“In this Time of Confusion there is Only One True Source” by Jai Guru Dev – 6.4.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 5:15 PM EDT on June 4, 2021

I spent forty minutes looking at the past few weeks of Dinar Chronicles posts in a chronological sequence. I also listened to videos of respected truthers in chronological sequence. Expectations, anticipation; energy focused on GESARA and redemption.

I understand the frustration of the readers/viewers. Disappointment rules. Yet I am steadfast and positively expectant. This is due to the fact that I am reassured by interface with the highest authority within my human instrument’s capability of guidance. My Higher-Self.

Truthers who for the most part, are selflessly striving to assist in ushering in this magnificent change from dark to light, going out on a limb to use all their resources to bring information to you, information that is designed to inspire and assist you to benefit and share and benefit from this change.

I honour you. Those of you that have monetised your platforms, I understand. You have to live in the 3D world and there are expenses involved in doing what you do. Those of you who have not, I salute you. You are truly exceptional.

Now the focus to you the reader. Yes, you who is looking for an article or video to make it all comfortable whist we go through this multiversal transition (it is not just of this planet).

There is one true authority who will never let you down, who will always position you in the best situation possible for your 3d human instruments experience.

It is not the bible, nor the Koran, nor the Ramayana, nor the Popol Vu, nor the Upanishads, nor the Talmud, nor the book of Thoth. Nor Charlie W, nor Sasha S, nor Simon P, nor Ron Giles. Truthers who I hold in high esteem (3 of which are from Zimbabwe: I show my bias, yet it is the Zim bonds that hold the key to the greatest redemption value). I have named a few but there are many out there whom deserve your respect. Holly. Mark Z, Judy, Bruce,…. to name a few.

“Why not ask God/First Source?” you may ask. The most accurate description of God/First Source that I have encountered is by Mahu Nahi of the ‘Wingmakers’. He said (not verbatim) “Look into the furthest reaches of the universe with your most powerful telescope; calculate the distance; now magnify it by the highest number you know. Congratulations, you have just measured one atom of God/First Source.”

Our minds are not capable of understanding, never mind communicating with God/First Source. We have to use an intermediary.  The Cabal hijacked the intermediary and brought in a dogmatic religious approach to God. Opposing views of God, I might add, after all religious wars are profitable.

The closest connection we have to All-That-Is, that is beyond the 5 senses is that aspect of you which is non-physical. Your Higher-Self.  Call it your Divine Spark, Soul, Spirit; call it what you will. It has your best interests at heart and knows the best and most efficient ways to guide you and inspire you to become more than you are now.

Listen to the gurus, analyse the information, and then ask your Higher-Self for guidance. It is simple so simple that one doubts its efficacy. Simply SET THE INTENT! 

For the multitude of redemption aspirants, simply set the intent of redeeming your bonds/currencies in the most appropriate and effective manner. Imagine talking to the CEO of your life (Higher-Self) and ask him for guidance and reassurance. Your Higher-Self has connections to resources way beyond your imagination to assist you to achieve any goal you desire.

The watch for the guidance and synchronicities/co-incidences that will come your way to assist you achieve this goal.

It will come to pass.

Jai Guru Dev


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