“Ankle Smashers of the World” by GK – 6.14.21



Entry Submitted by GK at 6:42 PM EDT on June 14, 2021

There has been method in my madness most of the time. I run into the devils that deal me failures like stalkers and blacklisters and of course my mightiest rival — me. I can self sabotage like a champ. 

I can safely say that no matter what patterns that seem to never wise me up, my heart is in the right place.  I wish everyone the best and also wish to avoid spending more time together than a casual conversation in a line.

Take Javy Baez the cubs shortstop. For all his gifts he never wises up when it comes to hitting. He uses a bat that is way too big and he takes swings that are the longest possible 360 degree cyclical wallops that results in a wide variety of repeated results. 
Sometimes he swings so hard, he misses and the bat comes all the way around and smashes himself in the ankle. Other times he line drives the ball off his ankle.

Taking walks isn’t really ever in his game plan. If he took walks– the pitchers might have to get the ball closer to the plate. But Javy, being Javy– succeeds in spite of his dysfunctional approaches. Most just shrug now and say, “let Javy be Javy.” He somehow succeeds anyway.

We are all like that. There is something in our characters no one else can fix and we generally fail even when we know what it is and take on the attempts to change. But old habits– usually bad habits die hard.

But one thing is certain, I do have a plan for all of you. It’s to help you to see what you refuse to see. Whether the lies of NASA or this freaking con job we are all in called the GCR. 

You must be beginning to see it by now. It made sense when George Bush Jr was in office. The Iraq war was the cabal’s con game to enrich themselves and the currency was always a big part of war’s dirty little side scam that we somehow got wind of. But look how many Presidents and financial charters have come and gone since? The only people left with smiles is whoever got to sell dinar, dong and Zim right up to the present moment.

Yeah whatever, save the lame airheaded it’s the alliance blah blah ad nauseum. It is more likely the kids being saved are the pedophiles covering their tracks… But hey… Maybe there is some form of justice in the works but I guarantee it has nothing to do with Trump or pretending to drag things out to awaken people. 

Was Covid not your wake up call for chrissakes? They tried to kill us. Did you miss that? Trump failed us there. He almost did the right thing when he almost outed fauci and the pharmaceutical mafia but someone scared him into anything but a hero.

The talmudic mafia is the Nazi and always have been. They do not accept second place. They kill anything that breathes to remain number one.

Yes some entity is kicking their asses presently but it’s not going to result with all of us being billionaires and trillionaires and the FED staying in power. No it’s not. The new deal may be actual opportunity and real bonafide free enterprise so that you can achieve dreams not by holding war currency but by exploiting your own talents. And real freedom for the first time ever.

And if by some miracle we cash out some currency, you better believe it is the Titanic being raised only to find itself in an old mine field.

There is good news ahead, just not what you think.

And if the same old cabal (Talmudists) murders their way back where they love being — in control, I will not admit I was wrong. I will say we got what we deserved for a lifetime of mediocrity and repeating bad habits. Willful ignorance and believing Hollywood (Talmudic) claptrap.

Once we say, we are a Christian Nation and not a Judeo-Christian nation, we might be on our way to understanding our own terrible habitual ankle smashing patterns.


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