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06/09/2021 Podcast Notes From Yesterdays Notes


06/09/2021 Notes From Yesterdays Call

Nick Fleming Call Transcription for Tuesday 8th June 2021

Good afternoon, how are you

We’ve got to do some other business here first. Okay, before we get started with this call, there is a couple of the idiots on IDC that decided they wanted to try and tag me with a crime. First of all, the guy who did the crime is 63 years old. I’m 73. And we go through this every couple of months where people seem to think that I’m this Nicholas Fleming that was in North Carolina, who is now sitting in prison in California. So we are not the same. And we go through this every couple of months because some idiot thinking that they got the down low on me when in fact they do not. Okay. Now, that’s done.


There is some news, for those of you that are still giving away your currencies to various people. There is a court case, that is in Carson City, Nevada, of the paymaster that was under the admiral or is under the Admiral. And there are several others that are being brought into this.

They were given currencies by people just like yourself, and gave him power of attorney to do it. So when 1 to 2% came down, and the money was dispersed by the Admiral d group to these, so called paymasters, that are not paymasters, they are not licenced, they are not bonded. And they are just people like you or me. And so they got money. So instead of turning around and putting the money down to the people that were under them, they actually went out and bought houses and new cars and boats, and who knows what else. And the people below them never got their, their 1% or 2%. That was to be handed down to them by the so called paymasters.

So they’re being sued right now in Carson City, and in Nevada, and the big thing that they’re claiming is, “well, the people gave us a power of attorney, so that we could go ahead” and take this currency, we could redeem it, we can do whatever we want, and we don’t have to pay them anything. Because there was no contract.

Well, apparently, they don’t understand very well about fiduciary duties. And I’m being actually subpoenaed to explain the process and what’s been going on in Carson City.

So now to get on to what we’re going to be talking about.

The other thing is that the other day I published 237 bonds, types of bonds that are historical assets, and currency notes. And over 50% of them are not valid for anybody.

Most of the stuff that’s in there, were all held by governments, especially when you get into certain certain boxes of stuff and trillions of dollars that were all putting into trunks and in other things. They were to be used by governments to help fund their people back in their countries.

But the problem is traders got involved in some of this.


And some of these bonds, in these groups of bonds were actually counterfeit.

How I came into this was because counterfeit Treaty of Versailles boxes and Wells Fargo boxes that were brought in out of the Philippines, and homeland security used to have people bring these 3d Versailles boxes and Wells Fargo boxes into Los Angeles. And they were met by people that were running a scam to get the boxes. And so, inside these boxes were bonds worth several millions and billions of dollars that were supposed to come out to rebuild countries after WW2.

Inside these boxes, there are mother box contains 12 individual cases. And that was called the mother box. And the mother box had an overall serial number, then went on that box. And then inside the cases, inside the mother box, there were also serial numbers that would identify each case. And there trillions of dollars in there, actually in bonds.

Also then there was also three coins that were in inside this. One of them was a gold coin, one was a silver coin, and one was a copper and sometimes it was brass coin that had to remain inside this box. If those coins were missing, you couldn’t open you couldn’t do anything with with the box. So what they did was they took the bonds out of them.

And in the Philippines, and also sometimes in China, they would rerun these bonds, they will counterfeit , in other words.

And so my job was to go after some of these people who brought the Treaty of Versailles boxes and Wells Fargo boxes, over here. They and homeland security was the biggest promoter of these fraudulent documents. And then the fraudulent documents were sold to China, of all places. And I’d have to go over there, I had a list of all the boxes that had already been turned in. And there was only one set of boxes, mother boxes that was not turned down. That’s because it was never published.

So once we had a list of these we would we could identify what were the legitimate ones. And what were the phoney ones, the counterfeit ones. And there were 1000s of boxes that came out in the Philippines that were counterfeit. And they even had counterfeit silver coins, gold coins, and copper coins. They were all there. And the paper inside the box was not even the right paper there was printed on. They were also printed for larger volume, larger amount of money that was on them. And so a lot of these wound up being turned in.

The Chinese in turned around and put them into this process. And over 50% of them were counterfeit.

So a couple years ago, they stopped counting they had even been in Zurich, and a couple other places. Singapore was another place. They had these bonds all come in. And the Zimbabwe bonds, the larger bonds, the quick trillions and quadrillions and all this kind of stuff. Most they were coming in by the the truck, trunk load and boxcar load turned out to be counterfeit. Well over 50% of it was counterfeit. And they were having these and they didn’t have all the protections that are in our money today. So they had to physically go look at each and every bill and determine if it was counterfeit or not. And it got so bad for them that they actually turned around and stopped counting.

And they stopped because it was just too overwhelming for them. And so the only bill that you can redeem as far as Zimbabwe bonds are concerned are anything at 100 trillion or less.

These will be taken it at a one to one value if you have a project.

So in Zimbabwe, it was the 100 trillion dollar bill and below. So the 20s and 10s , every denomination under are going to be exchanged at one to one. Anything over that is not 4B. Okay? that is government.

That is very large groups that had the paper.

Huge demons have been stopped, they are not even counting them anymore.

There’s just been a new bill come out from the Chinese. It is called a commemorative Phoenix, and dragon, yellow bond.
It is a commemorative one, it has all the safety precautions on it. The other ones yellow, yellow dragons and all these other did not have that. They were printed way before

that ever started. So we’re waiting for that background to come in and see if that’s going to be acceptable. Because what’s happened is are companies now basically out of China that are selling these on the internet.


I’m waiting to see if they tell us that they will be redeemable as well.

So the Philippine victory notes, there was Zim coins, a lot of this stuff wasn’t available to the normal public, and still not available to the normal public, or us as currency holders, and Zim holders.

There are like I said, 237 different types of bonds.

And most of them, over 50% of them were counterfeit, and are not redeemable and are not exchangeable. And if you were to walk in to a redemption centre, that where you might have more, you might have a Treaty of Versailles box, or a Wells Fargo box, the chances of you getting arrested are very great.

Our redemption and exchange process is still going on.

They’re weeding out the the crooks, the guys, that were not paymasters that took the people’s money.

All that’s going to be clawed back, and people are going to be getting their money. So there are some things that are going on here that we are not subject to. But if you have been giving your currency and other details to people like Charlie Ward, and other people along the line who tell you that they can get it done?

If they’re not a licenced, paymaster, don’t give it to them. I wouldn’t even give it to a licenced paymaster. Because for one they’re not going to ask you for it. But these people gave their currency and power of attorneys to these people. And these people acted as if it was their own money. So when the 1 to 2% came down, they went and bought like I said houses, ranches, all kinds of stuff and they’ve been slowly arresting these people and returning the funds back to the people that it should have gone to in the first place. So again, the historical bonds really don’t have anything to do with us when they’re talking about or they’re waiting for the bonds

Dubai 1has been paid out, D2 two has been paid out, D3 has been paid out as well.

And so, tier 4B’s money is already sitting there waiting to be released to us okay.

They’re just doing some cleanup, I guess you could call it on whatever aisle it is. But they’re just going after the people arresting them and getting the money back into the accounts, where it’s supposed to go so that when we go in, we don’t have to worry.

Q and A

Q Many of us were involved with a company called Sterling currency. Yeah, we had currency on layaway, and things of this nature and something happened to them.
Do you know if there’s any possibility of that will be resolved?

NF I don’t think you’re going to get it because one, Sterling was criminally charged the people that were running it, they’re looking at prison sentences.

First of all, they weren’t allowed to do currency on layaway.
So, you know, I think it’s pretty well over or should be.
Any money that would have been there was with the courts. And they would have had to have ordered they would have been ordered to reimburse or pay back.


Q ) One to one with the project resume? 100 and under?

NF) Yes. So long as you have a project.

Q) I was just wondering, will the regular Zim bond holders go before the regular currency holders.

NF) That was a plan. I don’t know that it still is. There are some people saying that but I haven’t heard it, actually. There’s no reason for them to do that now. They say take everything you have in.

Q you know, I’m not too keen on working with the bankers, you know, they’re not really known to be all that honest. If our money is going to be put into the QFS system, are we going to have to have a regular checking account? Or would we be able to take our money out from the QFS, to put it, put it into our foundations or, or our trust and so forth? Are we going to have to go through a regular bank and work with with the asset managers?

NF) The thing is, you’re going through the private side of the bank, you’re not going through the public side. And the public side is where you would have your problems.

You’re going to have an overall account, that’s going to be on their QFS system, you’re still going to have to have a bank account, so that you can, pay your bills, because you’re just not going to use the money to pay it out of the mother load account.

That’s where you’re going to be able to send your money to where you want it to go as far as projects go, but you’re still going to have a normal everyday bank account to pay bills etc.

Q) Do u have a kind of a ballpark figure as to when they might be getting done with these bonds?

NF )No,

Q) do you have to have projects to have the sovereign immunity.

NF) Rates in London are different than than what’s going on here in the US as far as zims are concerned. I’m not going to get into sovereignty here, because that’s a long, complicated question. And I really don’t have the time for it. But you’re going to be given rates in London that are going to be different than here. You’re not required to have a project in Europe either.
But there’s one thing, there’s one thing that you have to understand, there’s a whole process for sovereignty, and it’s rather complicated. You just can’t declare yourself sovereign doesn’t work that way.

Q) my question is, if we don’t have a project, because I’m disabled and kind of elderly. So I really don’t know about being able to do a project. Can I just accept the default package and walk out?

NF Yes, you can do that.
Okay. Will that be taxed?
No. Shouldn’t be.

Q) I was hearing there’s someone that was disabled? Is it possible that if you can’t get to them because of a disability? Will they come to you at all? Is that out of the question, and you have to just get there somehow?

NF) Well, if if you’re disabled, once you make the appointment you can ask to talk to a supervisor and tell them what your situation is. They are supposed to be able to come to you.

Q. Is that a risk? More of a risk to do that. As far as security here?

NF .No, no, not really. You’re all you’re doing is turning in. You’re exchanging and redeeming, they’ll bring somebody that will have this Believe me, there’ll be security there. And but if you’re disabled or something like that, or you’re not able to make it they are supposed to come to you, once you talk with the supervisor can explain.

The explaining of your projects, won’t occur until another appointment. The first appointment is just strictly for handing in your Zim and your other currencies.

And that, should that take basically 20 minutes or less.

Q) It’s with the projects, do you have to jump? I mean, is it a lot of hoops you got to go through in order to to get that arranged?

NF)No, you just have to have your, your three, four to whatever, three, four page bullet points as to what you’re going to do to give them an oversight. And then your guys take it once you are on that other side, and they will go ahead and work it out with you. So you can get the maximum amount of money that you can get for your projects.

You’re paying for them So in order to accomplish what you’re wanting to accomplish with them, with the projects they are just not going to hand you the money and take your word for it, believe me.

So they’re going, you’re going to be working with people, there’ll be lawyers involved, there’ll be CPAs involved, there’ll be everything that can get your project off the ground and going because I’m sure you don’t know everything there is to know about your project, if it involves buildings, licensing, all kinds of different things that could possibly come up that some attorneys would have, you may have to have a real estate agent, you may have to have, you know, there’s all kinds of things and that’s what you would be discussing with your with your team of people that you would be building so that you could accomplish


Q)f I understand you’re talking about the bonds. So those are being taken care of right now. But that’s not necessarily what’s holding up tier four B, is that what you’re saying?

NF)That’s correct.

Q) There’s about 2 million emails about to go out. But at the same time, do you see a transition in the USA, where there’s talk about 10 days of darkness and the economic market is going to crash. These two things seem like they’re going to oppose each other. I don’t know if one leads into the other. Do you have any insight on that? Or does that it’s not really something that affects us at all?

NF)Well, there’s there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. Okay. You’re going to hear people want to one of the biggest things that messes things up is the Qboards.

People listen to it and they take it as gospel. Well, there’s a lot of things that are not gospel on the Qboards. But the thing is that It’s not going to affect us on our exchanges and redemptions.

Sometimes it’ll be a point to where it’ll be helpful to us. We’ve been hearing it’s going to be 10 days or darkness for a couple of years. And it hasn’t happened yet.

And we’ve been hearing about the internet is going to be going down and we haven’t heard that’s been a couple years and we haven’t seen that happen yet, either.

Q) my fiancé is is bedridden.

And I have gifted her some currencies, some some Dong and one Zim.

It’s gonna be hard for her to get in there, but I’m going to take her but is there somehow that when I call in to make my appointment that I can get her to come in at the same time with me for her appointment?

NF)Okay, when when you call to make your appointment, explain the situation and they will help.

Q) Okay, I have a question about the Zim. A lot of people well, not a lot. Some people are saying that the Zim even though it’s a bond, they’re going to take 6 zeros off. And other people say they’re not going to take the zero off. And then they don’t take the six zeros off and they’re doing one to one that’s 100 trillion. But a couple times ago, you said nobody’s going to become a trillionaire. So I’m not quite sure I understand how they’re going to do one to one.

NF) Ok a couple years ago, the Chinese US Treasury, Trump, everybody kind of sat down. And they agreed that the Zim is one to one, like it is everywhere else in the world. Okay. The only problem with here in the United States is that you have to have projects in order to get one to one. And you may not even get one to one, because simply it depends upon the strength of your projects. Okay. So if somebody takes the the default rate, they’re not going to become billionaires, or trillionaires, wherever they may become multimillionaires, there’s gonna be more multimillionaires come out of this than billionaires and trillionaires. There’ll be very few trillionaires. And there’ll be a few more billionaires t

han multimillionaires. So the biggest boat will be multimillionaires.

Can you imagine a sliding scale going from zero to one, so the base upon yours on your project strength, that sliding scale goes up, then you’ll be able to get more money for your projects as the strength of them goes up. And you can also put in other projects from the UN or wherever and now to also build up strength to a to the most that anybody’s ever gotten so far. This week that I’ve been told by the Chinese is that I’m going to put this in cents and you can figure it out is is 77 cents.

that’s what it’s based upon. If you do it on a sliding scale, it’s going to go up, it’s going up and you can go down. But if you take the the default rate, then it’s going to be a certain amount of money and that’s it.

So they’re not going to take the zeros off?

Only on the default packages.

Q) most of the monies are going to be digital anyway. And we’re not going to really have it in our hands. Especially we have great projects. Right?

NF) That that’s correct. Okay. So if you do education and hire veterans and all that, you actually need to really go and negotiate as high as you possibly can.


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