“Separation from the Old and a New Beginning” by Stefan – 6.11.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:26 AM EDT on June 11, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Yesterday was new moon. Not only for the moon, whether it is real or a space station, the time for a new beginning. We know that we can start something new in every moment in the here and now, but one is reminded by the moon phases also again and again that something new could begin. This lunar phase and these energies that are currently flowing in fiercely are increasingly inviting us to part with the old, what we no longer need, and to start something new.

June is now 11 days old and there really is a lot happening if you look and also listen. In Simon Parks’ latest update, June 9, he also talks about this. While Germany seems to be the only country that still has a pandemic, at least medially and in the minds of MSM consumers, many countries are opening up, taking a breath and enjoying their freedom. At the same time, the next fear scenarios are being prepared in Germany. Climate change, water shortage, increase in price of raw materials with simultaneous scarcity, a shortage of the most expensive electricity in the world is reported. A diesel and gasoline vehicle ban within Berlin is reported and the media’s favorite party never misses an opportunity to tell us how they will soon be digging even deeper into the pockets of us Germans. Can you guess? Yep, that’s right, the Greens!

No mention of falsified resumes and falsified doctorates of the professional liars, sorry, professional politicians. Of the corruption with WIRECARD, of the corruption in connection with respiratory masks, of frauds in the intensive care bed numbers, the corona deaths, the damages with vaccinations no speech. 13,867 deaths and 1,354,336 injuries in the European Covid-19 vaccine adverse event database!!!! Or the participation in the election fraud in the US presidential elections. It is not officially reported in the MSM, it is all only in alternative and a few MSM media. Most of the liars and concealers in the MSM rather care about Donald Trump allegedly not being able to put his pants on properly. And the silent lambs see it, hear it and believe it. They don’t care about the rest, they are not affected. At least they think they are not affected. If it wasn’t so sad what’s going on with my countrymen, you could laugh your head off. Foreign countries have been doing this loudly for years, unheard by those who would be ashamed.

The foreign countries and also us Germans will still miss the laughter, if everything comes out, which drove our Politexperten in the state simulation otherwise still in such a way. They come slowly but surely to the light, the crimes against children, still it is only the church, but it goes still much deeper. We will find out soon enough, this swamp will also be dried up. And God have mercy on the one who was even remotely involved. But the end begins, as already written above, a new beginning takes place. I have told you about my encounters with the bees and the black storks. Now I get since a few days every evening visit of two bats. They are to be found globally almost everywhere and also here, where I live, they are no rarity. But every evening one or two short approaches near me? As if they wanted to say “good evening”? At first they were scary to me, they are small, super fast, fly very agile, you can only recognize their schemes for a short time. Then yesterday I looked up what these encounters might be all about.

Known to many vampire fans, the bat always plays an important role in this kind of movies. Although, like the crows for example, it does not have a good reputation, but in Asia, for example, the power animal bat stands for a long and happy life. North American Indians associated the bat with immortality and rebirth, which is why it often found a place in ceremonies for the dead. In the Celtic and Germanic imagination, bats were also considered guides in the underworld and wise counselors and emissaries of the black goddess. It was not uncommon for them to deliver messages from ancestors in the underworld to their descendants in the middle world.

So far, so good. What do the bats want to show or tell me? Or to all of us, I share with you! What do those who deal with power animals say? Rebirth and resurrection is embodied by the bats, which also carry the attribute of immortality. Silent, fast and already in another dimension, it makes flying visits to the Earth to make us attentive to leave our self-imposed limits and take a new point of view. By not being audible to our ears, the bat wants to make us aware of our inner voice and that it is important that we learn to listen to it.


Let us listen inwardly and try to filter out where we allow ourselves to be blinded and seduced, whether out of convenience, fear or habit. We should perceive the darkness with open eyes, so that we can recognize the subtle light of our soul. It is the light of our soul that the bats want to show us. Only by perceiving our light/our power can we free ourselves from dependencies, shake them off and thereby bring our gifts into the world. We are all light and each of us has an immortal soul.

The bat is a power animal that helps us overcome our fears. As a power animal, the bat represents transformation. It is an animal of the night that leads us into the darkness to be reborn. The bat has a liberating effect and often leads us into a new life…. Through the bat we learn what we need to let go of and what fears need to be conquered. This path often leads through darkness, but as surely as the bat knows how to orient itself with ultrasound in the night, as surely it leads us on this path to our goal.

Often the bat flutters into the life of a “protectee” at a difficult time when he can use support. The bat wants to help say goodbye to all that is ill. Its ability to find its way in the dark is another talent that the bat wants to bequeath to us as a power animal: we should learn to listen to our inner self and strengthen our intuition. The bat makes us receptive to the vibrations, it lets us become clairaudient and also pay attention to the intermediate tones with our fellow men. As absurd as it may seem, the bat calls us to realize our dreams. So let us be courageous!

The bat, in its meaning as a symbol of death and the afterlife, calls us to “die” spiritually speaking and be reborn. The abilities of the power animal bat and its spiritual messages:

  • Watch out for possible energy vampires in your immediate environment – all that glitters is not gold.
  • Strengthen your intuition and seventh sense.
  • Separate from the old life.
  • It gives strength for a new beginning and shows new ways.
  • It gives courage to realize dreams.
  • Reading between the lines opens up rewarding perspectives.
  • Dreams should be tackled and realized.
  • Intuition is an excellent guide.
  • Overcome your fears and support transformation.

It fits with what I’ve been trying to do for weeks, I’m getting rid of old things folks, I’ve already made a plan of what I want to take with me to my new life, it’s not much. A few clothes, some electronics, a few pieces of furniture for nostalgic reasons, a few memories, that’s all that’s left. I’ve learned something important in the last few months. Not everything that meant something to me before was really good for me. I had it because others had it too, I had it because I wanted to belong. Who did I want to belong to? To society? Or to a community? Guys, we didn’t get screwed just because of the plandemic or because of vaccination, we didn’t get screwed just because of supposed elections. Or we Germans because of a supposed state.

Important for a life is clothing for protection against weather, water and food, a roof over the head, in addition a partner for a love relationship and friends, thus a real community. In addition, there is something as a start-up aid, which we will no longer need at some point. A financial start-up aid. And we will get that soon, whatever it may look like. It will be enough for every single one of us, there will be enough for everyone. And everyone will have the same, no one will be able to put themselves above us because they have more!

We will be supported in every possible way, be it through worldly ideas and concepts, be it through new technologies, which we are finally allowed to use, be it on a spiritual level, when we are allowed to use the possibilities of our mind. The last months and years have prepared us for this moment, we are close to the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Listen to the bats, that is why I am sharing this with you!
I promise you, I won’t write about every animal I come across, OK? Unless it’s my power animal. The wolf. The odds are not good for that.


“Put the Key to your happiness,
never in the pocket of others!”


WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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