“But What Part is True?” by GK – 6.10.21


Entry Submitted by GK at 2:40 PM EDT on June 10, 2021

Last night Tank reported that the FED really was dead. A stake through the vampire’s heart as of Tuesday.

Judy’s report claims that London’s Central banking was dead as of Tuesday also.

I was a bit surprised to see this parallel agreement. In general these two camps, let’s call one Reno and the other Kim, appear aligned. 

Has reality caught up with reality no matter whose side you waved a flag for?

The other day some took exception when I said the leading reason people refuse to accept Kim’s role was because it wasn’t within their programming, their understanding.

I wasn’t taking her side– I was stating the conceptualizations of belief systems interfered with perception. I am not thrilled to be dismissed as dumb by stating the Earth is flat but I studied it in depth and the freaking planet is a plane. Water does not curve…it is always level. 


Ships do not cruise to the sides of the ball and down under. Bridge surveyors do not have an equation for curvature. NASA is full of shit, a Federal Reserve invention for money laundering. And because our rules play games with meaning, one might say, hey… we meant because the earth has a DOME we were saying the Earth is round… Okay… I see the trick there.

The dome that separates waters from waters.

I see no reason in hiding this number one fact. The world is flat and I am bald and fat. But not dumb.

The other fact I want to state is we believe purposeful narratives for control and power, some of which are trying to keep some of their lies while surrendering a few. It is for another article but the lies of World War 2 are really important for the world’s most diabolical liars to hold steadfast to– so that they might launch a comeback in a decade or so because the psychological rape of the big persecution fable is the cornerstone of that fabrication.

The same way Rabbis once violently clashed over Zion versus Wandering Jew and Kol Nidre prayer or abolishing Kol nidre prayer. The Zionists wanted to keep the Kol Nidre prayer because it was the franchise that gave them power over everyone else. The prayer allows Jews to abandon their oaths and pledges because that freedom to abandon honesty is a terrific advantage in business. Stunning that this a real thing.

Let your mind wonder what other fabrications serve their needs?  

Back to Kim Goguen, a name that means…


I spend a lot of time gathering these factoids and I estimate needing to live at least 200 more years to ever find enough time to destroy all the false narratives people cling to.

Our Earth is stationary. The stars circle us. The people who lied to you had and still have all the wealth and power and reason to keep it– by lying to you.

I did not say Kim was right, wrong or in between. I simply watch and record. She really got on my bad side by lying about the Earth being a globe. Because if she has the power to fix the financial system then she should have the power to end this lie as well.

In essence, all the factions are picking which lies matter the most to continue their dynasties.

Back in 2012 I got a call from one of the Reno white hats. He said everyone is asking about you. Where you are. Why you left.

I said I could no longer be a white hat cheerleader when what I wanted to do was question everything. I wanted to be a journalist and report whatever seemed odd to me or otherwise.

He said that I could say anything I wanted. A couple weeks later they did not like what I started to write.

Their responses were something like… “???????”

That is a way to say WTF, why are you questioning our veracity or agenda, while not completely saying it.

One of my problems was their praise of the Queen of England and how the Federal Reserve infrastructure was important to maintain. This report may be the clue I should have grasped immediately but I ignored it because I was looking for heroes.


See link for the rest.

JUDY BYINGTON wrote this today.

Arrests have continued. At least 10 paymasters under the Admirals group who were connected to the UST, have been arrested for illegally taking money they were to be disbursing and paying out to their downline group recipient beneficiary accounts.

All the houses, boats, cars, etc that they bought illegally were being returned and the funds were being clawed back from their accounts which have been frozen (they showed themselves to be rats).

Replacement paymasters have been put into their positions already for the Shotgun Start inside this week.

Criminal Cabal syndicates have been taken down over the last 24-48 hours in 16 countries as part of the global Deep State criminal network take-down:

The City of London Corp., the premier Deep State banking organs of the last 100 years, has been dissolved as of Tues. 8 June.


GK conclusion:

Remember the movie A Beautiful Mind? Russel Crowe is a math genius and ask yourself why adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing needs a genius?


Because the math is a lie to begin with therefore a person who can reverse engineer a lie is important. By doing so– one can come up with an equation that makes the lie seem reasonable. Connecting false with a bridge that resembles truth.

That’s how the ass- tronomers came up with the heliocentric model. They reverse engineered God and Nature’s miraculous structure to counterfeit the lies they told the rest of us.

HINT: Think water.

Anyone going through life believing things that aren’t true are at a considerable disadvantage.

Revert back to the Kol Nidre prayer for that lesson.

Real journalism is pointing out the things that don’t add up. I shall have more to say on this, eventually. Sharing links is not being woke, it’s only when you can watch that link and point out what doesn’t add up. Which parts might be lies. That is woke.


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