“The RV Storm is on its Way” by Luna – 5.28.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 5:44 PM EDT on May 28, 2021

1st Crow article:

“My RV Vision has Begun to Manifest” by Luna – 5.17.21

This morning May 27th my partner, Geo came back into our bedroom to tell me to come to the bath room. He said “there’s another bird in there again.” It has been exactly two weeks (May 13th, 2021) since the last Crow appeared to me while I was washing my hands but this time it was 6 hours earlier than the first and this was is female.

This Crow was dainty and smaller but she wasn’t as calm as my male Crow and even still, she was calm considering where she came from? Perhaps females are like that naturally I don’t know. Are we going to be when we are able to teleport be that calm? I heard that’s just one of the new technology that will be released with the 6000 patents that have been kept from us for over 60 years and likely longer than that.

It’s the unknown we are afraid of like COVID. This has never happened before in our generation neither did I ever believe something like this would. How easy people seem to give their power away to strangers. But watching the shows my adult kids were watching like ‘Walking Dead’, I felt why they made that series and now with this plandemic we can see it all around us. They were trying to mind control us through television series targeting the young adults in our society. I couldn’t stand how it made me feel and I couldn’t watch it.  We fear that which we do not know. Or the unfamiliar! I wasn’t afraid of that apocalypse but I could see clearly it happening.

When I think of this second Crow how lovely she was and innocent, it made me think of the trafficking arrests and rescues that are going on at this moment in time and everywhere on this planet. Think of it; the magnitude of it! And you at least have heard of it but imagine now all those people who have been glued to their televisions and mainstream media.

Fear it’s a powerful thing if we give it power and when you comply you are giving your power away. You handed it over to them the minute you got the vaccine or even before when you put your mask on. Who told you that it’s wrong to stand up for your right. Or that it’s wrong to stand up for your children’s rights! The vulnerable in our societies are at risk here and are the silent ones. We need to speak on their behalf.


Just the mere fact that you thought of fear is enough to make it into form. Instead don’t give it power and believe that you are a spark of God’s energy on a mission for Him and for humanity and that you are safe and protected. We are the Healers of this New Earth and we are God’s Children whom he loves dearly.

Once I was in the bathroom I saw the Crow go back and forth towards the mirror like she could get through. I felt she knew where she came from. You will find this in my first article I put the link below.

You see Geo said the mirror was a one way portal and another dear friend, Anne Marie said that I (Luna), sent Crow to myself from the past. Could be so but I’m saying that depending on what timeline or dimension I’m in, I could of sent Crow to myself from the future to my past or vice e versa. Hmm… that just resonates with me and I know, I just thought it or channelled it, no matter it all came from me.

Could this be my Higher Self sending it to me? Oh heck this is starting to sound like a science fiction movie starring me as me, myself and I! How crazy is this… back in the ‘olden’ days they would of called this many things like witchcraft or a miracle, like the statute of Mother Mary weeping. Well this isn’t a religious artifact but in my bath room there is water and light (I have a window) and the mirror acts as the star gate. Now, I just have to figure out what activates it. I know the answer to who, it’s just the what, that I need to know in order to prepare for the next time. I felt after the first, that this would happen again but I did not have a time frame this time. Now I have that same feeling that it will happen again.

What I have been able to surmise from all this is that something very big is about to happen and I know that there are mystics and religious leaders out there that have said that during this time miracles would manifest. So I’m asking you all… don’t you think this qualifies as that! I was in bed still sleeping and it manifested. Geo went to investigate what woke him up. It turned out to be the Crow knocked over a spray bottle of mine on the shelf by the mirror (see picture in first article). She kept flying into the mirror banging into it because she wanted to go home. Then, I thought maybe she was the male Crow’s mate and so she wanted to come here because this is where he last was (I know this might be a stretch).

I felt these Crows are a gift from on high even if I sent it to myself. It’s like watching your self do a magic trick. It is magic and isn’t this just a magical Full Solar Eclipse Blood/Flower Moon that just passed on May 26, 2021. I mean seriously, this happened the next morning and for 3 days before and 3 days after, we are still in its energy/magic. A magical powerful moon for us here during this chaotic time and so, we are a bit out of balance. Rightly so and its affecting each of us different.

Many of us are battling sleep issues, aches/pains we never had before, yet others can’t think straight or they cry all the time and not sure why. While others are experiencing depression/anxieties that never have in their lives and this COVID has gripped us in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined and why you ask? Well, fear of the future, of course. So I, Luna, sent myself, not one but two crows just so I can’t talk myself out of the fact that I did send them to myself as a sign that Balance will soon be restored on planet Earth and that God, our Creator, has not and will not, nor has he ever given up on us and neither should we.


Instead see that this is the storm and it too, shall come to Light. I believe that storm is also the RV. Yes it sounds too good to be true but that doesn’t mean it’s not true or that it isn’t happening in the moment of the NOW. I say to you all DREAM then BELIEVE and we WILL MANIFEST our DESIRES!

I have had this dream since I was young and chasing rainbows for that pot of gold. I’m sure there were people around me think I was ‘out to lunch’ I didn’t care because I had a DREAM and if I didn’t believe it then it would never manifest. I was about 10/11 yrs old and I knew that. If I wanted to change my circumstances in my life, I had to believe not only that it would happen but that I COULD make it happen! Now that’s faith and now is that season for all of us!

Crows symbolize transformation, change and rebirth. They have a sharp and powerful foresight, but much more than that, it can be referring to a more spiritual/emotional change. There are many valuable insights into our situation currently upon us; I’m asking you all to think of these possibilities because things are not what the mainstream media is portraying. Feel what people are saying there is always a bigger picture.

Crows can also be a warning of the presence also represents intuition so maybe Crow is tell us to trust our instincts to see what is not right around you. I have done that naturally all my life.

In the Native American the symbolism of the Crow they believe this bird to be cleansers of both land and mind.  We can see echoes of this belief in their folklore, where they portray the intelligence of the crow as their main feature.

In their tradition their meaning is different from the rest of the world. While the rest of the world largely saw them as a dark omen, they consider them to be a sign of good fortune and to this day, this is still their belief every time a crow crosses their path.

The fact that there have been two Crows that came here first the male then female my intuition told me that we are transitioning from a Patriarchal society to a Matriarchal society (Divine Feminine/Goddess). In essence, true BALANCE (PEACE) will be restored not only to God’s Children but to this planet as a whole. We are all One and we are all God’s children. Our Creator IS delivering us right now from this evil/satanic world.

I hope this brings you all some peace. I know it reaffirms my beliefs. Crow is trying to teach me that my intuition has always been sharp and right on. I have always seen the bigger picture, been blessed to be able to see the whole picture and recognize that, in fact, what we are looking at is only an illusion. We are Divine beings and so if you take the time to go inside you will feel what is true!

I believe that the good people of this planet will triumph this time. The wicked have something to worry about but not you and I. In fact, I believe like it says in the bible “and the meek shall inherit the earth”.

RV will put money back to the hands of His people. All the greedy ones will be eliminated and the debt it created will also be eliminated. GESARA/NESARA does that too! What is happening right now and over this past year has all been prophesied in the Bible.

The other thing is if Crow represent transformation but not just in the outer world we live in but our own.  Just as the night transforms into day, it makes sense to me that you must go through the darkness to reach the light. Transformation never happens in your comfort zone and what I understand about these black crows intent for me is to make me uncomfortable, so I can achieve that transformation and so with all of you.


So my difficulty in this process has been the acceptance that I have many of Crows gifts and we haven’t even begun yet or better put, I haven’t scratched the surface yet but I know I am ready because change never happens unless it is for our highest and best purpose! I have always had this strong belief and I hope you all believe that too! I promise that once this period is over we all be celebrating in joy which by the way has always been a part of our birth right and that was taken from us as well.

I know I am grateful for all their messages and I feel honoured to be guided by this magical and mysterious creation. To know that they are messengers from the Great Spirit and as such, the gift of prophecy is also a part of Crow Medicine.

To sum this up, my second visit from Crow is letting us all know that we have come to clear the darkness then to live in joy and living in our hearts. I hope you can see that our hearts are a multi-dimensional portal of Light like we are! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We are powerful beyond belief. Stand in your power and be true to One self. Be who you came here to be!

As always I am here for anyone who needs an ear. I send you all many blessings and remember that we will do this together as One People under God! So get ready humanitarians because our time is drawing near and there’s no turning back. Apparently, we all signed up for this now go and dream your dream, then dream bigger!

Peace, Love, Light


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