“The Estimation of Values” by Stefan – 5.27.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:41 PM EDT on May 27, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I don’t know if you have ever been confronted with not being valued. But I think that many have experienced something like that. Be it from a boss, from fellow human beings, from acquaintances, from “friends”, even from family members. I have been experiencing this for a few months even within the family. No, no, I am not a frustrated housewife who slaves away from morning to night every day and gets no thanks. No, but I am close to it. Sorry, not close to being a woman, you jokers, close to being frustrated. In private of course, because you guys like my posts, right? Don’t you dare!!!

Some incidents in the last few days have made me think about whether I myself actually appreciate things, even smaller, seemingly insignificant things. An important self-reflection, I think. It wasn’t always like this. I, too, was on the hamster wheel and carelessly just used everything. Didn’t think about whether what I had to have, what I wanted to have, was important at all. When we were kids, we went to the woods a lot with my grandpa and my dad. We knew what mushrooms there were, we knew most of the tree species, we could tell apart grasses, flowers and other plants. Well, folks, that was 40 or 50 years ago. There were no computers, no Playstation, no thousands of TV channels. We went to play soccer after school, roamed around in little woods and played cowboys and Indians. We’d come home at night and our clothes would stand on their own.

Did we value that back then? Yes, we did! Since my family was never rich, we were happy about every piece of candy, every ice cream, every piece of chocolate we got. Later, we could sit in a cellar with friends for hours, listening to music, without doing anything. Then on Saturdays, campfire evenings on the banks of the Rhine, until the water police came. Honestly, we appreciated it, we did everything for this community. We could also trust each other. Especially in conflict situations, that became clear.

When I look at my son, his generation, even those who are five years older or younger, they have not been allowed to experience anything like this. They have other experiences. And unfortunately also the experience that they can no longer value anything. Something is bought on the Internet, if it is not there the next day, they immediately pick up the phone and complain. That the goods have to be packed, loaded, transported, unloaded and transported again by people is simply taken for granted. The performance of those who make all this possible is not appreciated. With the variety of nature, a beautiful sunset, urgently needed rain for the garden, one does not need to come to these generations. They can’t do anything with it anymore.

That is why it has become so easy for the Deep State to funnel our children and youth into FFF, BLM and Antifa, they learn nothing in school after all. Anyone who has ever learned what photosynthesis is knows that CO2 is essential to life. Our children can be made to believe that it is harmful, they don’t know any better, they think photosynthesis is a setting on a smartphone camera. The bad thing is that for years we did not value parents either, we did not value our family, we did not value a decent education, we left our offspring to others because we were chasing a false god, money. And even that we did not value, but bought things to impress people who did not value us.

If we can recognize that in ourselves, if we have recognized these mistakes that we have made, then we also have a great chance to change something. We are the ones who are responsible for much, if not all, of what comes into our lives. And honestly, if I could do it, anyone can. I was deep in the system (not the Deep State), in the system of the hamster wheel. If the money wasn’t enough, I got side jobs. If I bought something, it was never something I would have liked myself, but mostly it was to impress “friends”. Today I am not well, financially and also privately, where are these “friends” now? They have turned away because I am no longer in their system.


My awakening process started in 2007 and it is still going on. Just like many new awakeners, I have fallen for misinformants and gatekeepers, very often and with serious consequences. I have persevered, endured all that I have brought into my own life. To this day I am not perfect and I also do not lease the truth. BUT – I have learned and have been able to train my two “tensors” heart and belly. This was only possible because I tried many things. If I acted against the “warnings” of heart and belly, it always went wrong. Always!

14 years is a long time, but I have made the greatest progress only in the last two years. Also through learning, through trial and error. I have learned to accept. To accept myself as I am. To accept advice and tips from others, to accept other people as they are. The degree of my self-love, my self-confidence, my own esteem has increased, two years is also enough time for that. The insight to start with myself came late, but it came. Because only if I can love, accept and appreciate myself, I will succeed in doing so on the outside. Admirable are all those who have awakened since the flu, and manage all this at a rapid pace. I know many of them and there are more and more.

I am also very confident that the majority of people around the world can soon begin to appreciate many more things again. All the conditions for this beginning are being created right now. Many things will change for the better, many will fall into holes, deep holes and we will have to get them out of there. It is still bumpy and it seems that we will have to wait forever more, mourn more victims, endure more machinations of the cabal. It’s all lessons to make us stronger, no one said it would be easy, did they? And it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

We can start now, each for himself already with the appreciation. Let’s be happy when someone writes a beautiful article, posts a beautiful picture, when the sun breaks through the clouds, when it rains (don’t just think about yourself, think about those who need the rain), when a tender little plant comes out through the earth. There are infinite things we can appreciate, let’s just start doing it!

“Temet Nosce! – Know Thyself!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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