“Abraham Lincoln and Q” by Kat – 6.6.21


Entry Submitted by Kat at 11:36 PM EDT on June 6, 2021

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on my Juan O Savin post. Truly appreciated. 

Patrick puts so much time into formatting them so he gets extra special mention not only for creating and maintaining this site, but for the HOURS he puts into posting my blogs. As well, into making sure we get up-to-the-minute INTEL. God bless you, Patrick, and thank you for EVERYTHING you do for all.

This was a particularly hard day for Patrick and me because Patrick’s old IDC website has been WIPED by Google!!! ALL our blogs GONE! Poof! For me, 4 years of blogs. For Patrick, even longer.

They set out to attack IDC and they did. Heartbreaking. This was the reason Google gave Patrick:

The real reason Google wiped IDC is because we tell the TRUTH.

I’ll be delighted when White Hats take Google and the entire dark net down!! Grrrrr 

Onwards, Patrick! Into the Light! Into the noble new!

For the record, Charlie Ward first reported that he could trace Q back to Abraham Lincoln AT LEAST 8 months ago. I referred to his report in several of my posts.

Now that (Q) The Storm Rider has verified Charlie’s point on 6-6-21, I’m thrilled for Charlie. He has suffered too many slings and arrows lately so whenever Charlie’s information is verified, that once was ridiculed, I plan on making a point of pointing it out!

This quote is for you, Charlie xo:

I am working on 2 transcripts that are riveting. A Gene Decode / Nicholas Veniamin interview and a Juan O Savin, TITANIC REVERSALS. 

It is from Juan’s TITANIC REVERSALS video that I relate, albeit very briefly, the history of the deep state demon banker’s determination to destroy America from the time we were created. THEY have been our enemy all along.

On 6-6-21 (Q) The Storm Rider delivered the happy news that ANTIFA is soon to go down. Well, we know this. We KNOW the war with the devil is won, as Charlie Ward has been saying for months. But confirmation is always good!

We also know, because Gene Decode and Charlie Ward have reported it unceasingly and many others now, that the Quantum Voting System was working on Election Night 2020, and that President Trump and Q-Team were in a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] watching the votes being switched from President Trump to Biden in actual time, because the Quantum works in the moment.

We KNOW President Trump won in a landslide. We KNOW the Military has recognized him as Commander-in-Chief. We KNOW the buffoon Bidan is an actor who is marvelous at pratfalls and hilarity.

BUT — we are watching this movie in order to AWAKEN the sleepers. 

Juan O Savin said, “This is a numbers game. Always has been. We need as many people AWAKE as possible.” The percentages of exactly how many awakened people are needed seem to change, the paradigm does not.

So we’re watching the Election 2020 movie play out and pray that more and more will awaken, and more and more ARE awakening. 

If you’re feeling Ascension symptoms, this is why:

The EM white light blast was measured at 60hz on the 6-6-21 Schumann Resonance Chart. 

Schumann Resonance

Remember 40hz – 100hz is the frequency of 5D+++.

The Solar System, Earth, Kingdoms, Humanity and Galaxy are lightening up. We’re getting ready for the ascension jump out of the 3D demon matrix into Divine Light forevermore.


With blessings unceasing.

This is Kat, over and out.



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