Dinarland Highlights for June 8, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.8.21


[aka Kaperoni]

The Central Bank feeds electronic payment cards at the official rate of the dollar

The Central Bank of Iraq announced, today, Monday, that all requests to purchase the dollar for the purposes of travel, study and treatment abroad will be met by feeding electronic payment cards (MasterCard and Visa Card) at the official price specified by the bank.”

…the CBI using Visa and Mastercard to issue dollars is a violation of the IMF’s liberalized exchange rate regime. This will prevent them from acceptance into Article VIII if desired. It will though help curb corruption. So it’s a catch 22… violate rules to curb corruption or continue with the corruption and meeting IMF conditions.


Frank26 (KTFA)

We’re implementing a new mechanism‘  Those are direct words from the CBI…that is really explosive! …about three weeks ago we said watch – the CBI is done.  They already told the citizens…Both Mustafas {PM Kazemi and CBI Governor] on television saying If you think the exchange rate we used to have was something wait till you see the one coming out‘…

Specialized Banks

Now that we are moving completely towards the capitalist market economy system…

Capitalist market economy!  That’s freedom.  My money is free to move in your country?  That’s Article VIII!   Somebody ring a bell!  Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!  Thank you…this is powerful.  This is Article VIII.


Petra (KTFA)

The Kurds are back in town…

whenever they come to town it’s for business!  And right now, the Kurds, along with the world are waiting for…the opening of the budge, and the new rate!  We are in a great time-frame!!  Watch the CBI!!! ALL IMO.



We’re starring to see the value of the dinar is losing against the U.S. Dollar.  Why?  Because how are outside investors going to come into Iraq and invest when there’s so much instability.  They need security.  I would not want to go somewhere and invest money into a county when there’s too much civil unrest…We’re starting to see all these militia groups feel real emboldened since o’biden got into office…people are not feeling very secure about what is going on in the Middle East…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

The World Bank within the last three weeks is constantly talking about the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.  Constantly the World Bank is telling the CBI please you’re a sovereign nation raise the value of your currency.  The World Bank talked three days in a row, last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and came out and they stated what?  The obvious.  Raise the value of your currency CBI…right now the World Bank is carrying the football…What did the World Bank say that the CBI has?  They have a mechanism to implement the reforms.  What do you think that mechanism is?  The mechanism is a new rate…



[via PDK]

On the banking front I am being told that they have cleaned up all the logistical issues that they needed to…..so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now. We are watching things closely.

[Are we still in a 24-48 hour window?]

We are knee deep in that last 12-24 hours right now…this is from what I heard on Sunday….

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