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05/30/2021 Podcast Bretton Woods II


05/30/31 Bretton Woods II

Nick Fleming, [29.05.21 20:56]

After WWII, the Bretton Woods Treaty (Treaty) was negotiated to assist in the stabilization of economies and currencies. Since the US was the strongest economy, very wealthy and held the largest GOLD reserves worldwide, the currencies of the UN Nations agreed to peg everything to the USD where the USD could be exchanged for gold.

This Treaty worked well for decades.


Then in 1971; with a stagnant economy, and the oil crisis, the US Government floated the dollar making the USD a fiat currency.

The world followed suit.

This ended the Bretton Woods Treaty; requiring the USD to be backed by gold.

In 2008 with the collapse of the world’s banking system, the UN Nations decided they needed to bring back the collateral backed requirements under the Old Bretton Woods Treaty for all UN Sovereign currencies.

This was the start of the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET plan and modification of the Bretton Woods Treaty; back to asset backed currencies. In essence, the GCR is, in reality, the reenactment of the Bretton Woods Treaty; aka Bretton Woods II.

In 2018-2019 the GCR/RV was suppose to have been implemented but was shut down by Obama.

Then the global pandemic crisis hit in 2020, the Republicans lost the House, lost the Senate, lost the Presidency, and lost the US Supreme Ct (because of Chief Justice Roberts going left). This stopped the GCR/RV from moving forward. And the GCR/RV (Bretton Woods II reimplementation) has been on hold since; due to the New Presidency spending the GCR/RV bond funds created for implementation of the GCR/RV.
No, it was not “activated”.


It was never deactivated.

The only provision under the Bretton Woods Treaty which was “deactivated” was the requirement that the USD be backed by gold.

This was done in 1971.

The GCR/RV is the “reactivation” of this provision under the Bretton Woods Treaty.

When T1, T2, T3, and T4a was funded, this was the “activation” of the requirement that currencies be asset backed under the old Bretton Woods Treaty requirements.

In essence, GCR/RV is “Bretton Woods II”.


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