Nick Fleming: Late Night RV/GCR Intel Update 6-9-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

06/08-09/2021 Late Night Update

Nick Fleming, [09.06.21 08:22]

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that today Tue 8 June is the first day that Zurich platforms were able to move funds globally in the new banking system software linked successfully now with the QFS, all glitches having been fixed, so that all is in “go” mode as banking sources, including MarkZ’s banking sources have said (he said Zurich is the banking center through which all T3-4A/B funds are being moved for the RV release shotgun start); all funds are planned to be released for payouts to T3-4A/B when T4B notifications and redemption-exchanges start inside this week;

. ..He confirmed that the World Court, the World Bank, and the IMF were meeting today Tue 8 June to determine how the funds for the RV/GCR shotgun start were to be moved; legally all funds must be moved inside this week initiating the RV/GCR and the shotgun start; the WC, WB, and IMF suggested to the DoD (->UST) to move funds first to initiate the shotgun start;

. ..He is confirming that the Kurdish leaders are in Baghdad now waiting for the Iraqi budget and the new RV rate of the Dinar to be implemented, though for security purposes the Iraqi RV budget implementation may not become public to the west till AFTER T4B is started and the shotgun start of payouts has already begun.(edited)

[9:54 PM]

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that there are 237 bond types going through processing now for redemption–as soon as they finish the bond processing and vetting process estimated in approximately the next 24-36 hours, then the RV security teams will start the lockdown of rates and procedures for the T4B notifications to be sent out and the redemption appointments to start; he confirmed that the bond vetting process paperwork has been a logistical challenge to prevent cabal-related fraudulent bonds from slipping through–there are 300,000+ genuine bond and other payout transactions being prepared to be paid out when T4B notifications for redemptions-exchanges start;

. ..Arrests have continued, and he confirmed that at least 10 paymasters under the Admirals group who are connected to the UST have been arrested for illegally taking money they were to be disbursing and paying out to their downline group recipient beneficiary accounts–all the houses, boats, cars, etc that they bought illegally are being returned and the funds are being clawed back from their accounts which have been frozen (they showed themselves to be rats); replacement paymasters have been put into their positions already for the shotgun start inside this week; criminal cabal syndicates have been taken down over the last 24-48 hours in 16 countries as part of the global Deep State criminal network take-down at the end here and this even made it into the news ( );(edited)

Nick Fleming, [09.06.21 08:22]

[9:55 PM]

. ..He is also confirming Mr. Fleming’s source that reported the following website confirming that the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION LTD, one of the premier Deep State banking organs of the last 100 years, has been DISSOLVED as of TODAY TUE 8 JUNE!! ( ); THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE he said and is hard evidence of the white hats taking down the Deep State’s power over the global financial system;

. ..In any case the World Court +WB + IMF have told all involved in the RV release that funds for all tiers and T4B exchanges must start moving inside this week with severe penalties involving the military for failure to do so;

. ..So the word to banks and to us T4B currency holders is to BE READY for lockdown and T4B notification emails from primarily Wells Fargo (but also from Chase and HSBC) as early as within the next 48+ hours;

. ..He is confirming that the IMF is determining when the T5 public will start, his info is it will most likely be pushed forward from next Tue 15 June (just 7 days away) to Tue 22 June, because Trump and military want more than 7 days for 800#s through the safe link website link to be out for us in T4B to set our redemption appointments, ideally 8-10 days of links / 800#s;

. ..He said please pray this in, as Bruce has said, and pray that all requirements are achieved inside this week.(edited)


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