“My Observation Surrounding this Potential Event for us is” by Sr Trustee – 6.3.21


Entry Submitted by Sr Trustee at 10:36 AM EDT on June 3, 2021

Re: The potential exchanged / swap / sale of the our currencies

It is very obvious to me the transformation of this potential currency exchange/swap/sale or the like has transformed since 2010 / 2012 through today’s date.

I will cut through the chase:

The Alliance / White Hats / the new M1 (KG) (since 2015 or so) has stopped the original sinister plan of the exchanges / PPP’s/ Groups (Reno) back in 2015/2016.

Appears to me as today The Alliance / White Hats are not in agreement or alignment with M1 (KG) on many fronts.

Fast forward to today.

M1 (KG) has made it abundantly clear once again early June 2021 she is the sole “interim” commander & chief of planet earth and the sole gatekeeper to all the on and off planet funds to fund the world governments treasuries including the UST. M1 has stated over and over again there are “no funds” available to pay for historical bonds (especially the Dragons & German bonds). These bonds have already been redeemed back in 1986 or so. The known and not known buyers of our currencies, historical assets like DOD, UST, other governments or sovereigns including whales today do not have the funds to pay for our currencies or the like historical assets packages.

The constant delay truthfully is this fact. And not the gibberish being offered by the usually alleged Guru’s. 

The new M1 (since 2015 or so) has total control of the one and only soon to be operational QFS system. 

Starlink satellites and other satellite projects often spoken about are “disabled” and not operational.

So until M1 KG is satisfied with ongoing negotiations with all governments, militaries, organizations (like the UN) and other players there will be no funds available to the “buyers” to pay for much of anything right now, especially our currencies or historical packages. 

M1 (KG) has given to key players until 0001 hrs June 16, 2021 to make its formal decisions with her. If M1 is not satisfied for a host of reasons then she will move in a different direction for us humanity on planet earth. This is not saying she will allow the everyday currency holder to redeem anytime soon or if at all as currently advertised on the blogs.

It’s also clear to me banks are not needed or required for the actual exchange / swap  sale of our currencies under the updated QFS system. 


First:  adjust and lower your expectations surrounding the exchanges.

Second: currency holders were never, ever promised by any legal or governmental authority or guaranteed any exchanges as advertised for 10+ years now. It’s all been hype and pure speculation at best. 

This information is my observation only and I share it with you to expand your research and your intellectual honesty meter inside your head.  

I am now adjusting my emotions and expectations accordingly. 

Offer to you by someone paying close attention to information available if you do the deep research and expand your intellectual honesty meter in your head.

Sr Trustee


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