMF have stated a Peg to the USD is working and in my opinion, will work if and when the IQD becomes a reserve currency. Now…does it really matter if they Float or Peg once they become a reserve currency?  No. Once that happens we will see 2 options in front of us and our decision will be made.   A re denomination, or…a gradual increase…



[via PDK]

…This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend and a time to remember those brave men and women in the military that give us the freedom to be in this stream…The original design was for this to go on a 3 day weekend. And we are getting ready to have one… I hate getting excited for these benchmarks because up to now we have always been disappointed…but there is so much happening right now….

What I have heard from Zurich and Hong Kong is they expect Dubai 1 to open today…If it does- that means it would be our weekend…  Rumors are  that it could have opened as early as 4-5 hours ago…  I’m hitting a brick wall trying to track down whether it has or hasn’t…Almost everyone on my banking side are being leaned on heavily NOT to talk by the UST and upper levels of the redemption side. These are people directly involved on the redemption side of all this. I am respecting this.  We hope we see some fruition today as we are all tired of “nothing burgers”.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Kurdistan knows that they’re about to raise the value.  That’s why Kurdistan has been in the news and been in Baghdad so much.  Because before they release the budget Kurdistan want’s their proper share of it according to the oil prices that have gone up.  They already got the HCL.  They already go the salaries.  They know the value is going to go up and it’ll be purchasing power for the citizens…think about it.  Where is the HCL?  In the budget.And what does the HCL that’s in the budget need The new exchange rate…that’s what you call the last 3 seconds on the clock.


Petra (KTFA)

They are aggressively going after the bad guys in parliament which I love reading about.  There is so much money to claw back to put back in the Iraqi coffers that has been stolen from them I think a lot of parliamentarians might not show up on Saturday because they have to divulge all their activities…

When you talk about 500 bankers being together  [referencing the central banks meeting that took place last week – including the CBI]  that’s almost the entire world represented there in that meeting…countries that are not ready yet I feel bad for them because they are going to be behind.  Clearly there is a move by the central banks to move to a digital world economy…




We await the Dubai funds to be released and NO ONE will know when that will be done until after it has completed. This is what will truly kick off the RV release. All sources say we are in the window for this by the end of this month!


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The next move for the CBI is to release the new Digital Dinar that will compete and trade with many others in the region and the USA…All being cleared through FINTECH / BLOCKCHAIN technologies…I see big things in the CBIs front yard. Look at the Mosul Branch going Digital, today in the news. Wow… A big move and now it appears the stage is set. Kahdimi has been speaking out and so has the CBI and Financial advisors… Very good to see…imo ! ~ Hold on and keep a close watch.

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