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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 6-17-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 17th  – and  you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in once again  – we’re glad to have you here – we’ve got some good information for you tonight and I’m excited to bring it to you so sit back and relax –

Alright, let’s get into the intel a little bit now and see what it is I am excited about – to bring to you tonight – and I think this is really – really good –

So – what’s been happening we’ve been trying to get to the bottom of what the issues really have been – as to how this seems to have started internationally 0 how it seems to have started and we heard bonds were paid out last Monday – Australia for example – and how some exchanges have been done in Zurich  – this stuff is not super wide spread – but it did get released 4 days ago I think – something like that – and so the point is –  we got stonewalled when it hit the US –

Why is this all of a sudden not going for us – and it appears there are a couple factors in play here – one – it looks like the DoD is good to go – in other words – Homeland Dept of Defense – they are from what I can find out – and we’ve got some pretty cool sources on that – they are good with everything going forward – and I’ve got even more to tell you on that –

But what’s really interesting is – we’re looking at the Treasury as being something that has kept this from  going  for us – now we know based on the World Court lawsuit they would like our Tier 4B  which is the internet group – to go essentially at the same time as the other groups are being paid out – being tier 3 primarily (bonds / assets being paid out 2%)

They want us to go so that we are not left behind – why do they care about 4B?  The reason the Chinese Elders care about us is because we are the ones that have created thousands of humanitarian projects – not only in the US – but some – a lot of them are for other countries – they are international in scope – the Chinese Elders like that – we are to get a higher percentage of our monies immediately compared to the bond holders –


We are supposed to get our 2% right away – the day of exchange compared to the percentage of the bondholders that have already transacted their bonds –

So – here’s the deal – the fact that the treasury has held this up – I’m going to say – is something that I understand there may be a silver lining to it – rather than cast blame on the treasury or anybody else that may be holding this up – what I am hearing is that Iraq wants to get their rate out and put it out internationally – and they are going to do that on Saturday – is to be out with an international rate – that would be a rate that would show up on the Forex –

We roughly know what the rate is going to be – and we also know what Iran’s rate for the Rial is going to be on par with the Iraqi Dinar – Why? Because they are next door neighbors – they are trading partners and they need to be that close –

Now what about that we are going to get? It could very well be that the rate that they have created for us for tier 4B  may be back on the back screen now – the front screen rate at the banks which will show up Monday morning after all new rates populate over the weekend either Saturday or Sunday – and we can see it  at the banks – Sunday / Sunday night –

By Monday morning they should all be there – the front screen rate may be the same – probably will be the same as the Forex rate – for the Dinar and the other currencies –

However what we are supposed to get is supposed to be quite a bit better than that and should show up on a back screen – so my point is – tier 4B you need to ask for the higher rate than is showing on the screen – just making you aware of that – same is true for the Dong – so keep that in mind –

The Treasury – my understanding today – after digging deeper – should let this go so that we in tier 4B will get notified Monday and start exchanging on Tuesday – in other words we could get something on Saturday but primarily it’s Iraq and their rate and the rates that are coming in on Saturday and Sunday – to prepare us for a release   


Now – There are some interesting things that have happened – we know that the holiday Juneteenth which is to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation that was signed under Abraham Lincoln to free the slaves – and is a national holiday on Saturday the 19th of June – it’s been celebrated for years – I did not even know the whole reason for it until last year –

Now here’s the thing – on Saturday – remember a long time ago if we had a holiday that hit on a Saturday they would take Friday off – if holiday hit on a Sunday we would take Monday off – well I don’t know this absolutely but I believe that’s what’s happening tomorrow – Friday – I understand and cant absolutely confirm it but I believe the Reserve is closed tomorrow (Friday)  I don’t know about the banks – but – be aware of that possibility

The other thing is – why would the Federal Reserve be closed over a 3 day weekend Friday Saturday Sunday – ?? This is my conjecture – does it have anything to do with getting our new USN currency or USDC or USTN out?

To put that out across the globe because guess what – for the last 2 days the fiat dollar – the one we have in our wallets – USD – is no longer acceptable globally – no one is taking it – the fiat dollar is no longer in the ATMs in Iraq – which does have both Iraqi dinar – and USD –  but no longer – 

Now when you settle debts and you settle transactions – trade  – commerce – you need to be able to sell it in your countries currency – so the USN needs to be there in place – I just wonder if maybe this is what’s happening sort of over this weekend – prior to Monday and Tuesday to get our new currency – the digital version out there – the USN  you know – and possibly for the ATM’s  the USTN’s – meaning the money we would put in our pocket –  

Those would have to be loaded into the ATM’s – in Iraq and where ever else we are going to have currency –  around the globe – so  it’s just an idea – it may be happening that way but I can tell you that the USD is NO LONGER ACCEPTED IN Iraq and maybe a number of other countries

Now is it still good here? Yes of course – will it be good will we be able to exchange it – you will be able to exchange it with the new currency when it becomes available – for about 6 months –

The fiat currency has nothing backing it except the full faith of credit of the US government – and that particular government that it was based on was the USA.Inc  the corporation – that will never happen – it is no longer –  it is gone –  it is dead – To get our Restored Republic rolling we need the new USN – just something to consider

The other thing is and I heard some people talk about this earlier and I talked with one of my sources about it – I think we are looking at getting a debt forgiveness at least the announcement of it – I don’t know if it will start on the 19th which is Saturday – but it could be brought up and discussed –

What would the first signs of debt forgiveness be??  They should be – they might be student loans for example – I know they are going to refund us all the way back to the late 40”s – post World War II – they are going to refund us the interest that we paid on loans – car loans – mortgage loans – credit cards – that interest – not the principal  is to be refunded to us – may not happen immediately – it could be rolled out slowly – but we are going to see some debt forgiveness and guess what – that is all a part of NESARA – on a global scale it is GESARA


I talked to you on Tuesday about the possibility of a new tax system for us starting on the 4th of July – again – maybe it’s announced on the 4th – maybe it’s truly an independence day in the sense of “tax independence” – we no longer have a Federal Income Tax – but something similar to the European  Value Added Tax – which is a consumption tax – they have another name for it – again this is in NESARA – so that we no longer pay Federal Income tax – it is in boarded (?) in the pricing of new items not used items – Not heard what the rate will be –

So we are looking good at this point because this sucker is a moving target as you know and as of now we are looking very good – I don’t think we are going to get notified Saturday – it’s possible – but the latest I’ve heard is that we be notified on Monday and start on Tuesday – That is okay with me – if that’s what happens then we’re good with it –  It was looking like doom and gloom there for a while and now it’s looking like we can actually see some light at the end of this tunnel

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:09:40

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