Dinarland Highlights for June 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.19.21


Once they notified the IMF, Iraq had 3 days, or 72 hours to put IQD, along with 22 currencies from other (IMF) approved Nation states, on FOREX. 72 hours, to publish these new currency rates live in banks, around the world, honored by the UST. Forex will post these new rates live for banks, currency exchange centers everywhere to access. Sunday the rates will lock in and go live…The currencies are going…live, on front bank screens with new rates posted Sunday night. Monday morning banks all over the world will have new rates that must be honored.

Our military intel contact is confirming …that as of today Sat 19 June, the UST has gotten the sign off from other Treasuries across the globe on the new RV rates for all the other 22 currencies...He confirmed that Mr. Fleming’s source saying that Iraq is still working today Sat 19 June on its IQN rate at $3.90 and as soon as the CBI is done, the other 22 currency rates will be triggered too…  He is confirming that the general public T5 is now planned by the IMF to start by Sat 3 July AFTER T4B SafeLink Website links and 800#s have been out over the coming last two weeks of June...this week is expected to be BOOM WEEK FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY TIER!


Bruce (The Big Call)

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what I am hearing is that Iraq wants to get their rate out and put it out internationally…on Saturday…out with an international rate…that…would show up on the Forex…We roughly know what the rate is going to be…It could very well be that the rate that they have created for us for tier 4B  may be back on the back screen now – the front screen rate at the banks which will show up Monday morning after all new rates populate over the weekend either Saturday or Sunday – and we can see it  at the banks – Sunday / Sunday night – By Monday morning they should all be there – the front screen rate may be the same – probably will be the same as the Forex rate – for the Dinar and the other currencies…

However what we are supposed to get is supposed to be quite a bit better than that and should show up on a back screen – so my point is – tier 4B you need to ask for the higher rate than is showing on the screen – just making you aware of that – same is true for the Dong – so keep that in mind – So we…looking very good… it’s looking like we can actually see some light at the end of this tunnel… 



The dollar is declining and central bank sales are declining

This is great news…I told you outside of waiting for some type of RV or RI announcement there’s other things we should be looking for.  The dollar is still declining against the dinar.  This is good.  It’s not like a lot but it’s still good.  It’s going in the right direction…the other day you could get 1490 dinars for a dollar.  It is now dropped down to 1485 dinars per dollar.  Now I get it.   Some people will bash it but you don’t get it.  It’s going in the correct direction.  If it goes in increments and it just chugs right along every week I’ll take it.  Seriously, as long as it’s going in the right direction that’s all that matters


Frank26 (KTFA)

You are now seeing the campaign that we told you would come out from Mustafa Ghaleb, the CBI governor.  A campaign we said to educate the citizens, everyone…on the new ‘mechanism‘…what is the new mechanism A plan.What is the planA new exchange rate.




Yes we are disappointed another week has passed and we are still waiting…From all sources this coming week should be the final release. It is a fluid event driven not date driven event. So if something else comes up the plan shifts accordingly. Just know all that needs to be done appears to be done…

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