Dinarland Highlights for June 3, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.3.21


Contract rates…there was a program called “Oil for dinar” for the countries who came in and helped liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein. These countries are allowed to purchase oil at a very discounted level…this allows the country of Iraq to pay over time but it also allows these countries who hold dinar in their treasuries to get the discount…China did not participate in the action so their way of getting the discount is to buy dinar from you and I and individuals…they can offer you and I a higher rate because the dinar they buy from us gets them much cheaper oil from Iraq. They can pay us 2 or 3 times higher then what the street rate is and it gets them dirt cheap oil…So China wants our dinar and that is where the contract rate comes in….

I am told they are still ironing out communication issues on the banking tech side of this…So many banking stories from all the world…different banks around the globe…people not being able to do transactions…banks not able to do transactions. Banks getting updates…it appears to be a mad dash to fix these technical issues between now and fully implemented by the 15th…a mad dash!  Very interesting to watch…

I know it seems like we have been in “Groundhog day” but so much is happening right now …look at how far we have come…look at Basel 3 about to be implemented on June 28th…look at all the changes in the banking centers…things are very different from where we have been in the past.  I am looking at anytime now. Once the tech issues are solved….


Frank26 (KTFA)

The CBI website was down about 12:15 EST [yesterday].  Normally I don’t even talk about it/consider it.  But because of so many things that are IMO coming together concerning the monetary and economic reform of the Iraqi dinar I find it very positive for our study.  The CBI server you can find it in Texas here in the United States of America.  There was nothing wrong with the server in Texas.  So why would the CBI shut down their website?  I don’t think they’re testing anything…I believe there are many things that are being implemented right now inside the CBI because of the movement of the exchange rate



A lot of people think Iraq has been dragging their feet.  They haven’t.  They’ve been doing everything they can to add value to the currency but it’s tough when their main source of income is in U.S. dollars…if you look at the countries around Iraq – Saudi Arabia 27 cents.  Turkey 11 cents.  Iran it’s actually less than the dinar.  Egypt it’s 6 cents.  Qatar it’s 27 cents.  Kuwait it’s $3.32.   Oman is $2.60.  How is Iraq, the second biggest oil producer in the region…a tenth of a penny?



The hard part is coming out here…keeping everybody informed on what’s going on. What I’m up against is a slew of Youtubers out there saying  ‘Yeah I talked to my insider and they got inside rates.’  Or you got that special ‘contract rate’ or those 800 numbers with those redemption centers and the back screens and the tier 1, tier 2 and the clones are taking over the world.  That’s kind of hard to deal with sometimes.  There are people who believe what they’re being told hook line and sinker. But I’m also the same person who says, ‘hey, you should go listen to all the different…information…draw your own conclusion…’



Mountain Goat


in the past they can’t implement the project to delete the zeros. They said it cost too much. Really…that was when oil was at $35. Now it reaching $80. So now what is your new excuse.  We are on to your lame, corrupt excuses. We all should pack up our dinars and ship them back to Iraq for an exchange…  This would be trillions of dinars. Let’s see how they would like that? They must take care of use long term investors… It is time.



Thursday RV News: I am still asked to be quiet and it is difficult because I see you all struggle. The table is being prepared for us. We will be called soon. The word is still this week.



The IQD will be taxed as ordinary income since it does not qualify for the more favored long term tax options.


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