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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 3:28 AM EDT on May 28, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I just read the last paragraph of number 2488b in the X22-Report, which is published translated for the German speaking countries on (thanks Dirk and team): “Our country is divided, our elections are manipulated, corrupted and stolen. The entire judiciary is politicized and no longer committed to the truth. This is the result of infiltration and decomposition from within and Trump has let them show it to us. The Deep State system is exposed and is being shown to the people a little more every day. This is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. And in the end, we the people will win.” That means America, of course.

What do we have in Germany? Our country is even more divided, our elections are rigged, corrupt and stolen. The entire government, administrations, ministries, judiciary, lawyers, authorities are politicized companies, act according to their own rules (AGB) and are beholden to nothing and no one. Only to their own bank account. This is the result of a business model of the allies, infiltration and decomposition from the top down, from the right and from the left and in places also from the bottom up. No one has been able to credibly show this. Those who tried are conspiracy theorists, right wing radicals and Nazis. The Deep State system has only been exposed by a few here, but, and I welcome this in the last days and weeks, it is being demonstrated more and more to the Germans every day. The last two sentences of Dave I sign 100%.

But, the patience, trust and faith of German patriots, is also put to the test every day. Every morning, those who finally want to get started with the reconstruction, who finally want to open their champagne, who want to see and celebrate the end of the FRG, get up, look in the news…….and put the champagne back in the fridge. Then they carry on, holding out hope, defending their opinion against the ever-increasing number of doubters, dealing with gloating and ridicule, wiping aside their own doubts and trying to build up their own strength for another day in order to keep going. Not everyone is able to do this, and that is plausible from a certain point of view. Nevertheless, everyone is responsible for what he thinks, believes, means, as well as for his actions.

For days, yes weeks, also again a lot of disinformation comes to the surface, in places it seems to me, like a test. Then again not, because I cannot imagine that many would pass these examinations. I will go into this disinformation only briefly, we who have been around for a while already know most of it. Trump is a Trojan horse, Putin is evil personified, the QFS is an AI that will enslave us all, NESARA/GESARA is wishful thinking and can never work, well and then of course we poor, poor gullible people who still believe in an RV and then a GCR that will never come. Sometimes I feel like a rock in a sharp, violent surf with a lot of headwind.

Since I have taken on the task of informing people about the coming change within my means, I am naturally asked for opinions from all sides. It’s not always easy to keep calm in the process. And it’s not always easy to keep believing. To believe in the plan, to trust in the alliance, to wait for the change. You know this, don’t you?

The latest rumor, or the latest guess, is that the first arrest, which yes, will shock the whole world, will involve Donald Trump. Already (again split, from two camps) the first interpretations are coming. Especially because American anons have posted that the next steps of the plan will be the hardest moments that anons and patriots will have to go through. That would be the moment when all hope seems lost. When would Anons and Patriots lose hope? Wouldn’t that have happened by mid-November? Or on January 6, 2021? Or even on January 20? I think those were already tough times even for a super optimist, don’t you think? And how hard are the first 100 days under Sleepy Joe for the American patriots first, right?


No, I think it’s unlikely that Trump would be arrested and that that would shock the world. In the world, maybe 50 percent would be shocked, in America maybe 80 percent, but certainly not the whole world. So it is with all their people who have come into the focus of the first arrest in recent years, that is, the Deep State members of Congress, the Senate and the “oval studio office.” No, I assume about 30-35 percent anons and awakened worldwide, the remaining 65-70 percent are not the whole world. I’m pretty much right there, don’t you think? If I’m wrong about the percentages, say plus/minus 10 percent, it still wouldn’t be the whole world. And remember, anons and patriots expect this after all, what about Deep State arrests should rob them of hope? Or be hard on them.

Think about Pence’s behavior on Jan. 6, and also the behavior of some Republicans who dropped Trump like a hot potato. That was also a shock at first, and hope diminished. But quickly there was light on the horizon because many Anons did what they always do. Doing research as fast as possible and exposing MSM. But let’s stay with the arrest of Trump. It would be the Trump card, sure. There would be riots by patriots, the military could officially step in and clean things up for good. Or Trump could use an upcoming hearing to reveal EVERYTHING. After all, the patriots have EVERYTHING! But, really, how long do you want the show to end, right? In movies, there is a clear rule: “Not too many endings!”

I assume that the drop of Q will be right with the shock of the world, and that also the post of ghostezra regarding the hardship for the Patriots is true. So the first arrest would have to involve someone who, first, has not been heavily attacked by the MSM lately, but is also believed by the Patriots and Anons to be one of the Alliance. He or she would have to be known around the world and could also mean a Trump card. So, I put my grey cells to work, two names come to mind. What about you? I’m asking for a friend.

In any case, I see the forewarnings from some anons as serious and well-intentioned. They want to prepare us so that we do not lose hope precisely because of a shock. So that we can remain calm and confident. Let’s stay as strong, let’s not be afraid and let’s continue to stick together. Calm, trust, confidence, cohesion, this is very important in the coming days. Trust the plan and stay in your midst!

“The improbable is much more probablethan the appearance of the probable!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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