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Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 10:08 AM EDT on June 18, 2021

The most important parts of communicating with your Higher Self are, -acknowledge of your Higher Self – knowing that it has your best interests at heart, and – believing you have the ability to send and receive information with this unknown aspect of yourself. 

As belief systems are about to go through a revolutionary change, it is worthwhile looking at this topic. 

Supposition – What you believe to be true, is true… but true only for you at that present space/time continuum (moment in time).  

Always remember that your current belief system is only an aspect of truth, a small fragment of a greater and more accurate truth. ‘Truths’ are constantly being redefined, improved upon, giving us a greater ability to control matter, to improve the quality of our existence. 

The most critical step in being a conscious observer is what you believe to be possible either consciously or subconsciously. The greater your belief in what is possible, the greater your potential to manifest that possibility. Know that it is entirely possible for every sentient life form to consciously communicate and with, and receive ‘supernatural’ assistance from their Higher Self 

James Mahu Nahi: “All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing rooms for the manifestation of the belief. Within these energy systems are currents that direct your life experience. You are aware of these currents either consciously or subconsciously, and you allow them to carry you into the realm of experience that best exemplifies your true belief system.” 

It is our belief systems that cause us to make decisions that attract our life experiences, both good and bad.  


Most belief systems are encoded into one’s DNA at birth. Some are developed in the formative years of our upbringing. Yet you still utilised your Divine gift of Free Will and chose these experiences before conception.  

Your DNA is an offshoot of your parents’ DNA. But it was their vibrational frequency that attracted you to them at conception/birth, knowing full well that their DNA would create the vibrational frequency to attract the life experiences that would formulate your belief systems in your formative years. After all, between birth and seven years old, you really are subjected to the environmental cues that your parents have manifested.  

In those formative years your neuropathways in your brain develop. You have little self-consciousness and simply absorb information (along with the pre-programmed codes in your DNA), which fashions your concept of reality. This is similar to a computer programmer writing the code for a program to behave in a particular manner. 

So initially, you are exposed to an external environmental cue and you automatically elicit a response to that cue, dependant on the configuration of your neuropathways, just like a computer programmer pushes a button to activate a desired aspect of his program. 

As you grow older you develop more cognitive abilities. You become more and more aware of your own individuality. More of your Divine Spark consciousness enters into your human instrument. By the late teen’s early twenties, you have your full unique identity, an individual spark dwelling in a human instrument with the main directive of becoming more than you were before. 

At this point you are a unique stand-alone entity, imbued with Free Will, capable of choosing or rejecting belief systems that assist you in your journey through matter. The choice is yours. This is analogous to a computer programmer modifying his program to elicit a different response from his app. 

In quantum terms, by your early twenties you have the choice to be the observer that effects matter, or the observer that is affected by matter. If you choose to effect matter, then it is incumbent on you to go within, to discard outmoded belief systems and awaken dormant DNA by reframing your belief about who you are and what you are capable of achieving.  


GESARA is the precursor to massive changes in our belief systems. A breaking down of the matrix if you will. This process will, (to varying levels), undoubtedly shatter the psyche of many. One’s Higher Self has all the mechanisms to assist one to cope and to reform a new empowered belief system.  

In order to foster your belief and enhance your communication with your Higher Self, here are a few tips. Please note that all these tips are merely suggestions. Modify the suggestions and find out what works for you. The tips are merely a starting point to initiate conscious communication. 

  1. Say out loud, “I am a fragment of First Source imbued with its capabilities.” This is a statement that has been charged by Mahu Nahi of the Wingmakers, to increase the energetic connection between your human instrument and your Divine Spark (via your Higher Self), similar to the way a Reiki practitioner activates and channels healing energy. 
  1. Imagine a light of protection around your body (I personally use the Merkabah). 
  2. Say out loud, “I connect with my Higher Self” and imagine a light going from your pineal gland through the sun and connecting with a point on the other side. Let your imagination loose, if an image of an entity/person/shape pops into your mind, go with the flow, let the light connect to it. 
  3. Give grateful thanks to your Higher Self for whatever at this moment you are grateful for. It is the energy of gratitude that that strengthens this relationship! 
  4. Ask your Higher Self to increase your DNA’s capacity to hold photons, light, consciousness. Ask to activate your dormant DNA. Ask to activate your Source Codes. 
  5. Ask if it has any message for you that can assist you at this moment in time. Then simply put your mind in neutral and see what thoughts pop in. Don’t evaluate the thoughts at this moment, just let them flow through you. Only evaluate them after you have finished your session. 
  6. At this point ask it for any assistance you may need. For example, you might be out of work and are looking for employment. You could say, “Please could you attract into my life the most appropriate and beneficial opportunity to generate income and to grow in my personal development.” 
  7. Thank your Higher Self for all of its assistance and ask it to continue to guide you and inspire you. 
  8. It is important to do this on a daily basis. The more you put energy into this process, the more assistance it will give you. 
  9. At this point analyse any thoughts that popped into your head whilst communicating with your Higher Self. 
  10. Watch for the synchronicities that will occur (e.g. in getting that business opportunity you asked for), and act on those synchronicities.

Another way of getting in touch with your Higher Self is to listen to your inner voice and then act on its direction. One could say that your inner voice/conscience is your frequency beacon, guiding you to higher and higher octaves of vibration. Develop a strong code of ethics, (as determined by your inner voice) and act accordingly. This will dramatically increase your guidance and support. 

Initially there is a lot of work to be done to distinguish between your inner voice and your ego voice. Guidance comes through the inner voice but then we immediately question it with our ‘logic’ (ego voice. 

Your inner voice interfaces with societal norms but is guided by Divine energies. Your ego voice is guided by personal comfort as prescribed by societal norms. The function of your inner voice is for you to achieve personal growth, to become more according to the original blueprint of separation from First Source. The function of your ego voice is to take the easiest path, keep the peace, so to say. Although not always, this is often detrimental to your development.” 

Seeker: “From now on I will spend energy in differentiating between my inner voice and ego voice.” 

Guide: “Excellent. Some tips to help you: – 

  1. The inner voice is always the initial (gut) reaction. Your first impression. The ego voice is the one that argues against that initial reaction as it is ‘illogical’. 
  2. The inner voice almost always tell you take the hardest path. The ego voice desires the easiest path. Have faith; the hard path may have immediate short-term discomfort, but will inevitably have long term benefits. 
  3. The ego voice is often a function of the conscious mind (15 bits per second processing power), the inner voice is a function of the sub/super-conscious mind (70 to 80 million bits per second processing power). 
  4. The inner voice uses Quantum logic not Newtonian logic. It exists in the dimensions beyond the five senses, the realm of the ego mind. Listen to it even though it may not make immediate sense. 
  5. Make an effort to remember your dreams. It is your inner voice guiding you. 
  6. Personify your inner voice (Higher Self). Imagine a being of pure light. Name the being, i.e. Ivy. In the morning visualise Ivy and greet Ivy. Ask Ivy to guide you through the day and commit to hearing Ivy’s message. At night visualise Ivy and ask for guidance in your dream state and commit to remembering your dreams.” 

Begin the process. Talk to your Higher Self daily! 

Jai Guru Dev



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