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Samson » May 29th, 2021

Kurdistan Democrat: A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad to settle salaries and entitlements   

29th May, 2021

The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi Parliament confirmed, on Saturday, that a delegation from the regional government will visit Baghdad to settle salaries and arrears and implement the general budget law for 2021.

“A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad, tomorrow, Sunday, to discuss with officials in the federal government the issue of salaries and the region’s dues,” the representative of the Democrat, Sherawan Al-Dobardani, told Shafaq News.

He added that “the Kurdish ministerial delegation will discuss with the Federal Ministry of Finance the issue of non-implementation of the budget law and delaying sending Kurdistan Region dues.”

“We hope to resolve the issue of the delay in disbursing the region’s dues for the purpose of disbursing the salaries of the Peshmerga and the employees in Kurdistan,” he added.  LINK


DeepWoodz » May 29th, 2021

IMO  MM you gonna love this one!     I think it’s safe to say that when we see Kurdistan finally receive their dues from Baghdad…….It’s all over but the celebration!

MilitiaMan » May 29th, 2021

I do and lets see if the Kurds get the mechanism we all await. There was a quorum today in the HoR. It was an eye opener and very welcome indeed. My feeling was that they would get it. Why? The list of laws they have on the plate with two imo being critical items that need to be sorted.

They told us that one directly and other indirectly were slated. One of the ones directly mentioned was the Iraq National Oil Company Law Amendment (INOC)  and the one the indirectly was mentioned merely, as a new law on the table. 

 If you recall the 7 page report from the expert on oil and Iraq I posted the other day mentioned some key things and one of which is a potential new version of the Federal Oil & Gas Law and an amendment to the INOC. Those two items imo will be what the Kurds are waiting on, just as the CBI may be as well imo.

The INOC imo is the mechanism or vehicle the FOGL needs in place to make sure that the citizens wealth and the wealth of the state are in line with their needs. Fair and square, level playing field. That is a crucial for this to work out..


My view is the new version of FOGL has been hammered out already, as I wrote yesterday.  They told is in the past they had a political consensus. Even yesterday, they told us that it would be premature to think they didn’t have and agreement in respect to the 2021 Budget Law in relationship to oil.

So, the INOC if put in place will be the glue we need. It will bind the two laws (INOC / FOGL), as they are interrelated. I am not expecting that to be front and center today, but, we never know. Lets see what the weekend brings forth.

I like where we are!!! Imo~ MM

Jerry1971 » May 29th, 2021


Mr.Don » May 29th, 2021

Gotta like this! They committed to paying the Kurds THIS coming week…but couldn’t LAST week because of a “lack of liquidity”. Now they commit to pay the farmers THIS coming week as well. Seems like they are planning on ADDITIONAL LIQUIDITY! Hmmm…wonder where all this new liquidity comes from.

Samson » May 29th, 2021

The US government: The attack on our embassy in Baghdad cost $ 35 million

14:48 – 05/29/2021


A recent report by the Inspector General of the US State Department on the department’s strategy for preventing fires revealed that the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad on New Year’s Eve 2019 had caused losses estimated at $ 35 million.

Code & Ducker reported in a report translated by Al-Maaloumah agency that “the total amount of losses appeared in the footnote of the report, saying that out of the total losses amounting to 37 million 291 thousand and 962 dollars, there were 35 million dollars attributable to a fire in the American embassy as a result. Being attacked.” He added, “Although the report does not provide the exact date of the attack, the fiscal year 2020 covers the period from October of 2019 until September of 2020, and it is likely that it refers to December 31 of 2019.”

He continued, “According to the Pentagon, the Iraqis and a number of Resistance and Popular Mobilization personnel penetrated the embassy’s grounds and set fire to parts of it, including, reportedly, the reception area and the fuel depot, in the wake of the protest against the US bombing of factions of the Popular Mobilization Forces , where a warehouse fire was extinguished. Fuel before it causes a bigger explosion”.

And he continued, “The US State Department report did not discuss the causes of the accident, but stated that about $ 20 million in damage had been caused to the gates with high security measures that were designed to buy time for those inside in the event of an attack.

The report indicated that “despite the high price that will come later, the Ministry of Defense underestimated the impact of the attack, saying that for an embassy complex larger than the Vatican City, it caused relatively little damage,” according to its claim.   LINK

Representatives involved in corruption take off their immunity robe after the Federal Court’s decision

29th May, 2021

Calls are mounting to lift the immunity of the representatives of parties and blocs, who have been involved in corruption and illegal acts, and the exploitation of the parliamentary seat and its powers to carry out violations and personal benefit from immunity and other privileges.

Observing the obelisk indicates widespread popular dissatisfaction with the observed cases in which representatives were involved in corrupt contracts and deals, while Iraqi circles appreciate the decision of the Federal Supreme Court to reverse previous decisions regarding obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives in all crimes with which the representatives are accused.

Legal expert Tareq Harb told Al-Masala, Saturday, May 29, 2021 that the Federal Supreme Court’s decision is in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, because the constitution distinguishes between two cases. He added that the first case is the witnessed crime, as the constitution did not entrust the matter to the House of Representatives, meaning that if there was a flagrant crime for one of the representatives, the court has the right to issue an arrest warrant.


As for the second case, it needs to lift his immunity from Parliament, after which the court is entitled to issue an arrest warrant. And he went on: The new thing in the statement of the Federal Supreme Court is to indicate to the House of Representatives indirectly, that you must take the necessary measures regarding the judiciary’s requests to lift immunity.

He continued: Lifting immunity requires a vote by members of Parliament, but the House of Representatives must take into account the requests of the Judicial Council to lift the immunity of some deputies.

Harb revealed about twenty or more transactions that still exist calling for the lifting of the immunity of some deputies, but they have not been lifted so far. He continued to say that the Supreme Court, in its statement, gave a good, accurate and deep indication in this area, and the House of Representatives must take the necessary steps to interpret the statement issued by the Federal Court. He pointed out that with this decision, courts can settle corruption cases faster than before, because with most corruption crimes, the description of misdemeanor crimes is described, and their resolution depends on lifting immunity.

On Tuesday, the Federal Supreme Court decided to withdraw from previous court decisions regarding obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives in all crimes for which members of Parliament are accused, whether they are felonies, misdemeanors, or offenses.

The court decided to limit obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives in only one case, which is the issuance of an arrest warrant for a crime of the type of unmarked felony. With this decision, courts are able to settle corruption cases faster than before, because most corruption crimes apply to the description of misdemeanor crimes, and resolving them depends on lifting the immunity of the accused if he is a member of Parliament, according to the decision.  LINK

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