“Communicating with your Higher Self, Part 1” by Jai Guru Dev – 6.16.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 4:10 PM EDT on June 16, 2021

Everything that you thought to be real is about to change. For millennia the cabal have controlled and manipulated our reality, with the main purposes of keeping us disconnected from Source, and living in a fear-based survival spiral. Our negative emotions provide ‘loosh’ a form of energy that feeds the interdimensional controllers of the cabal. 

As GESARA plays out, everything one learnt about reality is going to be shattered. There will be a positive, empowering change in our belief systems as we learn the new physics, mathematics, healing principles, fair legal systems, life expectancy….. to name a few. 

But a large majority of the population are about to have their belief systems totally shattered, not knowing who or what to trust. They will be thrown into complete chaos, uncertainty, and even severe depression and in certain circumstances, develop suicidal tendencies. 

To many devout Catholics, learning the pope was a Satanists will simply be too much to bear. Every religious doctrine has been manipulated and is a mere shadow of the truth, and so every devout ‘believer’ will also be affected. The Hollywood ‘heroes’ will be exposed as paedophiles. Royalists will be heart-broken when they discover their kings and queens were evil, depraved narcissists. Never mind the extra-terrestrial reality about to be exposed. It will simply be too much to bear. 

Who to turn to in these tumultuous times? Who do you pray to for guidance? There is one absolutely safe source, your Higher Self, and your Divine Spark. Your Higher Self operates at a level of connectedness way beyond your human instrument’s understanding. It has far better channels of communication with the Creator than any religious organisation. Your Higher Self should be your chosen emissary for all spiritual matters. 

I am not negating ‘God’ in this process. I am merely suggesting that instead of using the corrupt church or orthodox system one has used in the past, it is time to use the higher aspect of yourself to communicate to ‘God’. 

In time to come it will be realised that the ‘God’ of the bible is an alien. Anu, as depicted in the Sumerian clay tablets. The ‘God’ of the bible is a False God! Let me say it again, the God of the bible is a false God! …. Feel the effects of this statement in your body. 


Perhaps the above statement is true or not true. It remains to be seen.  

How many of you ‘awake’ readers are cringing with extreme discomfort right now! To some it feels as if your very core is screaming out in denial. The religious indoctrination by the cabal over thousands of years has created a powerful morphogenetic field (an aspect of the collective unconscious) that has powerful energetic claws attached to your psyche.  Breaking free from this attachment almost always causes great discomfort. Now take that feeling of angst and multiply it by thousands of times. That is what the ‘sheeple’ will be experiencing once all is revealed.   

This is the time in our history where we have to go within, to develop an internal locus of control, as opposed to looking for salvation in the external environment. Simply put, ‘Don’t give away your power’. If you wish to communicate with ‘God’, do it through your Higher Self.  As the term ‘God’ is now in dispute, I will refer to the Creator with the neutral title of ‘First Source’. 

The Higher Self is the anchor, the pillar of strength that people will need to assist them through the chaos that is about to unfold. Chaos in the sense that everything you held to be true is a poor reflection of truth, often a deliberate manipulation designed to guide you away from the truth. 

So, what is the Higher Self? 

It exists in the highest dimension of manifestation. 

It exists in the least dense plane of all the planes of density. 


It is the sum total of all your experiences, through all incarnations.  

It is the sum total of all your experiences of all of the countless other ‘you’s’ that exist in the Multiverse, all densities and dimensions. The countless other ‘you’s’ that you are not even consciously aware of. 

It is the sum total of all of your experiences on different timelines. 

It has an incredible reservoir of knowledge that can assist and guide you through almost any aspect of life that you encounter. 

More than that, it is the manifested aspect of your Divine Spark; that fragment of First Source that exists beyond the manifested Multiverse; that part of you that exists in the Divine Zone. It therefore has a direct link, a powerful connection to the Divine Zone. 

Start today. Set the intent to develop a clear communication channel between your Higher Self and your human instrument ego identity. Wake up every morning and greet your Higher Self and ask for guidance and strength to conquer any obstacles that come your way. The more you acknowledge your Higher Self, the more it will assist you. 

Of course, there is more one can do to connect strongly and clearly with your Higher Self, but this simple step is a powerful step. This connection is going to be greatly needed in the unfolding chaos as we change from dark to light. 

Jai Guru Dev


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