“Bees and Other Power Animals” by Stefan – 6.2.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 10:37 AM EDT on June 2, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

From Luna and Geo we have read a lot about the appearance of crows in the last days. I myself wrote in one of my last articles about the more joyful nature, and also about the fact that crows and magpies are increasingly found on our property. Now is this all an imagination of some of us or are they really signs that are just not registered by all. It’s understandable that not everyone would notice something like this, because many are still stuck in the old fear of Corona and the new fear of vaccinations.

But folks, let’s face it, for about three days the temperatures have been going up, the sky is either bright blue, with more natural looking clouds in places, and absolutely free of chemtrails. That should be noticeable to others, right? Everyone can’t just look at the ground in front of their feet, bent over in fear, and not risk a glance at the sky, can they? I have the luck that I live in a small village and it is not far to the nature. A nearby forest, nearby fields, and I’m out of civilization. I have been able to look at so many animals in the last few years that some city dwellers only know from books. Foxes, deer, weasels, moles, martens and much more. I can’t list everything now. In the big city we saw sparrows and pigeons in our youth, also rabbits. Here there are so many more animal species.

I don’t want to write you something about every animal now, but just tell you about the two animal species that came to my attention the day before yesterday. By coincidence? Hey, you really don’t believe in coincidences anymore, do you? First of all it was the black storks, which are very rare in Germany, that I was allowed to observe during a short break. Both, I suppose a pair, drew their circles in the cloudless sky, sometimes high, sometimes lower. They have here with us ideal living conditions, a near forest with many deciduous trees, some ponds in the near environment and also a brook. It is the first time in 14 years, in which I live here, that I was allowed to see black storks. To figure it all out, I searched the internet and found the following:

“This power animal is also associated with the Trinity and the protection of the Great Mother, prosperity and blessings. The stork also embodies the symbol of traveling, moving on and letting go of the old, as well as always setting out for new shores. The stork is the symbol of inner balance and calm serenity. He invites you to remember your old knowledge and to draw strength from it and to grow. The rune Othila is associated with the stork. It represents the separation of everything burdensome and obstructive for you and your power, because it helps you to take over divine power and the knowledge of past generations. With the stork as a power animal, we can look forward to everything that is coming, because it not only brings spring and light into our lives, but also gives us the courage to open up to it. At the same time, the stork as an animal spirit also helps us not to lose sight of our path and to always stay in touch with our roots.”

So now is my encounter with storks after all due to this time we are living in right now? I wish so, because what else should this sighting mean. Why did I pause to look up at the sky just at this time? Why did the couple fly in the sky above our house just at that time? They could have been doing that elsewhere, just as I was. Prosperity and blessings, letting go of the old, looking forward to what is to come, keeping an eye on the path and staying in touch with the roots. This alone would be enough, but it gets better.

Late in the afternoon, my son calls me to go and see something. I go into our conservatory, look out the window and can’t believe my eyes: a huge swarm of wasps in our garden, hundreds of wasps circling a pine tree. Or so we thought. But then I noticed that the animals were forming a cluster on a thicker branch, getting bigger and bigger. And wasps don’t do that, no, because they were bees! Folks, I’ve never seen so many bees in one fell swoop. You can’t imagine the loud buzzing. The cluster of bees also got bigger and bigger, the flying decreased, only now and then a few bees buzzed around.


Getting clever, I now know that it was a swarm flight, the queen of the swarm sits in the middle of the cluster and is protected by all the other bees. They are basically taking a break because they must be flying for miles on this “excursion”. To cut a long story short, I called a beekeeper who “captured” the swarm in a hive. At the moment they are getting used to it. It will be a while before all the bees can go to their new home.

I first had the thought that a gold blessing might reach me, you understand, golden honey might mean gold to me. Well, it was worth a thought, wasn’t it? But again, a look at the sites on the internet that deal with power animals helps, because it was no coincidence that bees joined me/us. There are hundreds of other trees in the neighborhood, even a large forest.

“The power animal bee helps you to keep the overview at work and to bring order into the supposed chaos. It promotes diligence, discipline and a sense of community, because everything that bees do, they do not only for themselves, but also for the community and the common good. In short, what you give benefits the community. What you do not give to the community and thus deprive it, the community lacks and also has a lasting negative and destructive effect on the common good, ultimately also for you. Likewise, the bee also protects you from perfectionism, idealism, exhaustion and too much work zeal or work mania. Even if you are diligent, you should not overdo it, but also think of yourself. It is neither good for you, nor for others, if you are burned out at some point and fail as a worker. Enjoy your work and the reward you receive for it, because the power animal bee ensures that both will be appropriate and in proportion to each other. The bee comes flying and brings you self-confidence, devotion and joy.

Turn to your gifts, for they begin to shine. Yes, you have a special task here in your life. Live it. Acknowledge it and give yourself fully to it. If you stray from your path, then come back again. Yes, you can master this unique task. Yes, you can turn to it and bring it to blossom. Nurture it like a plant and it will grow and flourish on all levels. Your noble friends are with you. They support you and appreciate you. Appreciate your courage, dedication and honesty.

Hear, see and marvel.

The bee brings us the realization that we are all connected. Together with nature, we form a single living being. Life, however, gives us the illusion that we are separate from each other. This feeling of separation causes great suffering, which is built on fear of lack. Now it becomes possible for you to recognize this illusion. You have learned that all human beings are of divine origin, and this means that we are basically all one being together. Just like bees, if we accept this fact, we can develop unimagined powers that we can use for our good and the good of everything. Working together, we are able to grow far beyond our powers and be very close to paradise, because only together are we a true force. We, too, only live properly when we understand ourselves as a unity, guided by a common king, whom we call God, Creator or whatever. The bee asks us to reject thoughts of separation and loneliness and to realize that we can never be lonely at all. We are connected to the whole world, to the whole universe in unity with the Divine. In this connectedness lies power, freedom, wealth, happiness, joy, passion and much more. In one word, love.“

If I tell you now that I was no longer very confident in the last two days, these encounters are to be seen for me quite clearly as a sign, because it does not happen often, certainly not in one day. I have lost my confidence? Yes, more often than not, because I can’t always absolve myself of having too high expectations, and I too sometimes fall for messages that turn out to be false in retrospect. I am a human being, so I behave humanly. And everything is delayed at the moment, every day anew. It’s just not the right time yet. The right time will come, but no one knows when. It is only assumed, no matter from which side.

And maybe the “messages” of the animals, of the nature are much more right and important than news and forecasts from human side. Do you trust together with me? I do not want to presume to have received these messages for myself alone, therefore I share them with you! Communal and diligent like the bees, we keep our way, like the storks, to prosperity and blessing, to new shores.

“In the end
everything will turn out for the good.
You don’t have to know how or why.
You only have to believe in yourself
and always trust that you know
know what is best for you.
That’s all!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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