“The Quantum System is Not Artificial Intelligence” by Melinda Siebold – 6.1.21


Entry Submitted by Melinda Siebold at 2:48 AM EDT on June 1, 2021

I noted recently in Nick Fleming’s update where Nick spoke of believing that Ron Giles was most likely mistaken about the Quantum Financial system being composed of the consciousness of God.

As I recall, Nick spoke of knowing people who held patents on it.

But I have always resonated with what Ron Giles writes, and what he wrote about the Quantum system made perfect sense to me.
The main reason it made sense is because I know that the negative entity known as Yaldabaoth uses A.I. to infiltrate and overtake planets. 

Yaldabaoth is an electro magnetic plasma being. Therefore plasma t.v.’s, telephones and computer screens make excellent networks for him to travel through. 

And because humans are also electro magnetic beings, Yaldabaoth can also enter into humans. And he does so using artificial intelligence implanted within humans in the form of nanobots and microchips. In this way he takes over the biological vessel and controls or kills it.

So whether it is artificial intelligence, artificial colorings, artificial  flavorings, artificial sweeteners, they are never, ever, as good as the natural version and are usually toxic.

The Globalist Cabal’s agenda is trans-humanism. They carry out this agenda on behalf of Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth’s desire is to gain total control over biological entities so they do his bidding. 

Yaldabaoth goes from planet to planet overtaking and enslaving it’s inhabitants.

So when someone like Elon Musk suggests hooking up human beings brains into A.I. is a positive thing, it might be a good idea to tell him “no way”.

In the A.I. version of a new financial system, what you have is “garbage in and garbage out”.

I say this because our current A.I. system is composed of the collective intelligence of the people of Earth, along with the intelligence of the demonically inspired entities who created our A.I. computing system.

This artificial stupidity can be experienced by anyone fighting with their phone over auto corrects. 

It thinks it’s smart, but it is error prone and limited.

I noted that Simon Parkes in his most recent message at Simon, stated that the Quantum system was not artificial intelligence, but is the consciousness of God.

So he backs up what Ron Giles has repeatedly said, and I have always believed.

So how likely is it that a couple of humans or non humans are going to own the patents on God’s consciousness?

Yeah, everyone is smart enough to know the answer to that one.

Melinda Siebold


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