“Everything has an End Sometime!” by Stefan – 6.6.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 7:21 AM EDT on June 6, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

In my life so far there have been many unpleasant situations and phases, and also pleasant, great situations and phases. Just as it was and is in the life of every human being. Different is the perception of time and duration of the phases of each person, but they both have one thing in common: Every situation / phase has an end at some point!

In my childhood and youth we knew nothing of all this. We only knew that the time in which we played with friends or alone always went by faster than, for example, the compulsory program of church attendance on Sundays. An hour of boring school lessons didn’t want to end, 15 minutes seemed like a whole hour. A 15-minute break was over in a matter of seconds. Lessons that were fun also seemed to fly by in a few minutes. Two school hours of sports became one. If the sport was fun, for example soccer.

Later, the work week was endlessly long, especially in training, I had to go through many departments, was everywhere the newcomer who was assigned particularly “important” tasks. The weekend and the end of work was over faster than we could look. Parties, campfire evenings, meetings, trips with the clique, togetherness with the girlfriend, it all went by much too fast. I was in a rut. And I could still enjoy it. Every moment of a supposed freedom. Even then I realized that everything passes, everything ends at some point. I just had to hang on.

Later, in the military, it was the same. 72-hour exercise at minus 30 degrees outside? I knew it would pass! 30 kilometer march with new shoes, bleeding feet and other pain? I knew it would pass! Bivouac in pouring rain where nothing on the body was dry? It would end! That was conscription. Then came jobs that were great at first, until you could size up the company, boss and colleagues. I didn’t always last long, only when my work was appreciated. If I noticed that I was only being exploited, it had to end! Accordingly my resume looks like this. Often criticized by potential new employers, my CV shows me today that I have not been able to cope with and in this world for a long time. So even before 2006/2007, my “official” beginning of awakening.

Let’s take some other examples. When we move we are faced with a mountain of packed boxes and furniture in the old apartment. If things go well, we have helpers. But not always, right? Whether many or few helpers, we have to start. We sweat, we ache, we gradually lose our strength, but eventually it is done, the old apartment is empty, the moving truck is full and it can go to the new apartment. Then comes the unloading and putting away, but our motivation is much greater because something old ends and something new begins. I wasn’t a cross-country runner, but I still ran a half marathon once. Folks, it was cold, it rained (“cats and dogs!”), it was an ordeal, and not just because I hadn’t trained enough. I was very often on the verge of giving up, walking instead of running. I was wet, I was cold, many runners passed me. At some point I got to the point where I didn’t care. Because I knew it would end. Warm drinks, warm clothes and the end were waiting for me at the finish.

I played American football in Düsseldorf. We had a badass coach. How many times did I want to quit training after the hundredth push-up, after the hundredth flight of stairs we had to run up and down in full gear? How often did I want to give up in the weight room because at some point my body signaled that the weights were just too much? I didn’t because again at some point the point came where I didn’t care. Instinctively, I realized that I needed to get right past that point in order to grow. Every practice ended, every “ordeal” ended, making me and my teammates stronger and better.


Friendships and partnerships begin and end, you have had those experiences too. Certainly. I know few people who stayed with their first partner, and I know few people who were able to maintain friendships for decades. At some point, for some reason, the end came. With the knowledge of today, I would say something was missing when that happens. What was missing doesn’t matter at first, we just need to know that something was missing. In my relationship it was respect, trust, tolerance and communication that was missing. Love can be so great at the beginning, it disappears like snow in the sun.

In friendships it was mostly respect, tolerance and acceptance that were missing. I have to be allowed to say something to a friend when I mean well with him without him freaking out, I have to let a friend say something unpleasant to me when he means well with me without me avoiding him from then on. This is not easy, neither relationally, nor in a friendship. But no one said that life would be easy. The easy and good life for many of us starts soon and then we still have a lot to learn. Not everyone will be able to cope with the new communities from the start. We can begin now to reinforce these important qualities and feelings, starting with ourselves. Forgiveness and gratitude should be at the top of the list.

What will end now? Well, eventually all the DUMBS will be liberated, blown up or used by the alliance, right? That ends! At some point there will be no more enemies for the brave soldiers, underground or above ground. Since there are no supplies of any kind, this too will end. The lies and concealment of the MSM will end, the truth always prevails. Just in the last few days, the pillars on which the Deep State’s framework of lies stands are being shattered. The collapse and thus the end is unstoppable. The wealth of the Deep State will end, as will the poverty of the patriots. America will officially become a republic where the people call the shots, everything else will end.

The Plandemic is over, at least in those nations that have an awakened populace and an insightful or patriotic government. So this Deep State plan is also over. Now, of course, there remains the problem with vaccinations in many countries, especially the eventual damage to those vaccinated. Many patriots are concerned about the many unconfirmed horror stories rampant through the Internet in the information war over vaccines. They worry about vaccinated friends, acquaintances and family members. These vaccines are human-made and certainly, like all previous vaccines, they are more harmful than beneficial. And they have already done harm. Shouldn’t we have hope here that maybe one of the 6000 new technologies might help? Trust in a good outcome, a good ending to the vaccination scenario. After all, the Patriots have always been a few steps ahead of the Deep State, why shouldn’t that be the case with vaccines, of all things?

I am most excited about the end of the FRG, the end of the occupation, the end of the world war. Every end results in a new beginning. A new beginning without EU, without UN, without NATO, without WHO and how these “organizations” are all called. A new beginning without parties, without debt money system, without banks, without stock exchange, without exploitation and slavery. Free people, free nations who build the new world in peace and maintain it. Also this new, wonderful age will end sometime, yes must end. Who tells us that it will not be even better afterwards? We know then how it works with the creation of our reality by our thoughts. But before that we enjoy our present age, which is beginning.

“All the great things that happened in the
happened in the world, took place
first in the imagination
of a human being!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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