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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 10:14 AM EDT on June 4, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I came up with the topic of this post because I was reminded of a story yesterday:

A teacher writes ten arithmetic exercises on the blackboard, explaining the way to solve them and then also writing the result. On one task, he deliberately writes down a wrong result. Almost all of the students speak up and draw his attention to his mistake. The teacher stands in front of the class and tells the students: “Isn’t that funny today in our society? Everyone sees my mistake, the only one, but no one takes into account that I got nine assignments right!”

It’s like that, isn’t it? No one today can absolve himself of the fact that he does not look for mistakes. Or that he notices mistakes right away. If I write a post with 5000 words, and write one of them wrong, everyone notices it. If someone writes a newspaper article and explains past events, because of me 20 and is wrong in one, it is noticed by almost everyone, right? I myself react the same way, especially when it comes to spelling. And I get annoyed when I have written something wrong and it is published. This post I wanted to write first differently, but the incidents in the Truther scene, just in Germany escalates just very, so it will be something different. I’m sure you’ll notice.

“If you are looking for errors, use a mirror and not binoculars.” That’s actually what I was getting at, because someone who meticulously looks for mistakes does so because they may be too negative. Is my article bad because I misspelled a word? Do the 19 assertions become untrue merely because the twentieth was not correct? We are also shown fault-finding in series and films in which, for example, court hearings are shown. Can someone who once did something wrong not tell the truth? Then why does the lawyer make him look bad? You all know this, there are examples enough. Why is an expert suddenly worse if he once experimented with drugs in his youth? You see, here too we were and are all indoctrinated.

But, as I wrote, that’s not what I was getting at. The information war is running at full speed, especially in Germany, the last remaining bastion of the Deep State, everything that has rank and name is cavorting and confuses more and more the awakening people. I cannot even list the many different directions in which my countrymen are being pulled. I have also written about it many times, or at least hinted at it. And the tone is getting sharper, so are the actions and the deeds. And honestly, I pity all those who are now freshly awakened, I’m glad to be this longer.

In everything I have done in the last few months, I try to maintain a line, I try not to overstate my view as the right one. I keep emphasizing that we can all only guess how and when things will progress. With our RV, with our homelands, with our world. Of course, I also guess, I have sources, but I also check them again before I publish statements. So I would like to ask you, especially my German compatriots, to look for errors in your sources and informants. Not for spelling mistakes, but for errors or inconsistencies in their statements. That takes some practice, I agree with you. But you can do it too. With your gut and with your heart. How? I’ll try to explain.

I can’t show you, it would be like copying in school, you wouldn’t learn. If I speak or write about the fact that I have learned to listen to my heart/my belly, to feel into news, then it sounds spooky at first and then maybe ESPECIALLY. It was also with me a long, long learning process. But I can’t take it from you, you have to do it yourself, learn it yourself. And that only works with practice. And with templates, with a sensation scale for your belly and your heart. Let’s start with that.


For decades I fell for the daily news on TV, radio and newspapers. And I have fallen for weeks, months on the predictions and excuses of the gurus that never came to pass. That would be lying on our sensation scale. So we have to teach our gut and heart this lying sensation. You hear a message on TV “Corona is a deadly viral pandemic”, your heart should tighten or get cold, and your stomach should contract or become painful. You will hear from the gurus that we are close, the RV will come tomorrow, this week at the latest, and again you will have to educate your heart/belly to an uncomfortable reaction. You will get there eventually!

Now comes the other, the good end of the scale. For this you will need truths. “The sun is shining!” “It’s raining!” “The sky is blue!” “My car is silver!” “I have a son!” “I have a brother!”, is that enough? There are enough truths for you to use. In doing so, you try to get a warm heart, a pleasant feeling in your belly, or maybe even pleasant goose bumps. If you practice this extensively, I am sure that you will be able to use your heart and your belly as a tensor when reading news. You can also ask angels, the Creator, spirit guides, whatever you believe in, to help you train.

When I hear news in the MSM I just laugh, they are only right in the date and time. Do I listen to politicians in Germany, it is comedy for me, especially in the last weeks. If I read the news of the gurus, my stomach turns for a moment, then I smile. I know they will be right just once. Just once. So far, that hasn’t been the case. The next step would be for you to check out a news item that strikes you as odd. Let’s take the news that the QFS has been activated worldwide. Is it? Worldwide? Funny, I had a bad feeling about that.

And lo and behold, I could still see euros in my account, pay with euros and withdraw euros. Was I missing something? A gold backing of the euro? When was that? Because in the QFS, as we have learned, there are only gold-backed currencies. That the QFS can run 80% in parallel with SWIFT, we know that, that’s been the case since last year. But the QFS is 100% active and the SWIFT is running in parallel alongside? That seems impossible to me. You see, I am questioning, I am considering whether what I have heard can be real. You should do the same. Henry Ford said, “Don’t look for mistakes, look for solutions.” I say, “Look for errors in the statements of all the truther you encounter wherever you go.” Question everything you hear or read.

Errors are inevitable. But why is that? It is because no human being is perfect, including me. I too make mistakes and it is most unpleasant when they show themselves openly to everyone. However, we should all not let this discourage us. Mistakes are there to help us move forward. For us, dealing with mistakes in the right way means broadening our horizons. It means we can free ourselves from our own narrow-mindedness. If we accept our own mistakes and learn to deal with them, we can also recognize misinformation very quickly. And there is a lot of it at the moment. Everywhere, in all channels, in the public and in all media. The information war is in full swing.

That’s why I’m looking for solutions. One solution is not to be unsettled by anything, neither by good news nor by bad news. I have found a solution for myself, maybe it is also something for you:

  • As long as I don’t get a phone number or website to arrange an exchange date, and have successfully checked it for authenticity, no one needs to tell me the RV has started.
  • As long as the military has not taken over in Germany, allied or own, there will be no Nuremberg 2.0, no tribunals, no GESARA.
  • As long as I can still use Euro and there is no new German (transitional maybe USN) or other European currency, no GCR has taken place.
  • As long as my account number and bank details do not change, or my loans still exist, no QFS is active.

It still takes time because not everything has been cleaned up, there are still bankers trying to manipulate the QFS, there are still DUMBS that need to be freed or blown up, there are still cabal fighters that need to be defeated. But all of this will not and cannot go on forever, because eventually all will be arrested, all DUMBS will be freed, all enemy combatants will be finished off, arrested or driven out. We know it will happen, we just don’t know when.

So I go on, trying to keep your hope, your trust, your faith. I don’t know if I will succeed, I can only try again and again. You are responsible for what you believe, what you hope, who you trust. In my telegram channel there is also a coming and going, who knows what caused those who go. That is also not my responsibility. What is my responsibility is what I think, because that is what I draw into my life.


“None of us knows what might happen
in the next minute,
and yet we go on.
Because we have confidence!
Because we have faith!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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