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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:28 PM EDT on June 17, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

Most Americans love their country and are proud to be Americans. And I’ m sure it is the same in other nations as well. The majority of the population has a healthy national pride that is not only shown when playing soccer or any other sport on an international scale. I was in Denmark and in Norway a few years ago, there the respective national flag flies at all houses. This is also the case in America, as confirmed by private contacts I have in the USA. And not only on Flag Day or national holidays. In Germany, you only see black-red-gold flags during the World Cup and the European Championship, otherwise they gather dust in the closet. By the way: It’s a good thing, it’s the flag of a state simulation anyway. Of course in other nations, of course in Germany, one shows flag only at sporty competitions. After an election victory, even Chancellor Merkel throws the flag from the stage. Yes, throws black-red-gold from the stage! A comrade of mine from the military once had to do three days of special duty because he did not salute the flag.

I think I know that the flag that Americans fly today, which we all know, is actually a war flag. In the peace flag, the stripes are vertical, or am I wrong? So are Americans saying goodbye to their flag soon? Or will the flag, which I personally think is beautiful, get a new, peaceful meaning? We Germans will soon say “Servus!!!” to our FRG flag black-red-gold. Maybe we will get the flag of the German Reich again, black-white-red, or we may choose a completely new flag, depending on which form of state we choose. It would fit because something completely new will emerge in our country. Many will look around and not believe it because they have held on to something wrong, because they have followed false prophets, because they have fallen for errors. Today I heard that we must have 60% awakening amount, but we are only at 56%. Forget about getting the missing 4% in Germany. I have told you many things about our special indoctrination phases.

This 60% is not made up of people, no, it is all taken together. Many have 100%, many have 80-90% and the majority is probably between 0 and 15% awakening. Taken together, that’s just 56%. Actually, it would be simple: 2 million wake up overnight and we have exceeded the critical amount. But, where are these 2 million? We have been told so much in many Q-drops, in many Twitter and Telegram posts by patriots what will happen. And of course, we believe it and are already preparing for it in our minds. And just as naturally, the disillusionment comes on the days after. Just like with the gurus. Every day it is either quiet, the calm before the storm, or we are finally there and get our conversion dates. It is self-evident that they write it every day, self-evident that we believe it every day, and just as self-evident that again some counter-action by the lingering Deep State will prevent it.

It is actually fascinating, because he should be already defeated. The upper levels, alien, reptiloid, cabal, dark and invisible, have long since left the planet. The visible cabal government leaders have been replaced by clones or actors. The levels below have been and are being arrested and taken to the old and new Gitmo’ s. Or did I leave something out, miss or not notice? So I am seriously wondering who can stop anything from happening? Everyone knows, it goes without saying, that low-ranking soldiers perform much worse when they are leaderless. So if the leadership is gone, why don’t the lower echelons surrender? They seem to be fighting to the last breath, and for months have been successfully preventing any conceivable public bang that would trigger a mass awakening.

Boy, oh boy, what fighters, what dedication, what staying power. And without leadership! You wouldn’t want to have that as an opponent. In addition, there are all the henchmen who, also without leadership, still manage to spread misinformation, can continue to put people in fear, let the media continue despite lies and concealment. To this end, continue to allow and even push vaccinations on people. Hey, each of us knew or know it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

The Deep State had over 100 years to build everything, the Alliance had over 70 years to come up with a counterplan. They even had Looking Glass technology and were always one step ahead. But that seems to have broken down somehow, because if the DS can stop the bang, stop the mass awakening, keep the media running, something is wrong.


I really don’t want to know how many brave and courageous patriots are failing because of their impatience in the last days and weeks. How many have simply given up and no longer believe anything. You can’t blame them either, a thread of patience just has an individual strength in each individual and also an individual stretching ability. Even I, in spite of a high optimism, a firm belief, a high hope, am struggling more often in the last days. I notice how I’ m coming to the end of the line of my strength. My private situation is full of self-evidence to my detriment. My wife is a couch potato with a part-time job. I throw the household, the gardening, the monthly expenses alone. Only the most necessary in the last weeks, because I also have a job for my readers and subscribers. She has her money to herself, she has her free time to herself, her recreational periods to herself. Yes, you notice correctly, our marriage has become a live-in relationship, without the other benefits of a partnership.

My son has his own life, he owns the two-family house, he is in the military. But he too has become an energy vampire. He has his apartment, his free time, his income to himself. Everything else is taken care of by his dad, especially the dog, which he really wanted to have. And about the laundry. LOL. Yes, I know, I let this go on for far too long, it’s my own fault, it was a creeping process and I should have hit the table much sooner. Still, a solution is not in sight unless the RV finally comes. A separation has now become impossible for many reasons, that would lead too far to describe that in more detail. And it is also private, I have already revealed too much.

But this is only to show how quickly something can become self-evident in a society or community that is characterized by the fact that taking is better than giving. This is what we were brought up to do for decades. Miraculously, I was always different. The last shirt I would have given, that’s why I was often taken advantage of. That’s why I could, and even today sometimes still can, accept badly. I have learned in the last two years. I have learned that phases of impatience, of despair, of disbelief, of wanting to give up are part of the process I have to go through. I still lack a little understanding of this, it seems illogical to me. Maybe this strengthens me for tasks that still lie ahead of me. And when I think I can’t do it anymore, a little light comes from somewhere. Be it a dear mail or a nice Telegram message or just the feeling that someone special is thinking of me.

So I recommend myself and all of you to continue to be trustful, patient, brave and courageous. The DS stooges will not be better than us and they will not last as long as we do. We are the children of the Creator and also Creators ourselves, whatever we call Him. We all need strength and power when we have to take care of those who have to cope with the revelation of the truth, which will happen soon. Of course, in this whole process, however long it will take, we are aware that good will win and justice will prevail again. And of course patience is a virtue!

“The bad only become powerful,when the good do nothing.That will never happen again!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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