“My Comments on Ron Giles’ View on NDA’s” by Viking Prince – 5.28.21


Entry Submitted by Viking Prince at 4:07 PM EDT on May 28, 2021

My Comments on Ron Giles comments on what might happen on NDA.

I probably have 10 to 20 comments I can make on this issue but not enough space.

First of all I like and respect Ron Giles as a clear knowable resource on all things RV.

As he has posted many articles of info that we don’t always hear about on the RV and he has it double checked by his contacts before posting.

So in his writing these articles that’s more that a few moments, unless he’s in the flow in the moment. However he made a classic mistake in this article by just throwing out an idea on the NDA and how you might lose your RV money.

Did you notice how many of us lost their center and balance on that one sentence?

He would done a better job if he introduced this idea on what might have happen, via a simple explanation and then if he’s really in the flow – present a solution to it.


I’m always open to new ideas and or problems we might run into when we have our moment in time at our RV presentation. But need an explanation of the problem and then a well thought out solution to it.

For example we been told or lied to on some how when we get our Zim $ that there is some way we might get up to 10% interest on it. How does that work? That probably means that we would have to put some of our Humanitarian money into some kind of Investment vehicle?

One idea I heard of was by buying an Annuity? In an investment seminar I went to back in the day, the presenter was pointing out that in the Annuity Prospective book, it was usually over 100 pages in length, as they were trying to hide all the fees they charged. So does anybody know what we would have to do to get up to 10% interest on Zim money?

On the NDA purpose don’t think that was ever explained very well but believe it to motivate you to simply ‘SHUT UP’.

Like a major sales organization, they are always looking for new clients or prospects. So as strange as it may seem – big criminals like TPTB – including bankers and other criminal elements – including land pirates are always looking for new people to steal from. A bank robber was asked why he robs bank and said because that’s where the money is.

So these criminal elements are also looking for new sources for where the money is. They have resources all over the country that they pay for new leads, bribes etc to come up with new $ people.

IMHO 80% + of the RV and regular folk have one form or another money issues and never had any experiences with getting $100K+, let alone millions or billions. So if and when you get this kind of money it’s like another drink to an alcoholic and in most cases


craziness is developed. So you become another prospect for the criminal elements.

So your simple story is you have inherited some $ from a late relative and are taking care of your family first etc. More can be said but must move on.

So in conclusion the NDA is possibly to protect you from yourself? Also nobody really know what will happen at our RV Meeting, so could this be another rues to throw us off and wear us down as in the statement that a $1 T note will only be paid @ $33 million?

Viking Prince

PS: state and explain the problem and then offer a solution.


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