The Atlantis Report: The Era of the Dollar’s Exorbitant Privileges are Coming to an End


The Atlantis Report
Premiered June 1, 2021

As America’s economy continues to implode from within, The era of the dollar’s exorbitant privilege as the world’s primary reserve currency is coming to an end.

The US living standards are about to be squeezed as never before. We import everything, and the only things we export are wars, mortgage-backed securities, And The US Dollar.

Our nation’s wealth is being drained drop by drop because our government continues to mount record deficits. The security of our country depends on the fiscal integrity of our government, and we’re throwing it away.

The Contraction of GDP is currently WORSE than that of the Great Depression, which then stood at 33 %. TODAY, contraction of GDP stands at 50 %. We can safely conclude that we have entered into the GREATEST Depression, EVER!

Our national debt is going to eventually catch up with us, and it will be painful for all, and this has been a long time coming. Just how much money do you think The Fed can print without other countries balking at buying our over-inflated notes!

The world is also tired of the US threatening to ruin their economy by the Dollar if they don’t tow the US line. Gold-backed currencies, decentralized cryptocurrencies and trading commodity for commodity is the way around that. Settlement in the US Dollar has dropped in recent years when it hits fifty percent. Its days as the world’s trading currency are over.

The Federal Reserve Note is a Debt-based Pyramid Scheme. Other nations no longer purchase our bonds (debt). The record of History proves that paper currencies always end up hitting their intrinsic value of ZERO! We are well on our way.


The weaponization of the dollar and the US banking system is why the dollar is weakening. Add to that the fed printing trillions and the government borrowing trillions to prop up the markets. Factor in also, record and historical debt loads. The Fed and the Fed system of banks are now the major and almost sole purchaser of US bonds.

The US financial system is taking money out of its left pocket to put it in its right pocket.

Are you expecting a “V” or a “W” recovery? Forget about it! It’s going to be an “S” and no recovery for the Markets. Get out now – it’s a sucker’s market.

All short term Fed-induced liquidity. Oil stocks will drop back to half of the previous lows. The Fed is pumping money into the stock market to make people think things are great. Wake up! It’s all smoke and mirrors.


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