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Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 5:00 PM EDT on June 14, 2021

With GESARA officially being unleashed within the next few weeks into the physical manifestation, many of you will have a new found wealth, as well as a new found consciousness.

You have the Free Will to utilise this new found wealth in a creative or destructive manner. Do not underestimate the power of your Free Will. Let us take a sojourn into the creation of Free Will.

Guide: “As this concept is beyond words, an illustration will have to do. The Supreme Being looked at Himself and saw that He was near perfect. I will refer to the Supreme Being in the masculine but in truth He is both male and female, and yet neither.” 

Seeker: “Are you saying the Supreme Being is not perfect? That sounds incredulous.” 

Guide: “All right let us explore this concept before I continue with my illustration. To answer this question, we will explore two concepts. One that the Supreme Being is perfect and the other that He is eternal. 

Seeker: “Is the Supreme Being not both?”           

Guide: “These are two irreconcilable concepts.” 


Seeker: “In what way?” 

Guide: “Let’s start with perfection. If we say something is perfect it means that there can be no improvement. It cannot become better as it is at its purest state of being. For the sake of understanding lets us assume there is a room in your house which has reached this state. There is no possible way to improve it and it is therefore perfect. I realise that such a room does not exist but for the purpose of this discussion we will assume that one hypothetical room does exist. Would you be able to take an inventory and record every aspect of that room?” 

Seeker: “With enough time I would be able to do so.” 

Guide: “So it would be correct to say that everything in that room was measurable and could be duplicated. If everything about that room was measurable, you would have a closed system. A starting point on the inventory (as the first item is recorded) and an end point on the inventory (as the last aspect or item was recorded).” 

Seeker: “I suppose so.” 

Guide: “Would it not therefore have a beginning and an end and therefore not be eternal as eternity implies no beginning and no end.? It may be perfect but not eternal.” 

Seeker: “I see your point.” 


Guide: “Now you have to decide which holds true for you, is the Supreme Being perfect or eternal? It cannot be both.” 

Seeker: “This is a mind-shift I was not expecting. I need time to assimilate this information.” 

Guide: “Good, it takes time to reform our patterns of belief, but at least the seed has been planted. It is up to you revisit this concept to see if the seed bears fruit or does not take root in the soil of your mind. But let us continue with our illustration. I put to you that the Supreme Being is indeed eternal but not perfect.  

The Supreme Being looked at himself and saw that He was near perfect. Yet He noticed that his toes were less bright than His eyes. He wanted to shine his toes to be of the same lustre as the eyes. The problem was that He existed in a state of near perfection, of no vibration, of nothingness but everythingness. In order to shine anything, you need friction, but there was no friction in His reality.  

He had to create a part of Him that was exposed to friction. So, He created a density that was beyond his current state of almost bliss, a state of vibration that was something less than the everythingness/nothingness that He inhabited. This led to the creation of another dimension and another dimension and another and another. Eleven major densities in all. Each density has many sub-divisions, each sub-division has a multitude of sub-divisions; and so on, but that is not the topic of this conversation.  Each density is slower in vibration (frequency) than the one before.  The dual nature of this 3D reality supplied the friction need. 

Although he cast His toes out in the first density, it was not until the creation of the slowest density (matter, energy space and time: the 3D world) that the true nature of His Grand Experiment achieved His desire to become brighter. 

The first separation from First Source is Infinity. Infinity is a concept that can be cognised, and therefore is separate from First Source which is beyond cognition. Infinity, a straight line mathematically speaking, but had awareness. Awareness that it was one of two.”  

Seeker: “One of two? Is infinity not All That Is, therefore only one?” 

Guide: “An astute observation, but flawed. Flawed only in the sense that your Divine Spark can only perceive and express itself through the limitations of the human instrument. The concept of that which is beyond the creative force of Infinity; or who created the creator, so to speak; is beyond the human instruments ability to comprehend. In terms of creation, Infinity is the creator of the manifestation, not First Source; Second Source if you will. In terms of the manifestation, Infinity is the creative God of all that is known.” 

Seeker: “I am not sure that I follow.” 


Guide: “Infinity is born out of a separation from First Source. It therefore had its own unique identity, however that identity is intimately connected to First Source. Guided or directed if you will. Similar to the creator and an owner of a company wishing to retire. He employs a CEO and mandates the CEO to perform according to his goals, giving the CEO the freedom to achieve those goals in a manner which the CEO deems apt. As long as the owner/creator’s goals are met, he is happy. How the CEO achieves those goals is up to the CEO’s input. Of course, the owner/creator’s values and credo are part of the implementation of those goals. The owner/creator manages those aspects within the CEO’s brief, but not the actions the CEO takes within his set parameters.  A limited form of Free Will.

Infinity expanded away from First Source and as we sit here, is still doing so. However, Infinity also came into focus and became aware. It became intelligent. Imagine an elastic band stretching out further and further At the centre of the elastic band is a focal point. If you release the 2 extremities of the elastic band it will snap back towards its centre (the focal point). Energy was born. When the elastic band was stretched far enough, and the energy at the focal point became too intense, Infinity utilised its limited Free Will to release the pressure. The energetic action that Infinity took was to cause a bifurcation, a separation from itself, just as it was separated from First Source. 

However, this time it bifurcated not in a linear fashion, but in a rotational manner, thus ensuring the separation would return to itself. Infinite Intelligence (intense energy) imbued with the prime directive of First Source to know itself became Finity, (mathematically speaking spin or rotation was born.) In other words, Finity originates from, and returns to Infinity, and therefore has a beginning and an end. Finity by its very definition means it has a beginning and an end. It is cast out from Infinity and returns to Infinity. 

Infinity gave Finity the ability to think for itself in its cyclic journey. Free Will was born. Free Will is the primordial law of the universe and must be respected at all times.  

It is the most powerful force of all of manifested creation.  

The experiences and learning that Finity enjoys, ultimately gets reabsorbed back into Infinity. In this way Infinity grows. Infinity will also eventually be reabsorbed by First Source, carrying with it the entire learning experiences of all of creation.” 

Seeker: “So we are all, let me rephrase that, the human instrument is a direct separation from Infinity into Finity, but ultimately connected to Infinity, immortal so to speak?” 

Guide: “Correct on many aspects of your statement but wrong on one critical point. You are indeed immortal and connected to Infinity, but in no way directly. The human instrument is many times removed from Infinity.” 

Seeker: “In what way?” 

Guide: “Your human instrument/ego-consciousness is not a direct separation from Infinity. If it were so, you would not have a physical body/human instrument, only an energetic/light body.  


The initial movement from First Source was Infinity. Infinity can be described as a gravitational field with no movement, only polarities. This field bifurcated into an electromagnetic field. Infinity had form separate from First Source but no movement. Electric forces then separated from Infinity, creating Finity gifted with Free Will and rotational movement. Electric created magnetic. Due to the curvature nature of rotation, these movements would eventually turn back towards its creator and reconnect with Infinity. This caused another bifurcation, moving away from and back towards its creator. Again, and again and again, this process is repeated. Through the multitude of bifurcations matter was formed. 

Let us go to a pond analogy. The still pond is Infinity. The pebble in the pond causes a ripple. This ripple goes to all sides of the edge of the pond. As it reaches the edge of the pond, the ripples are strong enough to bounce off the edge and return to the centre. As they return, they are met with the ripples still emanating from the original displacement. This causes an interference pattern. This causes the ripples to disperse in different directions. They too travel outwards and then return back to the centre only to be met with outgoing ripples. This causes further distortions that going in all directions, but each distortion rebounds and returns back to source. 

Simply put, your human instrument is a ripple in the pond that is many times removed from the still point of Infinity and First Source.

Seeker: “So my human instrument is finite but my Divine Spark is a part of me that is infinite as it originated from Infinity.” 

Guide: “Yes. everything in creation is connected to Infinity. But in the physical manifestation, the plants and rocks have less consciousness than the human instrument, so therefore less Free Will. They are governed by other principles, whereby more of their guidance is Divine than that of the human instrument. Man (The human instrument) is the crown of creation. He has more of Free Will than any other intelligence, or fragment of the Supreme Being in the manifestation of this cosmic day. In direct proportion to his Free Will is his loss of guidance from First Source.” 

Seeker: “You state that man has the greatest Free Will, more than anything in the manifestation. That we have dominion over the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. But surely the Angels, Arc-Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim and Elohim have more consciousness than us and therefore more Free Will?” 

Guide: “Your question shows you are really beginning to grasp the complexity of creation. Whilst the angelic kingdom /density has more awareness than mankind, they have less Free Will. Like the mineral, plant and animal kingdom, they too receive their guidance and direction from the dimensions higher in vibration than themselves, much like a parent will guide a child, or more accurately, a company director will instruct an employee.  

As mentioned in the previous analogy, the toes were cast out from First Source and given individuality. The further the separation, the more individuality was bestowed. At the point where the separation was from a light being into a physical being, there were those who chose to enter the manifestation, and those who chose to remain as light beings. What you know as the Angelic Kingdom chose not to manifest.  

They utilised their free will to not enter the physical manifestation. They knew by entering the physical manifestation, although they would be given tremendous Free Will, that they would also have to endure forgetfulness of their divinity, as well as pain and suffering, or as the bible puts it, ‘the briar and the thorn’.  They chose instead to become the messengers/servants of their creators, guided and directed by their directives. 

So, whilst they have Free Will and uniqueness, their Free Will is limited. Think of it as they have joined a company and cannot resign. They must obey the will of the company director. While they may have the free will to achieve a goal set by the director, their every action must be aligned to achieve the said goal. They have joined the company for all of creation and cannot resign. 


You on the other hand can choose to resign from the company you work for. You are no longer restricted by the dictates of the said company. They cannot. Your Free Will is more powerful as you are born into the physical manifestation with autonomy, the ability to choose your own direction. The down side is you have forgetfulness of your connection to First Source and therefore receive almost no guidance. They on the other hand have not been born of the physical, they are ethereal entities and therefore have less forgetfulness and greater connectedness to the Divine and therefore less Free Will.  As your Free Will is greater, they must obey your dictates.” 

Seeker: “This is astounding. I have more of Free Will than an angel? The implications are profound. Would an angle even listen to me if I saw one?” 

Guide: “Not only would he listen to you, but he would have to obey you if your request was within his divine mandate. This is a well-known principle amongst many mystery schools where the invocation of angels is a matter of knowing their angelic names (Sigalls), and the knowledge of right time and ritual to invoke or summon them. The cabal are well versed in this and have used it for nefarious purposes.

Seeker: “But surely angels have more ability to affect matter than me.” 

Guide: “Yes. But they have no inclination to affect matter unless directed by their CEO. It should be noted that part of their mandate is assist a human instrument that asks for their guidance with authentic intent. Also, if your consciousness is such that you have acquired the ability to summons them through the rituals I have previously mentioned, they have an obligation to obey your dictates as long as they don’t differ from their mandate. The demonic angels have turned their back on this mandate and do as they are instructed by the cabal. They too are subject to the Free Will of man. 

Guide: “There are many influences within and the quantum and pre-quantum domains that limit your Free Will.  Not only survival and fear. Remember the human instrument exists in the lowest vibratory or dimensional state of existence. Your Divine Spark (your true self) exists in one of the purest or highest vibrational state of separation from First Source. Each time there is a creation of a lower vibrational dimension, there is an increase in forgetfulness of your connection to First Source, or in other words, a lowering of your consciousness. The up side to the system is that you acquire more Fee Will.

However, the cabal has insidiously captured and manipulated your Free Will. Your Free Will has been severely impeded. GESARA is the release of their control and the return of your Free Will.

Encoded within your DNA are Source codes that activate your awareness. These Source codes are activated when you overcome fear, especially the fear for the human instrument to survive at all costs. Separation from First Source manifests most by you going against your conscience (your inner knowing of what the correct action to take is).  Once you realise that the human instrument is temporary, and that you are eternal, then you start living according to natural creative forces of the universe and can overcome the fear of survival (death).  

The fear and survival energies cause a dissonance within your consciousness and you have the choice to buy into that system and remain disconnected, or to overcome them and reconnect to that which is beyond this dissonance.  

Use your Free Will wisely.


Our prime programming is to re-connect to the original state of everythingness/nothingness of First Source which is a harmonious state beyond our current understanding. To the majority incarnated at this time, this is not a conscious desire. Through our many lifetimes of trial and error, we will get to a point where we realise the energies of our current manifestation are not harmonious. At this point we will develop an unquenchable desire to seek the means to reconnect to harmony.  

That time is now!

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Jai Guru Dev


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