“Hope in a Hopeless World” – The Office of POOFness Weekly Report – 6.13.21


” The Office of Poofness “

“Hope In A Hopeless World” … Paul Young

The baby’s born in New York City
Wrapped in a blanket that’s tattered and worn
Mama’s doing the best she can
Findin’ hope in a hopeless world
Her eldest boy
Well he stayed in school
Listen to mama
Didn’t drink or use
But every job he wants
He gets refused
Is there hope in a hopeless world
Looking for hope in a hopeless world
Searchin’ for love in such hateful times
Tryin’ to stay strong
While the mind gets weak
I’m lookin’ for hope in a hopeless world
On a corner stands a young girl
The home she left was from the better part of town
Her daddy did things she’d rather not talk about
Is there hope in a hopeless world
You gotta quarter for the homeless
Spare some changes for a soldier who fought the war
Put some money in those hats and in those tins
Give them hope in a hopeless world
Gotto find hope in a hopeless world
Lookin’ for love in such hateful times
Lookin’ for hope in a hopeless world
I got to ease my mind
Ease my mind
You gotta listen to the voice inside you
That speaks of love
Don’t compromise, realize
The time is quickly passing by
There are mountains to climb
You can’t be standing still
The churches are full but the prayers are not heard
Saturday’s child don’t want to go to Sunday school
Whatever happened to the golden rule
Teach them hope in a hopeless world
Somebody out there’s got to listen
Somebody out there’s got to know what I’m talking about
Raise your hand if you’re with me
Give them hope in a hopeless world
Gotta find hope in a hopeless world
Gotta in love
Gotta find love in hateful times
Gotta find love
Gotta find love and free your mind
Gotta find love
Is there hope in a hopeless world
Is there hope in a hopeless world


Greetings and Salutations,

The ends do not justify the means right now.. Many are being taken down and many more yet being rounded up to face their consequences of actions and non actions. And then others are being released from prison.

Many of you had merely hoped that an end time might be possible but felt there was no one strong enough to call to action the efforts and the strength needed to make a dent in the powers that have ruled way too long. They have a counter productive effort to theirs that is making a small dent and yet the over all effort is to make the take down as effective as it can possibly be.

Stop. sit up and do what is the most important thing of all— make a difference in the lives of those you can by what you do.

The end times are within sight — that we can assure you. But the funds will remain tied up until the safety nets are in place and the checks and balances have been secured. Right now not only are the bankers in the driver seat but so are the politicians. If you think not just read the news. Do the work, do the work, do the work!! Do the prayer work and the uplifting of consciousness work.


Stop the dread and the fear porn and get on the bandwagon for celebrations and sheer joy.!! The rest is yet to be better and better, a return to good old fashion conservatism that respects every man’s right and calls forth the higher good in mankind for riding into the ascension for the best of us all.

Love and Kisses,




How powerful it is to love myself so much that I could get through the storm with faith in the miracle. Even when the sky is dark, there is always a speck of light. That speck of light is more powerful than any darkness. It is all about where you fix your gaze.It was in that darkness that I chose to focus on the speck of light. As I did, the light became bigger and bigger.

Of course I would shift to the dark sky in moments and I would cry. I cried because I didn’t understand, I cried because I was so hurt. I cried because I felt that I had lost something of value. But then I shifted my eyes back to the light. Back to my deep and profound knowing that this was a gift. An embrace of my faith and my belief that I am worthy of the same beautiful love that I give. In the light I could feel the warmth of truth. I could feel a breakthrough on the horizon. I could feel that this pain was a blessing. A part of my journey and part of a bigger plan.


My instinct sensed that I was being protected. That I was being loved and cared for by God. So although I was in pain, I could feel His love.

Those who leave us are not for us long-term but they do come to teach us. They come to wake up parts of ourselves that we have denied. Parts of ourselves that are essential for our greater purpose. When we can look at life with faith, we can always find that speck of light. If we focus on the darkness, it only gets stronger but it is in the dark that the light is that much greater. The light is that much easier to see.

It is our pride that keeps us attuned to what is and what’s wrong and it is in our humility that we can accept and find hope and purpose. It is in our acceptance that we can find healing and in our healing, we begin to understand. We begin to see what we needed to learn. What needed to be awakened inside so it could be reflected to the world.

In our story we find freedom. In our honesty we find our purpose. This life isn’t always easy or perhaps it rarely is. However, it can be easier. It can be better. It can be beautiful. When we let go of our own story of how things are supposed to go and allow ourselves to sense the vastness of God’s love, we understand that everything can serve us with a faithful perspective.

Who has told you that life ends when your heart stops beating? Who has taught you that love dies? Nothing is ever dead when we realize it is so much more than what we can see. Imagine God didn’t intervene? Imagine I hadn’t gone through that storm. What would I be? What lies would I be living? What pride would I be carrying?

Imagine that someone out there is looking in their own storm for light. Imagine they are needing support. And imagine that you are that speck that they catch a glimpse of. The choice is ours. Let the storm make us a part of the already dark sky or let the storm redirect us to the truth. To the light and to our greater purpose. We can’t control what happens, but we can control how we respond. It is amazing to realize that it is up to us.

It’s our choice. I choose to love. I choose to be a light, never dimmed by another. What do you choose?

Lindsay Rielly-Libbey
Author of the Happy Heart Journal

PP Update:

There is a lot of confusion and manipulation behind the curtain right now. My understanding is the atmosphere is not safe for anyone to receive there blessing at this moment…Keep the faith this to will change.






When it comes to controlling human beings there is no better instrument than lies. Humans live by beliefs and beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.

Are we being lied too about a GCR/RV/ Bond Redemption? Is there really a structured agenda whose only mission is to purposely misinform or outright lie to all those involved in these events? If so, then one has to ask why. What would be the motivation behind doing that? If you have been involved with the GCR/RV/Bond Redemption/Prosperity Programs, for any period of time, you know these questions have entered into your mind on more than one occasion. Since no one in the public square really knows what the master plan is, the only thing left to do is speculate. Which feeds and promotes these narratives.

All the Intel Gurus have been wrong 100% of the time. Now that’s a pretty high percentage to simply disregard it, yet we do. They come up with, what appears to be, very detailed convincing information. Delivered in such a plausible manner that we consistently absorb the information as fact. We have witnessed multiple exact dates, times of the day, various occurrences that have to happen to trigger the roll-out, detailed procedures and even payment schedules and percentages. None of which has ever come to pass.

The problem is, in the real world, when you tell a lie once all your truths become questionable. If you build a hundred bridges and steal one car are you labeled a bridge builder or a car thief? The world has become so chaotic that we readily accept any narrative that brings some kind of clarity to the chaos regardless if it is true or not.

Here’s another quagmire, at what point does a lie begin? If a person passes on a lie they believe to be true, are they lying? I personally believe the vast majority of Intel Gurus have good intentions and are not purposely misleading their listeners believing what they are told is the truth. Although I am skeptical of anyone who is profiting off their narratives.

When I see websites that provide GCR/RV information that are chucked full of advertising it has the appearance they are just looking for content to fill their pages and captivate their audience to keep those subscriptions rolling in. It shows their intent is profits not helping people.


The truth is messy. It’s raw and uncomfortable. You can’t blame people for preferring lies but we live inside the lies we believe. I quit buying into the excuses that eventually follow every prediction of the GCR/RV roll-out that falls short. It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

There is enough hard facts in the form of court documents, historical records, verifiable Intel and documentation that support the eventuality the GCR (Global Currency Reset), the RV (Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar), Historical Bond Redemptions and the Prosperity Programs (Farm Claims, MKX, the Omega Program and 100 plus more prosperity program pay-outs) but the public will never be privy to the when, where and how.

These events will have such a massive impact globally that when it happens it will be so obvious that you won’t have to piece information together or read between the lines. It won’t be a sprinkle. It will be a torrential downpour.

In the meantime it is only prudent to not place complete confidence in that by which you have, even once, been deceived. The point of propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda it is also to exhaust your critical thinking and annihilate truth. Quit drinking other peoples’ Kool-Aid and make your own.



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