Dinarland Highlights for June 4, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.4.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

The World Bank came out twice in the last few days and now a third time in a row to tell the CBI you are sovereign now raise the value of your exchange rate and stop being fearful…Iraq is about to be with a new exchange rate and Iraq is about to give her citizens the purchasing power that was promised to them…

We saw Saudi Arabia come last fall.  We were excited…but now we’re seeing Kurdistan/Barzani that are making moves – That are calling the shots.  I don’t care if Kurdistan comes down and they say Iraq has a new exchange rate because that’s not who we want to hear it from.  What I want to hear is Kurdistan say, ‘Hey, we agree with everything in the budget…oil rights…HCL…’   It is very interesting to see that the CBI website was down and IMO for an implementation with the Kurds.  I told you this thing about the Kurds coming to Baghdad, the budget, it was huge.  It was big



The Next 5 Innovation Platforms Will Create the New World Order, Per Ark Invest: DNA Sequencing, Energy Storage, Robotics, AI, Blockchain

Why does Iraq want a ‘digital currency’- not a cryptocurrency – but a ‘digital currency’?  So they can participate and maneuver within this [The Next Innovation Platforms].  People ask me over and over again ‘are you gonna be around after the currency revalues?’ ….No.  ‘Well you know we would like to have a conversation about what to invest [in next]…what’s the next big thing?’  This [The next 5 innovation platforms] is not going to change for the next 30 years.  This is it…take the top billionaires and millionaires on the planet and what are they investing in – this environment [The next 5 innovation platforms] and this whole concept right here. 


RayRen98 (TNT)

Kurd’s leader, Barzani, asserts approval of the mechanism that will implement the agreement of the 2021 budget. He  acknowledged that Baghdad should have no reason “not” to send the salaries and dues to the Kurdistan region.  The Finance Minister is expected to address accelerating the economic reforms and getting projects under way. However, with only 66 members of Parliament present, a “lack of quorum” prevented the meeting from taking place. The final agreement is expected to become official within a week.



Friday RV News: In staying quiet, things are still on the slow, yes slow roll out. There were a few glitches that have been corrected…whales are being paid. Not much longer till it is our turn



[via PDK]

I am still hearing they are making great progress. They are cleaning up the technical issues and to bear with us…I am being told things looks great…I am told they are making quick progress with the technical issues. I was hoping things would move faster than this though…I am impatiently waiting but hearing very positive things…



If you’re hanging on to IQD and the idea is to share that with your loved ones upon your passing, in the current space that we have…you’re allowed to give them the IQD. It would have the value of that day of your death…Let’s just say it goes up by a dollar and you’re giving your kids a million IQD they could exchange it essentially tax-free. But what they want to do now  [Biden’s tax reforms] is eliminate that so that when your kids got that IQD from the estate they would have to cash it in and they’d only be able to write off the value that it had when you bought it.


Bruce (The Big Call)

we’re still in good shape and possibly in good shape for this week…I have heard from other sources that the expectation is for us to go this week – that would be through Saturday – in my opinion…we’re close – we are very close… Now if it comes to Saturday and we don’t have anything – boom there you go – we’re looking at next week…but I do feel that we are in the last stages of the preparation for us to go… I would say we are in pretty good shape right now for this to go…at any moment…

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