“Why More RV Delays for the Public or?” by Chow – 6.7.21


Entry Submitted by Chow at 8:44 PM EDT on June 7, 2021

As most say , this is my opinion from following closely for a few years –  especially the last year .

More Delays — most if not all now we are experiencing a pantomime show to educate /raise the public’s awareness  how they/we have been manipulated for decades/century’s and we have been blindly cruising along in life accepting it .

The Delays – most of us know educating , waking up society and simultaneously getting rid of all the massive , satanically evil people was not easy . I myself and suspect most of us had no clue the depth of satanic evil’s ritual’s controlling the globe for centuries most importantly in places we never dreamed – the Vatican – the White House and more . Yes we always knew there was evil , but 3 million children , young adults annually sacrificed?  Think about it annually sacrificed year after year with profits higher than the drug trade . Adrenochrome the blood of sacrificed children more addicting than cocaine , more money made globally sacrificing millions of kids and young adults every year just to have more energy , live longer and look better going back 1,000 ++ Years ????

Our RV delays are a must *** it is to easy to have an RV , but the outcome (Global Picture) without extensive planning , adjusting , adjusting again and again is so necessary to not allow 10’s of trillions of new dollar fall into the wrong hands along with eliminating all Satanic Evil.  — remember this is global ??? All computers synced and must be powerful enough and were not / All Governments synced some took longer / All Governments making sure the people are not corrupt pulling this off .

It has been said 78% of the US was corrupt at all levels . What about the globe going back a 1,000 + years that started this sick parasite evil ?  The more delays we have, the more evil is caught delay after delay . Think about how difficult it was to take down 78-80% of the Globe and not have WW3 ?? Really think about that . I MUST ADD AND HAVE ALL THE MAIN COUNTIRES IN SYNC – LET THAT SINK IN – HOW ??

As one valuable Guru I respect has said — another nothing Burger today / this week . True with a butt — Is it really a nothing burger ?? Nothing Burger RV ?? What is not said or seen is the incredible progress towards the RV and much closer to Global Freedom – (we have won but are in our final stages)  

Our many delays of the RV will make history and the public will not even know anything about it . What they will see making history – biblical history is taking down Evil , Satanic Evil in the worst imaginable way destroying over 1,000 years of satanic child sacrificing history . In my opinion it accelerated the last 80 + years with automation , media and travel spread .  


So delays – are incredibly important for global humanities future . US is only a huge piece of the puzzle / chess Game . Delays have taken / are in their finale home stretch (we have won) of  taking down the sick satanic Child sacrificing , massive tax hungry evil parasites.

What about us ?

Our journey is not different than the public. Our fellow RV members, partners of the globe . What does the RV do for us ?? I have been reflecting on that  same question that shot a rocket in the sky . We are no different than the public . If we had an RV months , months ago , we wouldn’t have been dripped information ourselves in my opinion greatly needed  . Yes we will finally buy what we have wanted , but those delays have also given us an opportunity to reflect about humanity – true humanity and what this 30,000 to 100,000% return really means .

My opinion again , many military special opps have died saving children in underground tunnels 2 miles down. Many special opps have crashed with depression what they have seen , people have sacrifice decades of their lives preparing for the take down of the 13 families , Cabal , Deep State and more Globally (we have won) .

Fellow Currency holders – the Sacrifices of many military and special players were all for us – us . We are no different than the public .

Patience friends – Delays are Gods Timing and the Many , Many People Globally must adjust with Delays for the sake of Humanity and “us” currency holders are smack in that pot .

What is amazing about all these delays ?? We are very close to being blessed beyond imagination and the public will never know why — except you and me


God Bless  



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