Dinarland Highlights for June 13, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.13.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Why is the world Bank so giving now?  “With regard to the role of the World Bank in improving Iraq’s economy, Numan stated that “the Bank is working with the Government of Iraq to implement the reform items that it has drawn up, and we are working through all our projects to approach the economic crises that we have previously identified, and all the projects we undertake are within the framework of supporting the paper White reform. He pointed out that “Iraq has drawn up a policy to improve the country’s economic reality by adhering to the reform white paper approved by the Council of Ministers, and work has begun to implement its contents.”….   There you go. They are implementing the WPs [White Papers]…


Frank26 (KTFA)

Everyone knows. Everyone is talking about the exchange rate.  Not just the citizens of Iraq but in many countries…the talk is all over the place about the exchange rate needing to go up in value...from the CBI to Iraq to the World Bank and many others are pointing the finger at the CBI and telling them, ‘Raise the value of your currency.‘ The only one pointing their finger at the CBI and Kazemi and telling them to decrease the value of their currency is Iran and the Parliament of Iraq but they are a minority…they are but a drop of water inside of an ocean.  The talk is opposite all over the Middle East.  They are implementing a new ‘mechanism’ which is a new exchange rate…

Article:  “A group of unions and federations announces the launch of a national campaign to support the Iraqi dinar”  The CBI is now doing the campaign exactly as we told you it would come out therefore, in my opinion the rate is either with this campaign or follows just shortly after…as everything and everyone waits for the CBI governor to announce a new exchange rate for a new small category note, Introducing a reinstatement of their currency… the RI …SMILE…Make sure you praise God today and thank you for what you are about to become…I may have pain in my body but soon family you will have gain in your hands…



Parliament: The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be fixed for at least a year

Al-Kazemi’s advisor reveals the details of the first economic reform program in Iraq and its launch date”

Starting in the years 2022-32 it’ll be the first development decade for Iraq…”

They’re going to launch the white paper reforms in 2022…Based on general daily news they’re probably planning to change the rate next year when they implement the ‘White Paper’ reforms.  But…let’s look at the sources of these articles

The first one is the parliamentary finance committee [the second a GOI advisor]. That’s NOT the CBI! …they made a key statement here.

Cougar said, “changing the exchange rate is the responsibility of the Central Bank.

No body else.  The CBI… only the CBI has anything to do with the value of Iraq’s currency/changing the rate…This general daily news suggests to you Iraq might change the rate next year when they implement the economic White Paper reforms…none of this news is from the CBI.  With that said none of this news holds any credibility. 



There really has been a lot of talk about the rate change – not just by so-called gurus but in the news.  Very interesting.  Very very interesting that once again this topic is being brought up.  You have a group of people not happy about the change that took place in the first place – saying that they should not have devalued the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar…I know they said, ‘we’re gonna keep the same rate for 3 year.’  Will they do that?  There’s always a good chance they might do that…

Remember we saw an article…it told us what?  This would be the exchange rate for the next three year.  This article appears to say something totally different.

“Parliament: The Exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be fixed for at least a year”

So it went from three yeas to at least a year.  I told you it ain’t gonna take three years.  We saw their budget for $45 a barrel of oil and it’s up to $72…it wiped out the deficit.  Good.  That’s what we want and now they have a surplus of funds and they’re able to invest in other projects...so it went from 3 years to a year.  Very interesting...



[via PDK]

The biggest thing to remember when you look at these currencies …we get our reset then everything moves into parity ..when you look at currencies now and see a large discrepancy between values…keep in mind they are shooting towards a 1 to 1. That to me using common sense tells me that it has good potential.

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