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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 6-3-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 3rd– thanks for tuning in once again to the Big Call – every Tuesday and Thursday night –

Ok let’s get into the intel – let’s see what’s happening  – I’ll say this much – I was a little surprised because I had heard as some of you did – I was looking for something to manifest this afternoon – and as far as we know it did not – at least here – what I do know is there appears to be a little bit of a lag time in terms of the bond holders – at least one source we haven’t  confirmed it with 2 other sources yet – but the one source is saying there’s 1430 emails that need to go out –to existing bond sellers notifying them that they have money in their accounts –

Those evidently need to go out before we get started and this is a surprise to me – I did not know this until today – If true the word is this may take an extra day or two – to get those out – I’m going to say if it’s the case – we’re still in good shape and possibly in good shape for this week – I do not want to go to all the way next week yet –  even though this Thursday night and we know how things tend to trend –

However I have heard from other sources that the expectation is for us to go this week – that would be through Saturday – in my opinion – so we’ve got a couple more days that something could manifest for us – so let’s just continue to believe for that –

Now when it comes to anything else – let’s talk a little bit about the banks – I told you last time I believe that Wells Fargo is the lead bank and most of the redemption centers in the US – Chase also has redemption centers as well – Chase and Wells are the two main banks that will be exchanging zim and it may be they are the “only” banks that will exchange the zim –

I don’t know and haven’t confirmed that Citi or Bank of America will be doing Zim at this point – and you know the plan is for the public to get started – but I’m telling you I think they are pushed because here it is the 3rd now of June –and I think they are going to want us to get 12-14 days for tier 4B and I think tier 5 which we call the general public or Joe public – that could get pushed to start somewhere around the 21st of June ok? Maybe – We’ll see


I know some areas of the country can get done with the number of zim holders they have and probably only about a week to 10 days – certain areas around the country that have higher concentration – like Florida and Texas – you know might take a full 12 days to 2 weeks to get it all done – So that is what we’re looking at as far as that goes  

Now there has been some question on whether the new system is completely hooked up – to all the banks in the US – my understanding is there might be some tire 3 and tier 4 smaller family hometown banks that are not yet fully connected or integrated – do not be alarmed by that they are not going to be a part of our exchange – the tier4B / internet group – where they do need to get hooked up to the new system is when the public – who might have a little currency and starts and may already banking at a small town bank that is a tier 4 bank – uhmm that they may want to go in because they know those people – but these are people we call tier 5 – these are not people calling to set up appointments for exchange or redemption of zim using the toll free numbers that come out with the emails that are pre loaded – 2 million of these are preloaded on the Wells Fargo servers known as the Discovery System 

As I mentioned before those are going to be released in 5 blocks of emails – and I mentioned Tuesday and I believe I did it thoroughly last week that‘s in 5 basic time zones – and I know there are 6 time zones because if you add Alaska and Hawaii as 2 but I think for the purpose of this those will be combined and released at the same time –

The Eastern time zone is 1 block – Central time zone is 2nd block – Mountain time zone is 3rd  block – and Pacific time zone is 4th  block –  Alaska and Hawaii making up the 5th block

So those are to be released and we’re supposed to have toll free numbers to call even though they’re coming from a secure link website we still will get numbers to call so that if’s it’s something currency related and not zim related it may be that you don’t speak to anyone but you just get routed to the redemption center that you’ve indicated with you zip code when they asked you to enter zip code to where you wanted to go – could be where your business is or your home – whatever – they will find you a redemption center if you are a zim holder within 40 miles typically except if you are way out west and Mountain time zone – you may have to drive a little further – but they have the plan for us to go with as little of a drive time as possible

So that’s what’s going to happen when on the release of those emails – and could they be released at any time? Yes I personally doubt they get released in the middle of the night – I don’t see that personally – but – you know we’ll see – and is it possible they get released tomorrow?  Or even Saturday? I say yes – it is possible – we’ll see

I know that certain people are anxious for this to get started as we are – and it’s not necessarily at this point anyway – going till next Monday –


Now we do know of people that are in Europe that are getting their bonds handled and their currency handled and getting it done by tomorrow and have flights scheduled tomorrow evening to come back to the states – so they are planning to get that done tomorrow – or by sometime tomorrow so they can jump on board that private jet and come back –

So – we’re close – we are very close – I don’t know certain people have said that it’s not going to go for a while – and you know what? I am not going to say they are right or not – because they really do not want us to know when we are going to start – they do not want us to know – we had a lot of information as you remember from Tuesday night’s call – a lot – and I thought at that time – most of the information came from a redemption center that indicated that this should go and was to go this week

Now – as you know things have changed – the target moves – we have to be ready to flow with that – but I am not going to give up on Thursday night – or Friday or Saturday at this time –

Now if it comes to Saturday and we don’t have anything – boom there you go – we’re looking at next week – but I don’t feel like we should go there automatically right now – based on some of the information that I’ve heard

So I’m still excited for this to go for us – again the information we got today was limited – it was quiet – but I do feel that we are in the last stages of the preparation for us to go –

Remember on the first of June there were test exchanges done – in almost 300 redemption centers across the country – and were successful – also they were looking to see whether they needed to have any cleanup on aisle 3 as a result of those – I think I’m sure if that they did find some people like that but overall I think it was a successful session for them –

I would say we are in pretty good shape right now for this to go – like we said Tuesday night – at any moment – we’re just going to have to track it – and see – and be super patient

Brue’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:07:07

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