“I Guess we Don’t have Any Rights Anymore Now!” by Luna – 6.8.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 7:11 PM EDT on June 8, 2021

Let me start off with telling you that if you think your rights aren’t being eroded… Think again! Honestly, I never thought this would happen here in Canada but it’s actually happening everywhere on this planet. There is truly a takeover that’s been happening all around us. All I can say is that I am grateful for President Trump and his team and what they are doing for all of us. The enormity of this won’t be fully realized until the disclosures start coming out and hopefully this month sometime.

I know this pales in comparison to rescuing the children that are involved in trafficking/pedophilia/satanic ritual abuse but I just want to show that this tyranny is happening in all aspects of our lives. Now I know this will be rectified when we are under common law but in the meantime people have to put up with this abusive behaviour of organizations we trusted. So on with this story.

My friend who lives in the U.S. went to her bank to wire some funds to the contact I gave her. This was her bank of many years and she couldn’t believe how she was being grilled i.e. who was he? How long have you known him? Where does he live? Why are you sending him monies? And in the end they felt that she shouldn’t wire the money because it could have be a scam. My friend who is in her mid sixties said “Excuse me Sir, but I think I’m old enough to make up my own mind as to who I’m sending my money to and none of your business why!”

So she left and went to my contacts bank in her town to deposit the funds directly  into his U.S. account. Well again, she got the same treatment as she did from her bank. Excuse me but we have always been able to wire monies to other people all over the world like forever now? So what’s changed?  Oh I guess they changed the rules and forgot to tell the public they are the ones they service!

Once she got home and told me about her ordeal at those two banks, I was determined to help her and so, we decided to wire the funds to me via Western Union. Ok so she heads out the next day and she went to her local WU office not a broker, like we have here in Canada. Much to her surprise s they too decided she wasn’t old enough to make her own decision regarding whether or not she was being scammed so they wouldn’t wire either. Finally she went to Wal-Mart who just took her monies and sent it to me. In fact, here at WBG we have another member that went through the same thing. Heaven knows how many others have had to put up with this tyranny.

And so the saga continues on with my side of this story.

I went to my local Western Union outlet and gave all the ID required and then she asked me, “why I was being sent the monies?” and I said, “why do you ask?

What happened to those days when we were able to get funds from one point to another?  I have never had to get funds from a Western Union. I thought all you had to do was show proof of who you are, like using a government picture ID, like a driver’s license and you walked out…Right? Well you’re wrong. Not anymore apparently.

I showed proof and everything was a go and then the girl said “I just have to get my boss’ ok to go and release the funds. I figured she needed her supervisor’s signature because it was their policy to have two signatures so I said “Ok no problem.” Well we were all done validating, so I figured, well she needs another person’s signature.  Wrong!

She came back asking me all the same questions I listed above. I answered that I was buying something for my friend, and then I was asked, “what was it I was buying for her?” I said, I was buying historical bonds for her through someone I have known for many years because she hasn’t been able to find any where she lives. She said that she wouldn’t be able to release the funds because it was in violation of Western Union’s policy.


Before I left, I asked her “if she could please provide me with a copy of that policy?” but she replied, (and conveniently I might add); “well we are only a broker for Western Union and so I don’t have access to that information.” But apparently she knew that she couldn’t release the funds because of this policy! Hmmm smells fishy to me or is it a rat?  So, I asked her to provide me with a number for Western Union, so I could call them tomorrow to attain a copy of that policy. I, also, informed her that I wouldn’t be doing any business in the future and walked out.

I got home and I talked about it with my partner and we came to the conclusion that this is happening because we are very close to the reset now. These financial institutions/organizations like the ones I mentioned above, are also Cabal and so they don’t want to let go of any of their monies and lest of all to us you know the deplorables!

In fact, President Trump has cut off so much of their flow of “$’s” that it is crippling them and to me this is one sign of it. Of course, it’s like they are getting ready for a “bail-in”? That’s when the banks take their customers monies out of their bank accounts and they make us suffer because they (Cabal) can’t make their payments to the IMF or whoever they owe their payments to. It’s always been paid from our accounts in one way or another.

This is like a disease we have always had but never really knew the name of it. This evilness is being eradicated on all fronts and everywhere in the world. Let’s not forget the enormity of this job that this very brave American President is doing for his service to humanity! I know every day when I get up, I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and food in my fridge. I know that many people and even some that are reading this right now do not even have that while we wait for this reset. My day starts out by me thanking God/Creator for what I have and I pray that this revaluation will come sooner rather than later so we can help all these people around the world.

So the next time you’re getting down about the reset not being here yet, remember those other people who have no faces, but I am certain we know many of them. Actually, some of us have been there too but someone helped us and we made it out. Never forget where you came from and be humble. If you can’t dream of something better for yourself you won’t get anything more. Don’t let anyone take your dreams away. When I am challenged like this it just reminds me of the tyranny that has been around me my whole life that made me fight even harder because I didn’t come into this life to lose again! I am a truth warrior and I will continue to shine a light on all tyrannies around me. If we do nothing then we are giving our power away so we must fight. We are fighting not only for you and me but our future generations. So stand up and be counted. You matter, we all matter! This is OUR life and we have the right to live it in peace.

Concentrate on the positive in everything that happens to you, otherwise the universe gives you what you put your mind too. Everything that happens to us is for a reason though it may not be clear at the time. If you trust that everything that happens to you is for your highest and best, then that is exactly what we will get in return. Easier said than done your thinking, I realize that but you can do it. We all can do it because we know the Light has already won!  This is just mop up time. Remember that this was said by Q ….I believe that they are getting desperate and going out of their minds just as we have been told by Q at the end! So I believe we are there now!

I wish all of you my fellow light workers and IDC community, a world full of joy and all the happiness you can muster up! See the Light in everything and everyone because the darkness needs to come to the surface to be transformed into the LIGHT!

Note:  Just prior to publishing this article I heard from my American friend and even the post office told her that they don’t send Money Orders to Canada. Apparently every other place worldwide but not Canada?

Things that make you go hmmm!



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