“A Few Thoughts for all of us to Consider” by Kandi Darlin – 6.8.21


Entry Submitted by Kandi Darlin at 12:14 AM EDT on June 8, 2021

Hello, friends.

Please see information in green below.

Did you read this a few days ago? 

I had never thought about this just like I knew evil was everywhere but I never thought about the worship of satan being so rampant in our world.  I don’t know why I just assumed it had stopped centuries ago after Jesus came and then went back to the Father.  Most of us did the same as I did.  Why?  Because those evil deeds are done in secret and darkness.

Now, what would make us think we don’t have people in our society and maybe even people we know who have a hidden agenda and allegiance to other countries and are just here waiting for their instructions at the right time to carry out their countries’ agendas against us and the other countries they are in?   

Sometimes questions are best answered with other questions. 

Why have we not seen “our day” yet? 


Well, if we keep finding out more about society we have our answer.  My husband has always said I see through rose colored glasses and just expect people to be kind and do the right thing all the time which is why I tend to get hurt and disappointed so often.  I want to be wise but harmless to others.

Now, back to the questions. 

We have learned there are people in our military who are not loyal to this country and possibly working against it from the inside.

People in government we knew had their own agendas but did you know how evil they really were?

What about schools and their agendas from wealthy who bribe to destroy from within through our children?

What about big pharma ?  Haven’t we always been taught to trust doctors and the medications they give us?  Now do you trust any of them?  90% of medicine coming from China?!?

Banks and financial institutions?


Food manufacturers and producers? 

I could keep going on with the questions but I think most of us are intelligent enough to get my drift. 

The more I learn and think about it, the more  I wonder how it will ever be safe to have our day.  I know God has a way and a perfect time.

Complaints, deceptions, lies, projections and even half truths don’t help or encourage anyone, especially those putting that information out there.

To the Intel providers -What would you want to hear if you were the one waiting for answers?  I know you all
 are really in the same boat the rest of us are in so what really gives you hope and true encouragement? 

I almost asked if you wanted to be on the receiving end of what you are putting out then I realized you are!!!  You are waiting for good news and answers as well.  I have always said you are just putting out what you receive but maybe a little delayed gratification would be best for all in this case.  Maybe being a day behind in putting out your projections would enable you to take out what did not happen or say “I was told yesterday that such and such was to take place yesterday and it did so I am reporting on it today OR I was told yesterday that such and such was supposed to happen but it did not. 

This way you won’t be considered a deceiver or liar.  Then when it happens you just state the facts and give the information you know is true including the final notification. 

In my job I only report facts, not supposition, ideas or opinions – only verified facts not verifiable but already verified facts. 

I have questioned how long I would have kept my job if I had the track record most of you do.  I investigate, verify with documentation then report.  Decisions are made and people either do or do not work depending on my work.  Yes, it is stressful and I have occasionally found and verified more information after the initial report so I have to go back and make sure the decision makers have “the rest of the story” so I/we have no backlash from what was missed initially. 

I know we all get excited and high about good news but the let down and disappointment is far more negative than the initial high was positive. 

So now let’s all try to do to others what we want others to do to us.  Simple golden rule thinking.  Not emotional but factual!


So…..waiting and disappointment is tough.  What kind of lemonade have you made from all these lemons we have all received over these long years of waiting?

Are you learning something daily from this journey?  If not, should you be?

Maybe one of the best life lessons we can learn from all this is what not to do to others or what not to be.

Take care, keep the faith and expect miracles. 

Kandi Darlin


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