“God bless you Zoe and Grateful Gal, Schumann off the Charts” by Kat – 6.17.21


Entry Submitted by Kat at 10:26 PM EDT on June 17, 2021

Dear Gorgeous Goddesses Zoe & Grateful Gal,

Bless your hearts for stepping into the breach and offering to help save my blogs. It was heart-melting of you and brought tears to my eyes.

Zoe — Your fighting Spirit is right up my alley. “Those b*stards!!!” Couldn’t agree more. 

I know that years from now it will be a badge of courage that we all got deleted, suspended, wiped and attacked by the deep state demons and their bots and shills because they’ll be  #SpaceDust and we’ll be celebrating the Victory of the Light in Divine Realms and far far far away from even the memories of this revolting demon matrix.

And Grateful Gal, Holy Kats! You saved all of that??? Unbelievably AMAZING. 

But here’s the thing. I have ALL the hard copies of my blogs so you don’t have to worry one bit. I don’t know that Patrick has hard copies of everyone’s blogs, but my method is so old school, so low tech, it saved me.

I write the blogs on Word (do NOT get me started on Gates and his dumb programs, Lord,) but once I’ve written and illustrated the blog, I load it into an Email and Patrick, with the patience of Job, formats it onto the site.


So all is well. I may not have all my live links anymore, but I’ve been so surprised to discover how many of my blogs have survived all over the internet. As well I keep stumbling on them in different languages, which is really cool.

Patrick just pointed out that some of my blogs were saved on OperationDisclosure1, so that’s wonderful as well!

I wanted to give you both a public Thank You because honestly, you exemplify for me 5D+++. Kindness. Generosity. Caring. Intelligence. Thoughtfulness. Creativity. Energy. Beauty and The Divine Feminine.

Thank you both unceasingly with all my heart.

Showers of blessings upon you and yours eternally.

Here’s a brief News Bulletin:

The Light Factor on Earth is skyrocketing!! Today the Schuman Resonance Chart measured 74hz. That was a whopper. 5D+++ Resonates between 40 hz → 100 hz.

“June Ascension Symptoms include: 


Intense dreams (increased release from subconscious /thymus), 
humming / sounds in the ears, 
tiredness / exhaustion, 
low immunity / flu-like symptoms, 
energy fluctuations and heat in the body, 
new truths and perspectives, 
better limits, deeper integrity, 
more creativity 
and connecting with your passion and desires, 
release, sadness, more clarity regarding what you need, 
anger, frustration, intensity up and down of emotions, 
emotional sensitivity, throat palpitation, 
dry throat, tonsils / tongue swollen, 
thymus pain and heart area, 
jaw / neck tension, clogged sinuses, 
clogged head/ears, painful joints, 
chest pain, poor digestion / pain in the solar plexus, 
some weight gain around the middle
cortisol, red / dry eyes, kidney pain, 
heart aches and deep aches, scapula pain, 
watery / blurry eyes, 
low intensity headaches, pain behind the eyes.”

Source: Templul iubirii divine

The most common symptoms for me are ringing in my ears and lower back aches. Otherwise, it’s been a pretty smooth ride acclimatizing to intensifying and higher light.

It always lifts my Spirits to remember what Gene Decode said: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. We’re going to jump 2 octaves AT LEAST out of 3D to 5D+++.

I personally would like to jump OUT of Timelines and Dimensions altogether. 24/7 prayers on that one.

Praying Medic posted this Q drop today for encouragement. One of my faves:

And G-7 Memes are NONSTOP:

A special shout out to Law & Physics  @physics171 on anonup for posting a link to my blog today as well as a few graphics. Thank you so much for sharing my writing and crediting me for it! Not everyone does that. Truly appreciated.

With blessings unceasing.

This is Kat, over and out.




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