“Re: A Question for the Masses” by SG – 6.14.21


Entry Submitted by SG at 10:20 AM EDT on June 14, 2021

“A Question for the Masses” by Midwestman – 6.13.21

Dear Midwestman,

I feel your pain, so let me tell you how I have worked through this and maybe something I share will be of benefit to you.

I will be a recipient of a Prosperity package which means I’ve been waiting for my blessing for 23 years, but only waiting about 11 years for the GCR. 

Reading daily Intel is like eating a meal –You really have to learn to eat the meat and spit out the bones and that’s what I do. In other words, use the links in articles and posts that will help you determine where we are in this process. 

I also find that prophecy is a good way of determining how close we are as well. I have always heard that God’s glory and the gold will be released at the same time and that makes perfect sense to me. Prophetic voices are saying that we are closer than we think to all of these events coming to a head and God invading the Earth with his glory and his power and his healing and his Prosperity! What more could we ask for?  Well I guess the answer to that question is Hope – for without hope we are lost. I also know that hope deferred does make the heart sick but you’ll have to learn to encourage yourself with what is waiting for us at the end of this roller coaster ride. What we focus on is what we become so try to stay focused on the good and what a privilege we have to be part of this event.  If this opportunity  hadn’t come along, where would we be, who would we be, do we have an alternative for such a blessing? NO, but we are privileged, we are chosen!

We are in the midst of a  learning process and a refining process that is Shining Light on our weaknesses. Our weaknesses can be turned into our strengths if we just admit them and ask for divine help to overcome them then he moves in and gives us the victory. Thus, God gets all the glory and not man. 

I liked Zap’s article this week and also DJ’s  – in fact I find that that group is writing some very sensible and encouraging articles lately. I recommend you read the latest here:

For a while I did not read their articles because they seemed to be saying the same things over and over – hopium!! 

Now if we look at things on the political front and what we’re hearing about the audits, Trump coming back, and all of the other upcoming events, I think this gives us an idea that we are getting close. 

You’ll just have to give some grace to the Intel gurus. They are only trying to help and they only report what they are hearing. Granted,  I do believe  they could  begin to question themselves when they start sounding like operation Mockingbird. My question is why aren’t some people like Bruce, for example, scratching their head and saying haven’t I been saying this for the last 5 years?   I dearly adored Bruce and listened to him Faithfully twice a week for probably at least five or six years but at one point I had to slap myself and say duh! So I stopped listening to him. If you’re listening to Bruce maybe you need to stop. Sometimes we just have to take a break from things and get centered again.

In some cases, I believe the guru platforms are intended to put money in their pocket and keep those dollars Rolling In. God forgive me if I have judged them incorrectly but it kind of looks that way.  On the other hand, some of them are retired or doing this full-time and they do have to have a way to make income so I imagine they have teamed up with different products so that they can have a stream of money coming in while they spend hours on the computer looking for information to try to benefit and encourage us.

Over the years, I have heard and seen many, many Intel reporters come and go, die, commit suicide and even go to jail. If it’s any encouragement at all, I do believe we are getting close because things really seem to be lining up. 

Keep your day job, keep living your life and keep your eyes on God. We will get our GCR because the world cannot go on any longer the way it is headed. I do believe a divine plan was given to our human, flawed president Trump and the Alliance and that we are blessed to be living in such a time as this. Keep the faith and keep your eyes on yourself and correcting your own weaknesses so you’ll be ready to handle this immense blessing and most of all keep your Communication open with the creator so you will be ready when it happens. That’s what I’ve been doing.  You may not have thought about this, but the weight of this blessing could break us if we’re not ready. So we really need to go inside and see who we truly are. And keep in mind, our hearts deceive us.  Now this is not meant for any judgement because I’m telling you this is what I have done and it’s been quite helpful.  I’ve often heard that the test we’re going through now is just preparation for the next one which will be bigger and harder. Let’s just think about that for a while!

May God bless you and bless all your endeavors in our wonderful future.  We truly are chosen and blessed.  Selah.  SG


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