Dinarland Highlights for June 17, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.17.21


After Barzani’s announcement, a government source clarifies how to pay regions share of the budget

That’s right.  They finally came up with an agreement.  It only took 13 years, 6 months, 27 hours, 72 minutes and 84 seconds to do this…they agreed to retro it all the way back to January.  That makes sense…Here’s the thing that’s weird about this.  They’ve done this before.  Not that I’m trying to throw salt on this.  This is good news.  I like it. But last time they agreed on something, some of the political blocks got in the way.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen…I’m glad.  They finally ironed out their differences and it looks like an agreement is there.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  We’ll know if it’s real when Kurdistan says they received their money and all is well over in dinar land

Looks good you guys.  We want outside investors in there.  We see the Iraq dinar gaining against the dollar again.  We see other countries eager to come in and invest.  We see that things seem to have quieted down.  They’re very stable.  These are all good positive news.  That’s what we wanted and that’s what we got…



There has been great expectations for the RV to begin today. The day is young and we have to see if the final release did happen overnight.   Just know we are in the end days as this is coming to a close. This can not go on much longer. All is being readied and prepared…We can clearly see the progress being made…


Frank26 (KTFA)

A national campaign to support the Iraqi dinar.

Yes indeed a new rate of 1 to 1 that they have been campaigning and talking about at the CBI is coming…pay close attention to the word that the governor of the CBI is using with citizens…he told you yesterday ‘a campaign of education is now starting’ and once again are those not my exact words…?



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We appear to be caught in a groundhog day today…lots of paymasters in place…lots of bankers in place…there is nothing negative... All the folks are still in place and redemption center folks are planning on being on call over the weekend…Last weekend they were not on call…so imo we are in a better spot now then we were then.  I am hearing a lot of static/chatter from my Iraq and middle east contacts. This has drug out longer than they expected.  They had expected things to already have rolled out there this week…they are pushing hard…I believe we are on top of this and awfully close.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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I don’t usually do rates…I try to stay away from it – I will say this – If I told you what I knew the rates were – the ones that were on the screen – you would probably wouldn’t believe me anyway…we’re going to be fine – rates are the least of your worries…


Petra (KTFA)

The Finance Minister said, “the ministries is continuing to open up to the world to conclude the best relations.  To open a new horizon of cooperation.  To restore its rightful place among the nations of the world.  It’s continuing with global openness and concluding investor relations.” Concluding. That’s past tense. Finishing out. Whatever work they’re doing internationally they’re finishing up… essentially they’re making a declaration that they’re doing business, they’re opening up, they want to be recognized as a sovereign country (which the G7 just did) and now they’re saying they’re opening up for business.  It’s a very very clear statement…

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